JP’s Snooker and Pool Club hosts a wonderful weekend of snooker


Posted on: 30 June 2021

Final edited on: 30 June 2021

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Professional-Am Snooker UK held 2 occasions at JP’s over the weekend. A snooker Professional-Am on Saturday and the Charlie Poole Junior Snooker Open on Sunday

Dave Lewis mentioned on Fb:

“I’ll always remember this weekend because it was probably the greatest and informed me so much about junior snooker, and the place it’s going.
most of those lads are the perfect within the UK, and it’s no shock that their recreation is already of a semi-professional customary.
A few of them shall be on the skilled tour inside 2-3 years; one already is.

Alex Clenshaw began with a 137 over Samuel Lee-Stevens. Robust first spherical matches with tour professional Jamie Wilson simply getting previous Luke Pinches 4-3, and Oliver Sykes simply crossing the road 4-3 over proficient Ryan Davies.
However the subsequent rounds noticed Jack Haley beginning to move with wins over Oliver Sykes, and a really robust trying Connor Benzey. Jamie Wilson, once more simply getting previous Alex Clenshaw 4-3 with excellent lengthy potting successful him frames. Jamie’s 4-1 win over Liam Pullen had no reflection on the match because it was shut in most frames.
Jack and Jamie took a better of 5 possibility to complete this nice day of high junior snooker; and effectively completed to Jack, effectively deserved win.

Massive due to Jason Pegram and Charlie Poole for topping up a giant prize pot.


Snooker Professional-Am

Ryan Thomerson 4-0 Ed Jones
Alex Clenshaw 4-0 Dan Walker
Dave Mcdonnell 4-1 Lee Adams
Peter Devlin 4-2 Luke Pinches
Jack Haley 4-1 Westley Cooper
Sean O’Sullivan 4-3 Jamie Wilson
Barry Pinches 4-1 Andy Norman
Ryan Causton 4-0 Colin Mitchell

Alex Clenshaw 4-3 Ryan Thomerson
Peter Devlin 4-0 Dave McDonnel
Barry Pinches 4-3 Jack Haley
Sean O’Sullivan 4-2 Ryan Causton

Alex Clenshaw 4-3 Peter Devlin
Barry Pinches 4-3 Sean O’Sullivan

Clenshaw and Pinches break up the ultimate

The Charlie Poole Junior Snooker Open

Jack Haley 4-1 Westley Cooper
Oliver Sykes 4-3 Ryan Davies
Joe Fenton 4-0 Isa Ishtiaq
Connor Benzey 4-0 Harry Wyatt
Jamie Wilson 4-3 Luke Pinches
Alex Clenshaw 4-0 Samuel Lee-Stevens
Alec Chalmers 4-0 Mason Sharp
Liam Pullen 4-0 Ed Jones

Jack Haley 4-1 Oliver Sykes
Connor Benzey 4-2 Joe Fenton
Jamie Wilson 4-3 Alex Clenshaw
Liam Pullen 4-2 Alec Chalmers

Jack Haley 4-3 Connor Benzey
Jamie Wilson 4-1 Liam Pullen

Jack Haley 3-1 Jamie Wilson

Interviews on YouTube

Head over to the Professional-Am Snooker TV channel for interviews with a few of the gamers

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