How to get Umbreon in Pokemon GO


In each Pokemon and Pokemon GO, Umbreon is a popular Eevee evolution as a consequence of its mysterious look and spectacular defensive stats.

Getting an Umbreon in Pokemon GO is a bit of completely different in comparison with the unique Pokemon collection, but it surely does not take an excessive amount of effort inside Niantic’s cell sport.

Pokemon GO gamers who have not but caught or developed an Umbreon can use the well-known nickname trick to evolve an Eevee into an Umbreon for the primary time. Nonetheless, for gamers who’ve already used this trick, acquiring Umbreon takes a bit of extra work.

Pokemon GO: Strategies to acquire Umbreon

Getting an Umbreon in Pokemon GO is a little different compared to the original Pokemon series (Image via Game Freak)
Getting an Umbreon in Pokemon GO is a bit of completely different in comparison with the unique Pokemon collection (Picture through Sport Freak)

Pokemon GO trainers looking for an Umbreon will not discover it within the wild but. On the identical time, it’s at present not listed as a raid boss or a analysis reward. That leaves gamers with one actual choice in the summertime of 2021: evolving an Eevee that they’ve already caught.

Luckily, Eevee is a a lot simpler discover in each the wild and in analysis rewards. As one other prerequisite, gamers will want 25 Eevee candies with a purpose to provoke the evolution.

Sometimes, evolving an Eevee will trigger it to turn out to be a Flareon, Vaporeon, or Jolteon randomly. With a purpose to purchase an Umbreon, trainers might want to do certainly one of two issues:

  • Gamers who haven’t used the nickname trick to amass an Umbreon can nickname their Eevee “Tamao” earlier than evolution. This may assure that an Eevee turns into an Umbreon upon evolving, however it will possibly solely be used as soon as. Earlier than utilizing this trick, gamers needs to be sure that the Eevee is value evolving into Umbreon.
  • Pokemon GO trainers that may’t use the nickname trick should do some touring. They might want to set their Eevee as their Buddy Pokemon and stroll 10km with them. The coach will then must evolve their Eevee at evening. This hearkens again to the mainline Pokemon collection, the place getting an Umbreon required an Eevee to degree up with a sure happiness degree at evening.

That is all there’s to it. In comparison with newer evolutions like Sylveon, Umbreon does not take a lot to evolve. Collectors and battle-savvy trainers alike will probably be pleased with their new Darkish-type “Eeveelution” for a number of functions.

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