The Righties and Lefties of Team USA


In the course of the 2021 USA Olympic Swimming Trials in Omaha, Nebraska, every athlete signed a drum to indicate changing into an official member of the Tokyo Olympic Workforce. Whereas watching this monumental second, some might have simply thought-about this a proper of passage. However Swimming World was curious to analyze:  What number of righties and lefties are there on Workforce USA?

Properly, there are 45 “righties” and seven “lefties” – 3 of these 52 athletes take into account themselves ambidextrous! Right here is the breakdown:

Righties (Males)

  1. Michael Andrew
  2. Zach Apple
  3. Bowe Becker
  4. Gunnar Bentz
  5. Michael Brinegar
  6. Patrick Callan
  7. Caeleb Dressel
  8. Nic Fink
  9. Bobby Finke
  10. Townley Haas
  11. Zach Harting
  12. Chase Kalisz
  13. Drew Kibler
  14. Jay Litherland
  15. Bryce Mefford
  16. Jake Mitchell
  17. Blake Pieroni 
  18. Tom Shields
  19. Jordan Wilimovsky
  20. Andrew Wilson

Righties (Ladies)

  1. Haley Anderson**
  2. Phoebe Bacon**
  3. Erika Brown
  4. Claire Curzan
  5. Catie DeLoof
  6. Kate Douglass
  7. Hali Flickinger
  8. Brooke Forde
  9. Katie Grimes
  10. Natalie Hinds
  11. Torri Huske
  12. Lydia Jacoby
  13. Lilly King
  14. Katie Ledecky
  15. Paige Madden
  16. Simone Manuel
  17. Katie McLaughlin
  18. Allison Schmitt
  19. Bella Sims
  20. Olivia Smoliga
  21. Ashley Twichell
  22. Alex Walsh
  23. Abbey Weitzeil
  24. Emma Weyant
  25. Rhyan White

Lefties (Males)

  1. Hunter Armstrong
  2. Brooks Curry
  3. Ryan Murphy**
  4. Kieran Smith

Lefties (Ladies)

  1. Annie Lazor
  2. Regan Smith
  3. Erica Sullivan


Somebody who’s ambidextrous is ready to use each their proper and left hand equally as effectively.

•Phoebe Bacon

“I often write with my proper hand however I’m ambidextrous!”

•Haley Anderson

“I write with my proper and do most issues with my proper, however throw and do sports activities stuff with my left.”

•Ryan Murphy

“It relies upon what I’m doing, however I write lefty! I mainly throw, write, kick with left. But when I’m holding one thing, I’m a righty. So I golf and bat proper.”

Notice: All findings are from watching the drum signing and/or confirmed by the athletes themselves. Whether or not Workforce USA Tokyo Olympian Andrew Seliskar is a righty or lefty is unknown.

~Are you right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?~


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