10/9 NJPW Strong results: McGuire’s review of IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Robbie Eagles vs. Never Openweight Champion Jay White in a champion vs. champion match, Tom Lawlor vs. Ren Narita for the NJPW Strong Openweight Championship, and Fred Rosser vs Minoru Suzuki – Pro Wrestling Dot Net

By Colin McGuire, ProWrestling.internet Staffer (@McGMondays)

NJPW Sturdy
Taped September 25-26 in Garland, Texas at Curtis Culwell Middle
Streamed October 9, 2021 on New Japan World

A brand new opening video aired. From there, a sit-down with Fred Rosser aired and he stated he’s residing his dream. Kevin Kelly and Alex Koslov checked in to elucidate that that is Autumn Assault Night time 1. The 2 ran down the cardboard. He stated that folks would throw away their goals simply to do one other man’s goals. Rosser talked about dropping to Ren Narita lately and Rosser known as Narita his boy. Rosser stated he desires to offer Narita robust love. Rosser stated he has to earn his stripes. Rosser then overestimated Minoru Suzuki…

The printed workforce of Alex Koslov and Matt Rehwoldt checked in and ran down the cardboard. That is Night time 1 of Autumn Assault. One other introduction video then aired…

1. Fred Rosser vs Minoru Suzuki
. Rosser threw a forearm at Suzuki and pushed the referee. The bell rang. The 2 then traded forearms. Suzuki went for a kick, however missed and Rosser hit a leg drop. Rosser landed a bodyslam and leg drop for a two rely. He hit one other leg drop. Rosser kicked Suzuki’s again and jawed at him. Suzuki responded by half-slapping him.

Rosser fought Suzuki to the apron and Suzuki sunk in an arm submission on Rosser whereas hanging excessive rope. Suzuki then labored over Rosser’s arm, grabbed a chair and began hitting Rosser with it. Suzuki wrapped Rosser’s arm across the ring put up and pulled on Rosser’s hair. Suzuki then rolled again into the ring and posed.

Rosser threw the chair into the ring, however the referee took it away. That allowed Suzuki to take management and return to Rosser’s arm and hand. Rosser made it to the ropes to interrupt Suzuki’s submission try. Suzuki kicked Rosser to the skin once more. Rosser rolled again in and gave Suzuki a collection of chops and forearms however Suzuki took again management with a kick. Suzuki hit a forearm that knocked Rosser to the bottom.

After going forwards and backwards a bit, Rosser hit a slam. Rosser tried it once more, however Suzuki caught him and sunk in an ankle lock. Rosser hit a kick and a one-count. Rosser unwrapped his wrist tape and choked Suzuki with it. Suzuki made it to the ropes for a break. Again on their ft, Rosser threw Suzuki exterior. Rosser dropped Suzuki on the apron and went for the quilt within the ring, however received solely a two-count.

Rosser hit Suzuki, however Suzuki started to Hulk up and no-sold the whole lot Rosser threw at him. Suzuki went for a rear-naked-choke, however Rosser received out. Suzuki tried once more and this time it labored. Suzuki went for his pile-driver, however Rosser blocked it and back-body-dropped Suzuki. Rosser posed. Rosser went again to forearms and headbutts, however nothing labored once more. Suzuki hit a collection of robust forearms. Suzuki then hit his Gotch pile-driver and that was sufficient for the win.

Minoru Suzuki defeated Fred Rosser by way of pinfall in 11:29.

After the match Suzuki walked across the ring, eliciting cheers. A video on the Ren Narita vs. Tom Lawlor program then aired and that was narrated by Kevin Kelly…

McGuire’s Musings: Wow, there’s so much to unpack right here, as some would say. First, I apologize to all of the Matt Rehwoldt apologists, however I’ve by no means fairly gotten the enchantment of his voice and commentating model — or no less than the little he did with WWE. So not having Kevin Kelly right here simply appears … odd. Second, I like the choice to open the episode with a really sturdy sit-down, longer-than-usual interview with Rosser, who went to nice pains to ascertain his edge and it labored. And third, the match was good. Pretty what you’d anticipate. Exhausting-hitting at occasions. It confused me that Suzuki used a chair and Rosser wasn’t allowed to do the identical. It then confused me that Rosser gained momentum by illegally choking Suzuki with wrist tape, which was then damaged up by way of Suzuki attending to the ropes. In different phrases, the authorized/unlawful dynamic right here was off. However so it goes. I like Rosser’s rising edge so much and he’s light-years past the place he was in WWE.

2. Tom Lawlor vs. Ren Narita for the NJPW Sturdy Openweight Championship. Lawlor went for Narita’s legs, however Narita countered and the 2 grappled a bit. Lawlor went to work on Narita’s leg, however Narita kicked him off and the 2 squared up once more. Narita labored a chin-lock. Narita hit a shoulder-block and that resulted in a one-count. Lawlor grabbed Narita’s head, however Narita kicked Lawlor. The 2 traded leg strikes and Lawlor went low once more.

This time, Lawlor was profitable with a aspect headlock. Narita labored his means out and grabbed Lawlor’s leg earlier than sinking in a leg-lock. Lawlor finally received out of it with a pair robust kicks. Lawlor then pulled Narita to the skin and kicked him once more earlier than strutting. Lawlor chopped Narita and finally threw Narita into the barricade on the skin. Lawlor returned to the ring.

Again within the ring, Narita took some kicks from Lawlor. Narita fired up and flipped Lawlor for a two-count. Lawlor then landed a vertical suplex for 2 rely. Lawlor hit some forearms and ran the ropes, however Narita caught him for a belly-to-belly suplex. Narita hit a bridge suplex for a two-count. Narita then received in a vertical suplex for a two-count, and instantly went to work Lawlor’s leg. Lawlor made it to the ropes for a break.

Narita hit a bunch of kicks and forearms on Lawlor within the nook. Narita then hit a working knee. Narita stomped throughout Lawlor, however Lawlor lifted Narita for a slam. The 2 had been out on the mat. Lawlor finally spunk Narita round to hit a slam. Lawlor tried to choose up Narita, however Narita couldn’t stand. Out of nowhere, Narita rolled Lawlor right into a leg lock. Lawlor reversed it right into a single-leg crab. Narita made it the ropes for a break.

Again on their ft, Lawlor hit some chops and punches. Narita fired up, although, and the 2 traded blows. Lawlor hit a clothesline and finally received near-fall. Lawlor went for a choke, however Narita rolled by to counter. Lawlor went for an additional choke, which knocked Narita’s mouth-guard out of his mouth. Narita elbowed his means out of it after which stretched Lawlor with a Twist, however finally, Lawlor sunk in a Guillotine. Narita suplexed Lawlor, and the 2 then grappled once more. Narita sunk in a figure-four on Lawlor, however Lawlor rolled to the ropes for a break.

Narita went to choose Lawlor up, however that changed into a crossface from Narita onto Lawlor. Lawlor made it to the ropes for a break. Narita went for an additional leg-lock, however Lawlor rolled him up. That changed into Lawlor inventing some sort of one thing, Narita couldn’t get out of it and that was it.

Tom Lawlor defeated Ren Narita by way of submission to retain the NJPW Sturdy Openweight Championship in 20:14.

McGuire’s Musings: Holy hell, that’s as near perfection as I’ve seen in a while. Ren Narita is a made man after that and Filthy Tom seems to be prefer it’ll be unattainable to beat him. That’s with out query the most effective match I’ve ever seen Narita compete in, and despite the fact that it felt so unlikely that he would win and all of us knew what the result can be, I bit on a bunch of these false-finishes. Higher but, they received the time they wanted to inform that story and let’s run this again and take it to a half-hour sometime, fellas. Goodness, gracious. This was such pure wrestling match that I don’t even know what else to say. The promoting, the working, the weird-ass submissions. Inject this into my soul.

3. IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Robbie Eagles vs. By no means Openweight Champion Jay White in a champion vs. champion match. The 2 began with a quick tempo, however White slowed it down with a chop. Finally, White rolled to the skin of the ring. Again within the ring, Eagles hit a dropkick to White’s head, however White took again management with choking and Irish Whips into the nook. White labored a head-lock.

White stored management with a chin-lock, however Eagles fought again with some kicks. Eagles hit a collection of Sure Kicks. Eagles landed a kick, however bought ache on his personal leg. White hit a DDT to get on the offensive. White hit some chops, however Eagles hit an elbow to the again of White’s head to knock him exterior. Eagles then flipped onto White and landed over the guardrail and within the crowd.

Again within the ring, Eagles went for a springboard transfer, however White caught him. That finally led to Eagles elbowing the residing daylights out of White. Nonetheless, White hit a robust clothesline. White hit a corkscrew suplex for a two-count. White went to choose up Eagles, however Eagles kicked his means out. White took again management with a nasty Flatliner. White hit a German Suplex and chokeslam for a two-count. White then landed a suplex for a two-count.

Eagles fired up with some elbows and a kick to White’s knee. White fought again with a forearm of his personal. White stored hitting Eagles. White landed a side-suplex. Eagles started to battle again with a kick to White’s knee. Eagles hit a dropkick off the highest to White’s knee after which sunk in a submission. White made it to the ropes for a break. Eagles stored working White’s knee after which climbed to the highest rope and finally hit some round-kicks. After a collection of slams, Eagles received a near-fall.

Eagles hit a super-kick to White after which went again to the highest to hit a 450 onto White’s leg. Eagles went for a submission, however White rolled by and hit a snap-dragon suplex. White then hit the Blade-Runner and that received him the win.

By no means Openweight Champion Jay White defeated IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Robbie Eagles by way of pinfall in 18:15.

After the match, White lower a promo saying “Welcome To The US Of Jay.” It was exhausting to make out quite a lot of what he stated as a result of the microphone feed got here from constructing mics and didn’t have a direct line into the manufacturing. Or no less than so it sounded. At one level, White stated it’s virtually like somebody forgot who’s in cost, presumably referring to the Bullet Membership. White stated he single-handedly bought out Madison Sq. Backyard. The gang applauded. He stated he’s the chief of the Bullet Membership and he makes the choices. The episode closed taking a look at White’s entrance video.

McGuire’s Musings: This was good, not nice. I didn’t have the very best expectations and this was about what my expectations had been going into it. There’s one thing about White that isn’t clicking as a Bullet Membership chief when in comparison with among the previous Bullet Membership leaders. However that’s neither right here nor there. Eagles appeared good and the spot into the group was quite a lot of enjoyable. It made sense that White received, however I’m to see what’s subsequent for him in Sturdy World. It was going to be exhausting to comply with the Lawlor/Narita match, and I’m unsure any mixture of any wrestlers might have succeeded at it, so none of this can be a slight on White or Eagles.

I like having the stay crowds on Sturdy, nevertheless it seems to be like these Texas tapings suffered just a little from a lesser manufacturing worth. That is the primary one of many batch, so possibly it’ll be higher subsequent week, however we’ll see. For now, this was episode of Sturdy with an absolute can’t-miss match. When you have 20 minutes, discover it and watch it. Irrespective of your desire in model, I can’t think about you not discovering issues in it you’re keen on.

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