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GCW Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 5 Outcomes
February 20, 2021

Bloodsport 4 and 5 can be found now on-demand at FITE TV.

Calder McColl def. Dangerous Dude Tito through submission with a rear bare choke. Quick-paced opening match with McColl getting back-to-back Bloodsport wins.

Calvin Tankman def. Nolan Edward through TKO. Tankman compelled him with a barrage of pictures earlier than Edward discovered the best way to keep forward of him, leading to some good forwards and backwards motion, albeit briefly. Tankman broke a chokehold with a powerbomb and rained down punches till the ref known as it.

— Kal Jack def. Superbeast through submission.

— Royce Isaacs def. Alex Coughlin through submission with a Dragon Sleeper.

Rocky Romero def. Simon Grimm through submission. A variety of time shaking off one another’s offense earlier than buying and selling reversals and attempting to maintain the opposite from connecting with one thing deadly. Romero lastly catches him in an octopus stretch and transitions into the cross armbreaker to win.

Chris Dickinson def. JR Kratos through submission. These two wished to beat the s–t out of one another by the top of this one. Dickinson put Kratos away with a rear bare choke.

Jeff Cobb def. Tom Lawlor through submission. Cobb ate numerous harm right here absorbing punches and every kind of offense, choosing his spots till lastly there was a gap to place him away.

Jon Moxley def. Davey Boy Smith Jr. through KO. They traded early on however Mox took extra of a beating from forearms and mounted punches and was busted open. Mox hit him with bloody headbutts, adopted by knees and elbows. Smith hit two German suplexes and a Saito suplex earlier than licking Mox’s bloody brow. They find yourself buying and selling strikes and forearms within the middle till Mox hits a knee strike and the Paradigm Shift to knock him out.

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