r/hockey – [McIntyre] Mark Scheifele tearing up, says his family has gotten “completely unacceptable” bullying as a result of his hit on Jake Evans. “It’s pretty gross to see. My parents are the salt of the Earth. For my parents to get hate like that, it’s awful.”


The idea of parasocial relationships describe these bizarre relationships that individuals develop with celebrities/athletes/individuals on social media, the place one particular person is aware of a complete bunch concerning the different particular person, which the opposite particular person would not know the primary particular person exists.

So that you get these individuals who think about themselves “pals” with somebody they’ve by no means interacted with. However that is simply how persons are: we are able to turn into “pals” with individuals we set up an emotional reference to, even when that connection is one sided.

So now you will have all these followers who really feel that their “good friend” was injured unfairly, and these followers do what individuals do when their good friend is injured: get pissed off at the one who injured their good friend, and likewise get pissed at their household. (eg, “Your brother beat up my brother, you asshole!”)

However with social media/the trendy world, you will have extra “pals” (parasocial relationships). You see social media pics of their households, their pals, their pets. You see when they’re completely happy and upset. And social media additionally let’s individuals categorical their anger at individuals who injured their good friend, however now it is 1000’s/thousands and thousands of pals. It is magnified to such a level that it is extremely poisonous. And it is individuals who go together with their emotional tendencies that make it much more poisonous.

We’re nonetheless the identical animal who ought to solely be coping with about 150 individuals, who solely met individuals you already had an present reference to, who’re all associated in the identical small city/metropolis. Social media skews that in a totally poisonous means.

TL;DR: The web was a mistake.


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