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Take Swing Modifications to the Course

A couple of key factors:

Degree 1

  • Technical, sluggish , tedious and deliberate

  • Ball on a tee

  • Really feel the positions

  • Incorporate pauses within the movement

  • Numerous rehearsal

  • Delicate, tapping little pictures

Degree 2

  • Mix in rhythm

  • Sluggish movement with none pauses

  • Ball on begins a tee after which we get it on the bottom

  • Numerous rehearsal between every shot

  • Pictures won’t go very far

Degree 3

  • Begin off at about 3/4 pace

  • Ball on the bottom

  • Slowly construct as much as 100% pace

  • Proceed to make rehearsals between every shot

Remember the fact that goal of any technical swing work is to improve the mechanics whereas nonetheless working at full, or even perhaps, quicker pace. It’s additionally necessary to notice that this technique of observe solely addresses the technical facet. There may be a lot extra required with a purpose to take it to the course and that’s why I typically discuss…


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