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NCSA Spring Invite 2021

By Attain for the Wall Workers

After a one-year hiatus introduced on by the pandemic, the Nationwide Membership Swimming Affiliation (NCSA) is holding their Spring Invite this week March 16-20. Because of persevering with precautions, the meet attendance was restricted to fewer than 50% of those who attended in 2019. A number of groups from PVS have been capable of make the journey to Orlando together with (in alphabetic order), All Star Aquatics (ASA), Machine Aquatics (Mach), Rockville Montgomery Swim Membership (RMSC), Snow Swimming (Snow), and York Swim Membership (York). The ladies and boys classes are being competed individually within the prelim classes and will likely be mixed for finals. This meet offers for five heats of every race in finals (besides the space freestyle occasions), permitting 40 swimmers an opportunity to swim within the night session.

The NCSA Web site has hyperlinks to all the warmth sheets, timelines and dwell video feed:

NCSA Meet Web page

Reside Broadcast

We are going to replace this story after every session to listing out the session outcomes for PVS swimmers, verify again because the meet progresses:

Session 1:

Women 200 Backstroke Finalists: 3. Paige Corridor (Mach), 7. Abby Carr (RMSC), 12. Darby Galbraith (Mach), 25. Jillian Johnson (Mach), 32. Sarah Culkin (RMSC), 34. Amy Qin (RMSC), 40. Rachel Soubier (RMSC)
Different Finishers: 45. Hannah Carmen (Mach), 48. Caroline Deluca (York), 56. Sienna Karp (ASA), 61. Sophia Brown (Mach), 63. Emily Noll (ASA), 64. Victoria Svensson (ASA), 76. Sophie Elliott (RMSC), 84. Elena Booher (Mach), 85. Emma Wainwright (Mach)

Women 50 Breaststroke Finalists: 12. Sienna Karp (ASA), 14. Abigail Zindler (Mach), 25. Regan Hau (Mach), 27. Bridget Morris Larkin (Mach), 36. Sophia Grabman (Mach)
Different Finishers: 47. Cameron Home (ASA), 50. Megan Craven (Mach), 54. Erica Rice (York), 55. Brookelyn Weinberg (RMSC), 59. Erin Haines (RMSC), 62. Marie Roche (York)

Women 100 Freestyle Finalists: 1. Paige Corridor (Mach), 20. Lauren West (ASA), 27. Sarah Eliason (RMSC), 32. Carly Sebring (RMSC)
Different Finishers: 45. Amy Qin (RMSC), 55. Lily Flint (Mach), 60. Victoria Valko (Mach), 65. Jane Umhofer (RMSC), 73. Maria Sawadogo (RMSC), 75. Alyssa Webb (York), 78. Caroline Deluca (York), 78. Sarah Radle (Mach), 90. Laila Webb (Mach), 99. Elena Booher (Mach), 103. Nina Allen (RMSC), 111. Hanna Bingley (RMSC) 113. Emily Noll (ASA), 133. Victoria Svensson (ASA)

Session 2:

Boys 200 Backstroke Finalists: 7. Jason Bretz (ASA), 11. Toby Barnett (RMSC), 24. Jordan Smolsky (Snow), 26. James Case (RMSC), 30. Robert Luebke (York), 31. Jeffrey George (Mach), 35. Andrew Eliason (RMSC), 40. Tyler Whitacre (Mach)- tied, might have a swim-off
Different Finishers: 50. Sean Colson (RMSC), Jack Maloney (Mach), 63. Liam McDonough (RMSC), 65. Aiden Rooney (RMSC), 66. Carsen Lee (Mach), 68. Sean Davis (RMSC), 71. Fletcher Bautz (RMSC)74. John Ossi (RMSC), 83. William Kohn (Mach), 87. James Garner (RMSC), 91. Ryan Search engine optimization (Mach), 94. Gavin Wagner (Snow)

Boys 50 Breaststroke Finalists: 6. Johnny Bradshaw (Mach), 15. Tyler Lentine (Mach), 19. Alvin Kimwon (RMSC), 25. Toby Barnett (RMSC), 26. Gabriel Fouts (RMSC), 33. John Carman (Mach)
Different Finishers: 44. Sean Santos (RMSC), 52. Denis Kalinin (RMSC), 54. William McClough (Mach)

Boys 100 Freestyle Finalists: 22. Everett Oehler (RMSC), 24. Noah Dyer (Snow)
Different Finishers: 48. Jack Moloney (Mach), 49. Jordan Smolsky (Snow) 50. Ryan Sribar (Mach), 53. Jason Bretz (ASA) 58. Andrew Eliason (RMSC), 66. David Yune (RMSC), 70. Pierre Zeineddin (RMSC) 74. Emmanuel Odim (RMSC), 77. Allan Engstrom (York), 78. Angelo Javier Navaleza (RMSC), 83. William McClough (Mach), 94. Marcus Brown (Mach)

Women session 1:

Boys Session 1: