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Get That Physique Transferring!

When you’re a seasoned veteran or somebody that’s new to the sport, these keys will enable you hit the ball with extra authority:

  1. Permit the lead heel to stand up off the bottom within the backswing and unlock the decrease physique.

  2. Get your belt buckle pointing away from the goal as a lot as you bodily can within the backswing.

  3. Really feel the lead shoulder stretch away from the goal so as to actually really feel the stress and torque in your physique as you wind up.

I’d encourage everyone to start out doing this at house with out a membership and in entrance of a mirror. You probably know what it ought to appear to be, however all of us must get a really feel for the suitable look. A mirror will assist! From my very own expertise in working to include these components into my golf swing it is going to take a while as you get extra snug with the larger pivot, however the features far outweigh the discomfort.

Keep affected person and by no means quit making an attempt to get higher!