r/golf – I’ve been waiting for someone to commission a gift for a bowler for years, and it finally happened! I separated the pieces of bowling alley wood and stabilized them individually, before gluing them back together. 7 internal weights for performance. Love the triangle alignment lines!


Stabilizing is a course of that chemically “petrifies” the wooden. I dry it utterly in an oven, then cool it in a sealed field to forestall water absorbing again in. Then I submerge it in a liquid referred to as Cactus Juice (not truly the juice of a cactus) and pull a powerful vacuum. I do this for a number of hours till bubbles cease popping out of the wooden, after which flip off the vacuum and let the wooden soak for one more a number of hours so it absorbs as a lot liquid as doable. Then I put the items in an oven at 225 and the liquid hardens contained in the wooden. So now it’s perpetually sealed from water and the conventional motion of wooden from moisture and temperature adjustments.


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