Your Gym Teacher Was Wrong — You Don’t Have To Stretch Before Working Out | Swimmer’s Daily


Possibly your junior excessive gymnasium class gave you the concept that earlier than you exercise, you’ll want to stretch. Touching your toes may assist forestall harm, you may need heard, or enable you run as quick as you would.

However many years of analysis have discovered that static stretching — the place you attain and maintain your place for a number of seconds — earlier than exercising doesn’t assist. It’s attainable that as an alternative, the actions do the alternative of what you need them to: Make you carry out worse and make you extra prone to get damage.

“If the objective is to enhance efficiency, then you definately often don’t do static stretching prior,” says Nick Kruse, an train physiologist on the College of Iowa. As a substitute, it could be higher to swap in one other warm-up earlier than your run, and perhaps transfer the static stretches to a different a part of the day. 

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