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Stop Tennis Accidents With These 2 Tennis Health Checks 


Take a look at 1 – Apley Take a look at

There’s a good likelihood in case you play tennis you could have had some type of a shoulder damage. The shoulder damage statistics aren’t nice for the tennis lover. Having been a tennis health coach for almost 20 years, I might say shoulder accidents are probably the most widespread physique elements that get tousled.

Nearly all of tennis shoulder accidents are overuse accidents, which typically means they are often prevented following sure preventive measures. We’ll have a look at these in a while.

First, let’s have a look at the complexity of the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint. It’s extremely cell. It’s estimated the shoulder joint will be positioned in 1000s of various positions.

For those who evaluate the shoulder joint to say the hip joint, the hip joint has much more construction and assist round it, it’s much more sturdy. Then again, the shoulder joint is extra remoted and has loads much less muscle mass round it to assist the joint.

For that reason, it must be nicely maintained (saved robust) and managed (cell). That is how we are able to greatest stop tennis shoulder accidents.

For a tennis participant, there isn’t any extra essential joint than their dominant shoulder. All pictures depend on its use and having it unrestricted and robust helps greater than most gamers notice. You probably have ever had shoulder points, you realize what I’m saying.

After we assess shoulder joint mobility one of many assessments we use known as the Apley take a look at, it’s the best to clarify and implement.



The Resolution

Having a great vary of movement permits the joint to maneuver unrestricted, distributes the load higher (makes use of extra obtainable muscle tissue), and locations much less stress on connective tissue (Tendons).

Right here is an efficient stretch tennis gamers can use for his or her shoulders


I need to spotlight a difficulty we frequently see in tennis gamers. Being conscious of this and addressing it’s one thing that has the capability to stop many tennis accidents for gamers.



Take a look at 2 – Knee to Wall Take a look at 

At any time when we assess a participant’s tennis mobility and suppleness we all the time begin from the bottom up (large toe flexion, foot alignment, ankle joint vary, calf complicated flexibility, and many others.).

Now we have discovered with tennis gamers, are likely to get locked up or jammed of their ankle joints, their calf complicated (plantaris, soleus, and gastrocnemius muscle), and the tibialis anterior (runs alongside your shin bone). Muscle tissue shorten and joint mobility turns into restricted.

It is not uncommon to see gamers with poor ankle mobility within the leg they land on throughout the service movement.

To grasp the significance of ankle mobility lets to take a step again and have a look at the physique joint-by-joint. The physique will be seen as an alternating stack of steady and cell joints.

The ankle joint being the bottom to the bottom, the ankle joint is a cell joint, adopted by the knee joint, which is steady, then the cell hips then the decrease again which is steady.

Restricted ankle mobility will instantly have an effect on how different joints operate. There’s a chain response via tennis workouts corresponding to working, stopping, altering course, and many others.

Numerous transferring physique elements and joints being manipulated and used to assist the calls for positioned on the physique. Now if ankle joints can not transfer via a practical vary of movement then the masses and motion have to return from some place else as a result of our our bodies will all the time discover a approach to “get it accomplished” typically that method results in getting injured.

That is widespread with most gamers. What could make it worse is the truth that the shortage of vary is often asymmetrical, which suggests one aspect is tighter, weaker, and extra restricted than the opposite. This results in motion imbalances and muscle improvement discrepancies.

Not a great situation when you’re tearing round a courtroom for hours a day. Nonetheless….to not fear there may be hope!

So, I need to share some easy methods to evaluate a tennis participant’s ankle mobility and provide you with some workouts to carry out to enhance it (if wanted).

Assessing ankle vary – Knee to wall. Principally, you should work out how far you will get your foot again from the wall, while your knee touches the wall and your foot stays in full contact with the bottom (heel on floor). 

As soon as established, measure the gap from the wall to the tip toes (large toe). Carry out on each side and test the distinction between all sides. While you might be doing the evaluation really feel what’s proscribing the motion.



Lower than 7cm = Poor mobility
As much as 12cm = Acceptable Mobility
Greater than 12cm = Good ankle mobility


The Resolution

Listed below are some efficient stretches and releasing workouts tennis gamers can use for his or her calfs and ankle joints. 


1. Releasing stress and growing vary of movement 
A – Roll calf complicated


B – Stretch calf complicated (straight leg and bent leg). Don’t neglect to stretch utilizing the angles (watch the video this explains it).


C – Mobilise the ankle joint (multi-planar). Knee to the wall and utilizing a resistance band across the ankle joint to extend mobility.



2. Strengthen the muscular tissues (Calf complicated) – Single calf increase. Crucial to strengthen the calf uni-laterally to keep away from any power imbalances.

You probably have a mobility discrepancy of greater than 2 centimeters between left and proper ankle joints. Do an additional set of every part on the much less cell aspect.

Do these workouts 2-3 instances weekly.

One other tip is to do the froth curler and mobility workouts earlier than you apply or hit. You’ll really feel a giant distinction in your motion, particularly when performing particular tennis workouts.

Most gamers undergo their entire careers with these points and restrict their bodily potential, we are not looking for that to be you or anybody you’re employed with.

You probably have discovered this beneficial please tell us, it all the time pleases and motivates us after we hear from you!


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