Mustafa Ali Reveals Shocking LGBTQ Picture

Folks simply need to trigger points with celebrities as of late as a result of celebrities are simply accessible and very straightforward to succeed in with social media platforms being the very best place for celebrities to be at this time limit. John Cena Makes First Tweet After AEW Rumors.

Mustafa Ali was not too long ago referred to as out for supposed “anti LGBTQ” views. This comes from a commenter who appears to imagine Mustafa Ali’s views solely based mostly on his Muslim background. This all began when an artist made mock-ups of Retribution flags that signified the LGBTQ group. The artist wrote: “RETRIBUTION FLAG AS TRANS FLAGS Impressed by @TBARRetribution”

A commenter then commented on the flags and mentioned “I don’t assume Ali helps these (this) stuff.” Mustafa Ali then made positive to appropriate the hateful remark by taking it public by sharing the flag and stating the next to the belief: “However, I do.”

Mustafa Ali performs a pivotal position within the WWE for the idea of acceptance throughout the locker room and locally as an entire. It’s nice to see Mustafa Ali supporting one other very broad group of individuals. It’s additionally nice to see Mufasa having no difficulty with talking as much as those that attempt to unfold hatred. Nice work right here, Mufasa Ali.

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