Hydrating During a Heatwave


Kendall Coleman on the 2021 NCAA Championships (Picture/Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

Rachel Gallardo is a Dietetic Intern at Appalachian State College in Boone, North Carolina. Rachel might be graduating along with her Grasp’s in Diet in August and can sit for the Registered Dietitian examination following commencement. She has a background in sports activities and efficiency diet from working with Appalachian State’s Efficiency Diet program and finishing her Grasp’s analysis venture, NUTRITION AND BODY COMPOSITION CHANGES ACROSS A COMPETITIVE SEASON IN COLLEGIATE WRESTLERS.

Staying hydrated is essential throughout occasions of maximum warmth. Turning into overheated and dehydrated could end in warmth exhaustion or warmth stroke. Staying hydrated is without doubt one of the finest methods to stop these from taking place!

Hydration is greater than ingesting water, however maintaining mineral steadiness as nicely. Our sweat is fabricated from sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Sodium, chloride, and potassium assist in regulating and sustaining fluid steadiness whereas magnesium and calcium are important in optimum muscle efficiency in addition to vitality metabolism.

Advantages of hydration embrace:

– Helping the physique in thermoregulation through sweat

– Offering lubrication to joints

– Is the medium of transportation of the blood and throughout cells

– Our muscle tissue are 75% water, higher hydration = higher muscle perform

How can I inform if I am under-hydrated?

– Headache post-training with excessive sweat fee or low fluid consumption throughout exercise

– Dizziness, lightheadedness, fatigue, moodiness/irritability, thirst

– Warmth intolerance throughout train

– Decreased endurance efficiency

– Darkish, low quantity of urine

– Poor urge for food, nausea, cramps

What may cause under-hydration?

– Excessive quantity of sweat

– Intense, lengthy exercises

– Heavy exercises in chilly climate with a number of layers

– Sizzling and humid circumstances

How can I assess my hydration?

– Use WUT: if two or extra are current, chances are you’ll be dehydrated

– Weight: preserve physique weight inside 1%

– Urine: darkened first morning urine or diminished every day frequency

– Thirst: dry mouth or craving fluids

What are some methods I can keep hydrated?

– Pre-training:

Salted watery fruits and veggies: apples, watermelon, tomatoes

Water with a splash of salt: 1/sixteenth Tablespoon per 20 fl oz.

Hyperhydration beverage corresponding to Liquid IV or excessive sodium broth/soup

– Throughout coaching:

Drink appropriately a sports activities drink that accommodates roughly 7 – 9.5 g sugars, 150 –

190 mg sodium, 60 – 75 mg potassium per 8 fl oz. (ex. Gatorade/Powerade Zero)

– Put up-training:

Urine ought to be clear 2-3 hours post-activity

Protein + carbohydrate-based restoration smoothie

Low-carbohydrate electrolyte drink (ex. Gatorade/Powerade Zero)


Salted watery fruits and veggies


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