Video: Jake Paul goes off on UFC fighter pay, vows to KO Woodley early


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MIAMI – On Thursday, Jake Paul spoke to the media forward of his upcoming boxing match towards Tyron Woodley which takes place on Aug. 28 on Showtime pay-per-view.

The YouTube star made various daring claims on Thursday night earlier than coming face-to-face with Woodley, together with a prediction of how the combat will conclude. “I don’t suppose Tyron could make it out of two rounds, so that you won’t even see my boxing capability, to be sincere,” Paul said.

“He’s bought 86 days from now to attempt to un-learn all of these unhealthy habits,” Paul mentioned. “We see holes in his complete complete sport…he’s stiff, muscle tissue don’t combat, and he’s going to be out of his complete aspect. That is boxing, this isn’t MMA my pal.”

Along with sounding off on how he believes Woodley will carry out once they meet contained in the boxing ring, Paul had lots to say about UFC fighter pay as properly. “The UFC fighters don’t have truthful pay,” Paul said. “Out of all of the sports activities, the proportion that the house owners get versus the athletes, they’re the bottom.”

Watch the total media scrum video above.


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