Can you tame mountain goats in Minecraft?


Goats are one of many latest additions to the Minecraft world. Goats arrived within the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Replace final month, alongside fellow mobs – the Glowsquid and Axolotls.

Many different adjustments accompanied these mobs within the newest replace to Minecraft, however the mobs had been among the many largest adjustments. Axolotls, that are primarily based off actual life amphibians, stay in caves and underwater. Glowsquids stay within the ocean. Goats, fittingly, stay on mountains. That’s till the gamers resolve to maintain one for themselves.

Goats in Minecraft

Goats can do a number of issues. They’ll ram issues a good way with their horns from as much as 16 blocks away, as seen within the official Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Replace trailer. They’ll leap extraordinarily excessive – as much as 10 blocks within the air.

Whereas it is not at present a part of the sport but (it is coming in a later replace), they may drop goat horns once they ram into blocks or are killed by gamers or their tamed wolves. Most goats will flee when attacked by gamers, like different mobs, however generally, they may ram and trigger injury to the participant.

Goats will be milked the identical manner cows are milked. Utilizing a bucket on a goat will produce milk which can be utilized to drink results or potions off and to bake truffles. Goats, identical to sheep and cows, will comply with gamers which can be inside ten blocks that maintain wheat. They’re additionally bred with wheat. If they are often bred, that begs the query – can they be tamed?

Minecraft goats. Image via Rock Paper Shotgun
Minecraft goats. Picture by way of Rock Paper Shotgun

No. Not like wolves and cats, goats cannot be tamed. They will not develop into docile pets for the gamers like wolves, cats and even foxes can. They’re identical to the opposite mobs, like pigs, cows or sheep, that may be bred however not tamed, per se.

They’ll and can comply with the participant, although. If a participant desires to maintain a goat, it may be placed on a lead. It may also be put in a fence like different mobs, however with one necessary caveat: they will leap out.

Goats. Image via Sportskeeda
Goats. Picture by way of Sportskeeda

As talked about, they will leap as much as ten blocks within the air, which is effectively above the peak of a fence block. They are going to should be totally caged in to be able to be saved by the gamers or simply merely placed on a lead, however that limits how far they will go severely.

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