Your Kick Determines Your Swim Speed!


In Freestyle, the kick can generate as much as 40% of propulsion of your entire stroke! I all the time inform my purchasers this after I work with them to assist them put into perspective how IMPORTANT the Freestyle Kick is. It doesn’t matter for those who’re a long-distance, sprinter, or center distance Freestyler – your kick determines how FAST of a swimmer you’re!

In our new collection, we’re going to dissect the Freestyle Kick mechanics and how one can enhance your Freestyle Kick at this time!

Let’s get began!

Some of the widespread questions I get as a stroke technician is, “How A lot Knee Bend Ought to I Have Whereas I Kick?” And I completely perceive most swimmer’s confusion on learn how to ‘measure’ this.

For me, I begin with telling my purchasers that it’s identical quantity of knee bend that you’ve while you stroll. It must be about 120-degrees. And sure, go forward and stroll a couple of steps to ‘strive’ it out 🙂

This quantity of knee bend is NOT a ton, and it does guarantee a swimmer is initiating the kick from THEIR HIPS and never simply from the decrease legs.

One other analogy I exploit is it’s kinda like ‘Kicking a Soccer’ Ball, you wish to have a swimmer ‘wind up’ (i.e. up-kick) after which hit the ball – which is the place the ft come again in keeping with the physique – to then, follow-through (i.e. down-kick) and end with the ft in FRONT of the physique line. These 3 phases of a Freestyle Kick we are going to focus on in Half II of this collection.

How Do I Observe This?

There may be tons of drills and other ways you possibly can kick that can assist you enhance, however my favourite is to kick in your again!

If we’re particularly speaking concerning the quantity of knee bend, for those who place a swimmer on their again – it’s very EASY to see if their knees are POPPING by way of the floor whereas they’re kicking. If this occurs, they’re undoubtedly utilizing MORE than 120-degrees of knee bend.

One other solution to vividly see for those who’re kicking with the correct quantity of knee bend is to movie your self swimming! That is the one SURE fireplace solution to know for those who’re kicking accurately! Andddd, better part is – I can analyze your stroke with YOU. Click on right here to study our video evaluation packages.

One other two methods I actually get pleasure from engaged on kicking with the correct quantity of knee bend is vertical kicking (in case your pool’s depth permits it) and kicking in your aspect. I’ve discovered that while you kick loads together with your board, it’s more durable to know the amplitude of your kick. I discover a bunch of my swimmers truly tighten up their kick whereas with a board, so I attempt to hold quite a lot of kicking kinds for them. I believe mixing it up is nice on the whole for any side of stroke method.


In case you begin kicking extra out of your hips than your knees, you’ll really feel some noise out of your hip flexors. That’s the muscular tissues in entrance of your hips in your susceptible aspect. Use this as a gauge to know for those who’re transferring within the RIGHT course.

Additionally, be sure you keep tuned for Half II of this collection the place we dive deeper into the MECHANICS of the Freestyle Kick to assist hone in yours too!

Till Subsequent Time,

Abbie Fish


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