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The again mount is extensively thought-about the strongest place in BJJ. Once you acquire the again mount, your odds of ending your opponent with a submission are excessive, as he can’t see you to anticipate and defend towards your assaults. Nonetheless, simply acquiring the again mount isn’t sufficient. Quite, so as to have an efficient again mount, you should be taught to take care of the place lengthy sufficient to submit your opponent. On this article, we focus on learn how to be higher at sustaining again management. 


Again Mount Necessities

Earlier than studying learn how to preserve again management, it’s essential to first perceive learn how to set up the again mount. To ascertain the again mount, do the next:

  • Management your opponent’s higher physique with a seatbelt grip. To ascertain a seatbelt grip, place one in all your arm’s over your opponent’s shoulder and throughout his or her chest. Place the opposite arm beneath your opponent’s reverse arm. Subsequent, clasp your fingers collectively and squeeze. 
  • Place your legs round your opponent’s waist, utilizing your ft to “hook” your opponent’s legs.  
  • Pinch your knees to immobilize your opponent’s hips. 


Suggestions For Sustaining Again Management

After you’ve established the again mount, you should management the place. When you fail to claim ample management over your opponent whereas she or he is caught within the again mount, you run the danger of dropping the place. Beneath are some suggestions for sustaining again management. 


Tip #1: Maintain your seatbelt grip robust

The seatbelt grip mentioned above is the important thing to sustaining again management. After you’ve established a seatbelt grip in your opponent, you should be certain that it stays tight. When making use of a seatbelt grip:

  • Maintain your arms tight to your opponent’s physique. When you don’t preserve a good grip, your opponent can break it and escape. 
  • Maintain your choking arm in your opponent’s chest lined by your different arm and make a fist together with your choking hand.
  • Management your opponent’s head together with your head on the facet of your non-choking arm. Once you management your opponent’s head, you management his or her physique.
  • Management your opponent’s shoulder together with your choking shoulder. 


Tip #2: Use the physique triangle

As famous above, you should use your ft to regulate your opponent’s decrease physique. That is generally known as controlling your opponent together with your “hooks” since you use your ft to hook your opponent’s legs. Though utilizing your hooks to regulate your opponent’s decrease half is a good possibility, generally you want extra management—particularly towards a troublesome opponent. For conditions the place you want additional management, contemplate making use of a physique triangle. The physique triangle provides you superior management of your opponent’s hip and physique alignment. As well as, the place permits you to put quite a lot of strain in your opponent’s physique by squeezing the triangle. To place it merely, it’s no enjoyable being the recipient of a good physique triangle. As well as, the physique triangle removes your opponent’s potential to make use of his legs to take away your hooks. With a view to apply the physique triangle from the again mount, do the next: 

  • From the again mount, pull your opponent to the facet.
  • Push off your opponent’s hip together with your foot. 
  • Carry your reverse leg to the identical facet of the hip you simply pushed.  
  • Create a triangle form together with your legs. 
  • Squeeze your legs barely to create strain in your opponent’s midsection. 


Tip #3: Isolate an arm 

One other tip for rising again management is to isolate one in all your opponent’s arms. In commonplace again mount place, your opponent’s arms are free to defend your submission makes an attempt. Nonetheless, while you take away the power of your opponent to make use of one in all his arms, you vastly enhance your odds of a profitable submission. With a view to isolate one in all your opponent’s arms, do the next:

  • From the again mount, start threatening your opponent’s neck with a choke.
  • When your opponent reaches as much as defend the choke, hook one in all his or her arms together with your leg. 
  • After you lure one in all your opponent’s arms together with your leg, she or he will solely have one arm obtainable to defend your submission makes an attempt.


How To Handle Frequent Again Escapes 

One other key in sustaining again management is knowing what your opponent could attempt to do to flee. By understanding frequent again escapes, you may make changes to assist enhance your degree of management. Beneath are a couple of frequent again escapes and learn how to take care of them.


Escape #1: Clear the hook

When you’ve established again management, one of many first issues your opponent could attempt to do is take away one in all your hooks. As quickly as your opponent removes a hook, do the next:

  • Lengthen your leg to create area.
  • Retract your leg and push off the mat together with your ft.
  • Shift your hips and change your hook.


Escape #2: Clear the hook and transfer to the facet

In case your opponent clears a hook and will get to his or her facet, do the next:

  • Put your head to the mat.
  • Set up the tripod place and put your knee on the opposite facet of your opponent’s physique close to his or her armpit. 
  • Use your different leg to tug your opponent in the direction of you.
  • Re-establish again management. 


Escape #3: Bridge and transfer up the physique

With this escape, your opponent raises his or her hips and strikes his or her shoulders as excessive as attainable in your physique. Your opponent then locations his or her head on the ground and tries to get better a guard. When your opponent makes an attempt this escape, do the next:

  • Take away your hooks from the thighs and put them behind your opponent’s knees.
  • Lengthen your hooks outward. It will lengthen your opponent’s legs. 
  • Re-establish your hooks.



Sustaining again management is a crucial BJJ talent. Subsequently, you need to routinely observe this talent together with your companions. By putting your coaching companions within the again mount and having them attempt to escape as you’re employed to take care of the place, you’ll develop robust again management. It will profit you vastly as you progress in your BJJ journey. 


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