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What’s the distinction between Liquid Clay, Magma and Fallout Remover? – Autoglym

We now have acquired a variety of questions just lately concerning our liquid fallout removers, Magma, Liquid Clay and Fallout Remover. Often these ask how the merchandise differ and finally “which product is greatest for me?” That can assist you reply these questions and discover the fitting product for you we put this text collectively.

Q: What’s fallout and why do I must take away it?
A: Fallout is a time period utilized to any contamination that turns into bonded to your paint, though we might be speaking about bonded iron contamination on this article. Over time iron contamination builds up on exterior surfaces inflicting them to really feel tough. This roughness will ultimately impact the best way mild is mirrored from the paintwork which ends up in a discount in paintwork gloss. The embedded iron contamination will even start to rust over time. House owners of white vehicles may even see a group of tiny orange dots on their paint, that they can’t wash or polish away. That is iron fallout beginning to oxidise.


Q: What does a fallout remover do and why would I would like one?
A: The job of a fallout remover is to interrupt the bond between the iron and your paintwork, or every other floor that they’re used on, permitting it to be simply rinsed away. Iron contamination can’t be washed away with a daily shampoo and requires a particular course of to do away with it. You should utilize a chemical course of, or a clay bay. Chemical processes are sometimes most popular as a result of they assist you to deal with complete car shortly vs the clay bar technique.

Q: So why do clay bars nonetheless exist?
A: Clay bars could take longer to make use of, however they take away extra than simply iron from car surfaces. Clay bars can be utilized to take away iron, tar, tree sap and paint overspray, in order that they undoubtedly nonetheless have their place in your detailing shelf.

Q: The place is all this iron coming from?
A: Iron contamination can come from all types of locations, however most frequently it’s from car braking. The brake mud that gathers round common brake discs in your wheels is iron contamination. It’s generated when the metallic elements of your brakes are worn away throughout use. Trains which have cease at a practice station will generate large volumes of iron contamination, so when you park close to a railway station recurrently you’ll nearly definitely have fallout in your automotive. Airports additionally generate fallout for a similar causes too, in addition to industrial processes comparable to foundries, factories and iron works.

Q: How do fallout removers work?
A: Some fallout removers use a car protected acid answer and a few use totally different chemistry that causes a “bleeding” impact; iron that comes into contact with the chemical undergoes a chemical change that causes it to show deep crimson and turn out to be water soluble creating the bleeding impact. Autoglym Skilled Fallout Remover makes use of oxalic acid to take away fallout, Autoglym Skilled Liquid Clay and Autoglym Magma use this bleeding chemical, we’ve got termed this Color Change Expertise. Magma and Liquid Clay are additionally pH impartial merchandise, so in case you are actually not eager on acid, these are the merchandise for you.

Q:What’s the distinction between Magma and Liquid Clay?
A: Not an awesome deal. The title and bottle measurement are the obvious elements, though there’s a delicate distinction within the formulations, however not sufficient to make an excessive amount of distinction to the efficiency. Magma was formulated with the wants and wishes of the house person in thoughts, Liquid Clay was formulated for skilled customers. Each are wonderful at eradicating iron, are pH impartial and each use Color change Expertise, turning crimson throughout use.

Q: Is Autoglym Skilled Autoglym Fallout remover the identical kind of product?
A: No, Fallout Remover removes iron contamination from automobiles by utilizing Oxalic Acid. Till reactive bleeding fallout removers got here alongside, this was the popular technique of chemical iron elimination, and is definitely nonetheless a really efficient remover of iron deposits. It’s protected to make use of as directed, don’t let the acid phrase scare you, we might not promote it if it was damaging. Simply be sure to observe the directions and you can be high quality. Fallout Remover doesn’t flip crimson and present the place the iron contamination is. If you need that kind of product use Liquid Clay or Magma.

Q: Why do you’ve got two totally different fallout removers within the Autoglym Skilled vary?
A: To present you a alternative! Each methods of eradicating fallout are efficient, however some customers need to see what is occurring on the car, and the visible indicator of color change lets them see the place the contamination is and might see it being eliminated. Most individuals go for the color altering merchandise as they are extra enjoyable to observe!

We hope that it will enable you to discover the fitting fallout remover for you, if in case you have any extra questions please give our group a name or drop us an electronic mail.