To Bend or NOT Bend Your Leading Arm


To Bend or NOT Bend Your Main Arm

Each professional that we see on TV has a tremendous straight main arm throughout their backswing and downswing. They depend upon their straight arm for consistency and added energy. So why is it that we additionally see some leisure golfers who persistently bend their main arm and nonetheless play a reasonably good sport of golf?

I’ve been engaged on a straight main arm swing for years. That’s why I developed GOLFSTR+. I wanted a coaching support that I may use throughout my apply rounds of golf as a continuing reminder to maintain my main arm straight within the backswing.

Realizing that I had restricted backbone and shoulder rotation, I began utilizing one of many Golf-Information-Information workouts to coach my physique to rotate. I take advantage of my trailing arm to drag the elbow of my straight main arm throughout my chest as I rotate my backbone. It’s only a nice stretching train. I nonetheless have restricted total rotation (because of age and higher physique accidents) however my straight arm swing is crutial for constant drives and fairway pictures. It forces me to coil my higher physique for a extra highly effective swing launch.

My spouse has a a lot worse drawback with backbone rotation on account of a significant auto accident. She virtually wraps her main arm round her neck and releases her arm with super energy for her driver. I’ve by no means tried to alter her swing as her neck is fused and her drives are very constant as she is ready to straighten out her main arm earlier than influence with the ball.

Sadly she has misplaced the power to straighten out her main arm for her iron pictures. Her lighter irons don’t lengthen her main arm as simply as her driver so she is both hitting off her trailing leg (as she doesn’t shift her weight to her main leg) or she ideas the ball off the toe of her membership along with her shortened bent main arm.

Drawback: Growing older golfers have much less flexibility to coil their hips and backbone so that they compensate by bending their main arm for an extended backswing.

Resolution: Use your toes, hips and shoulders to rotate your physique with a straight main arm. Keep away from bending your main arm by utilizing physique rotation and fewer arm rotation.

Phil lifts his main heel (examine the shadow) and bends his main knee so as to add rotation to his hips in his backswing. You don’t want the complete straight arm rotation that Phil will get but it surely certain helped him win the PGA Championship on the document age of fifty.

1/ Begin your backswing with a slight raise of your main heel as you bend your main knee to extend the rotation of your hips and to stop your head from swaying again
2/ As you hinge your flat wrists for lag on the high of your swing, shift your weight into your main foot and deal with a balanced end [as recommended by Danny Maude].
3/ You want a straight arm on the level of influence for a constant hit and extra energy as you launch your wrists.

In the event you aren’t bending your main knee initially of your backswing, your aren’t getting sufficient rotation along with your hips to permit for a sweeping shallow swing as an alternative of a chopping downswing. Apply with GOLFSTR+ for the straight main arm. Purchase one as we speak at

Golf Truism #60: If there’s a ball on the perimeter and a ball within the bunker, your ball is within the bunker. If each balls are within the bunker, yours is within the footprint.


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