Pokemon GO: Mewtwo raid counters and weaknesses for July 2021


Gamers are going to should deliver their elite recreation to raids now that Mewtwo is a raid boss in Pokemon GO.

Mewtwo is well-known for being solidly overpowered ever because it rested in Cerulean Collapse Era I, and Niantic clearly tried to make it simply as highly effective in Pokemon GO. In fact, the 300 base Assault is an efficient indicator of its prowess.

What actually makes Mewtwo sturdy, although, is it’s moveset. It learns about half a dozen nice protection cost strikes that take care of all of Mewtwo’s counters. Trainers are undoubtedly going to wish to have a few of these Pokemon going into this raid battle.

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Which Pokemon have hope at taking down this fearsome legendary Pokemon?

Mathematically talking, Mega Gengar is the most effective Mewtwo raid counter. It has the quickest TTK with its enormous Assault stat and the mixture of Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball.

The difficulty with counting on Mega Gengar, nonetheless, is that this Pokemon is Poison-type in addition to Ghost-type. This implies it is going to take tremendous efficient harm from Mewtwo’s assaults, specifically Psycho Minimize and Psychic.

Seeing as Mega Gengar doesn’t have the best protection, it may presumably faint earlier than it picks up the KO on Mewtwo, particularly if it doesn’t produce other teammates.

Because of this small problem, probably the most optimum option to beat Mewtwo turns into its Shadow type. Shadow Mewtwo is commonly thought-about the king of Pokemon GO for its offensive godliness, nevertheless it additionally has a fast TTW on Mewtwo whereas solely counting on the Shadow Ball cost transfer.

Whereas Shadow Mewtwo does an amazing job within the Mewtwo raid (and nearly each different raid), it definitely isn’t essential to win out. Different extra simply accessible Pokemon can carry out effectively on this battle.

Chandelure, which isn’t legendary by any means, has an honest TTW at 619.8 seconds.

Hydreigon and Banette are two different finances choices for the Mewtwo raid. Granted, Hydreigon is a pseudo legendary that not many trainers will get their arms on. Banette shall be one of many extra widespread Ghost-types, although, and may beat out Mewtwo with its Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball set.

There are two different Pokemon which might be moderately accessible and carry out effectively within the Mewtwo raid, however they’re extraordinarily dangerous. Usually, Weavile and Tyranitar would each be nice towards Mewtwo, as they’re each sturdy Darkish-types. Sadly, although, Mewtwo learns Focus Blast.

If this transfer is used, it does quadruple harm to each Weavile and Tyranitar and certain is aware of them out.

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