5 best Minecraft seeds for easy diamonds in Pocket Edition


Accumulating helpful assets is a crucial a part of a participant’s Minecraft survival journey as they can be utilized to craft sturdy armor and potent weapons. Diamonds are one of many rarest and most sturdy minerals within the sport and may be collected in a number of methods.

Minecraft seeds are world-generating codes that gamers use to entry particular Minecraft worlds and these codes are usually used to load worlds which have helpful constructions or assets at spawn.

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Seeds for locating diamonds in Minecraft pocket version

1) Diamonds in ravine

Seed: -2111305578

Coordinates: 240 12 273

Ravines are naturally generated components of the world which have many ores inside them. Gamers in search of diamonds ought to by no means ignore ravines as they could have uncovered diamond ores. Upon utilizing this Minecraft seed, gamers will spawn subsequent to a ravine that has over 10 diamond ores.

2) Village with diamonds

Seed: -1148956827

Coordinates of village: 1753 74 -319

Coordinates of the second village: 1519 69 -783

Coordinates of outpost: 1711 69 -672

This wonderful bedrock version seed has a number of villages near spawn which have diamonds inside their chests. Gamers in search of not simply diamonds however different assets as properly should do that seed because the villages and outposts on the talked about coordinates have a whole lot of loot.

3) 16 diamond vein

Seed: -173208354

Coordinates: -965 -39 -962

Usually, gamers can discover solely 1-10 diamond ores in a single chunk when mining on the appropriate top, however utilizing this uncommon seed, a diamond vein that has 16 ores may be positioned on the above coordinates.

4) 5 Blacksmith homes

Image via u/Aguywhoplaysroblox on Reddit
Picture by way of u/Aguywhoplaysroblox on Reddit

Seed: 669246487

Coordinates: spawn

Gamers won’t discover as many blacksmith homes in a single village as they are going to on this seed. Blacksmith homes are identified for having diamonds, making this seed good for gamers in search of a village to start their journey with a headstart.

5) Diamond ore insanity

Image via programesguide
Picture by way of programesguide

Seed: 1577517118


  • Stronghold #1: -1228 40 -796
  • Stronghold #2: -348 40 1060
  • Village #1: 135 80 -320
  • Village #2: 520 80 -320
  • 15-Ore Diamond Vein: 106 12 -180

This seed generates a novel Minecraft world that has an unreal diamond vein near spawn. Gamers will discover 15 diamonds on this vein with out fortune enchantment. With a Fortune 3 pickaxe, supplied the participant will get fortunate, they will get round 30 diamonds from this single vein.

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