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Battle Week Vitamin For MMA Athletes With A 24-Hour Weigh-in Protocol

Water loading is a follow used to control physique weight. This follow usually includes the consumption of enormous portions of water (generally upwards of 7-8 liters) over a 3-5 day interval main as much as weigh-in day. The proposed advantages relate to the follow of getting a “diuretic” impact, rising the output of fluid from the physique, subsequently reducing body weight. Analysis has discovered it to be an efficient technique in weigh manipulation however needs to be carried out below the supervisor of an expert as it may be harmful if carried out incorrectly.

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Glycogen Discount

Glycogen is the physique’s storage type of carbohydrate and it’s estimated that the common particular person has 400 grams of glycogen of their muscle tissues and one other 100g of their liver. Each gram of Glycogen attaches to roughly 3g of water.

By proscribing dietary carbohydrates and finishing a moderate-intensity train, the physique and glycogen shops will likely be diminished. Glycogen depletion reduces your physique weight from the elimination of each the load of the saved glycogen and the load of the water that’s saved with the glycogen. This can be a high-performance danger follow that needs to be mentioned together with your Vitamin Skilled earlier than making an attempt.

Salt Restriction

As a lot of you already know sodium, the crucial electrolyte, when ingested ends in the retention of water. This can be a complicated course of involving the kidneys however to maintain it easy, as sodium is restricted within the food plan water retention decreases and the method of flushing water from the physique begins. It is suggested that the elimination of salt from the food plan begins at the least 3-4 days out from the weigh-in. As soon as weigh-in is accomplished, salt is then used within the reverse to help within the re-hydration course of.

These protocols and methods could be utilized in struggle week to succeed in your competitors weight, however it is crucial that main as much as struggle week an athlete has been following an individualized diet plan to ensure they arrive in to struggle week at an acceptable weight. This synthetic weight reduction carries each well being and efficiency dangers so at all times guarantee you might be being guided by an adequately certified well being skilled.