r/snooker – Technical Advice- I’m practicing cutting into a blind pocket, I’m playing with a trace of right (from the angle) is it better to aim for the inside jaw or the outside?


So there are a few issues you’ll be able to study off this – the largest factor which you can study right here is nice potting method.

Take a minute. Determine the precise place on the item ball that you must hit and concentrate on ensuring the white hits that spot. That’s one thing that may apply to all potting. I’d not fear in regards to the white till you’re potting a minimum of 7/10 of those.

Then, begin potting it with some facet. See how facet in the direction of the pocket results the trajectory of the item ball – then how facet away from it results it.

Grasp these and you then’ll be a grasp of potting basically. Blind pockets are simply the last word problem for good potting method.


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