WWE SmackDown Results (7/16): Reigns & Edge, Finn Balor, MITB Go-Home Show


WWE SmackDown aired reside from the Toyota Heart in Houston, Texas. It was the primary time in 70 weeks that there was a reside crowd in attendance for SmackDown. Tonight’s episode of SmackDown was the ultimate present earlier than WWE Cash within the Financial institution this Sunday evening.

SmackDown Outcomes (7/16)

  1. Roman Reigns & The Usos def. Edge, Dominik, Rey Mysterio
  2. Shotzi & Nox def. Natalya & Tamina
  3. Bianca Belair def. Carmella to retain the SmackDown Ladies’s Championship
  4. Cesaro def. Otis through DQ
  5. Seth Rollins def. Massive E, Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura in a Deadly 4-Approach

Listed below are the takeaways from this week’s present:

Edge Made Reigns Faucet

Vince McMahon kicked off the present and welcomed the gang again. Vince merely stated “the place the hell have you ever been?” and exited.

Common Champion Roman Reigns then made his entrance to a some loud boos and cheers. Reigns obtained two pyros throughout his entrance, one on the high of the ramp and one within the ring. Reigns and The Usos confronted Edge and The Mysterios within the first match of the evening. Edge obtained an unbelievable pop from the gang.

Edge managed the motion early and lifted Jimmy up within the nook. Rey tagged in and hit a Senton. Dominik tagged in and hit Jimmy with a springboard Moonsault for a close to fall. Jey tagged in and took management earlier than tagging Reigns in. Roman dragged Dominik out of the ring as the gang booed.

Reigns planted Dominik with a Suplex and shoved him again out of the ring. Roman Powerbombed Dominik onto the announce desk however it didn’t break as SmackDown went to a break. When SmackDown returned, Edge tagged in and obtained in some offense. Edge leveled Reigns with a Clothesline outdoors the ring after which tagged in Rey.

Mysterio planted Jey with a Twister DDT and went for the quilt however Jimmy broke it up at two. Dominik hit Jimmy with a Splash outdoors the ring however obtained launched into the ring submit by Reigns. Rey went for the 619 on Jey however Reigns blocked it and slammed Mysterio into apron. Edge got here out of nowhere and leveled Reigns with a Spear. Jimmy hit Rey with an inexpensive shot and Jey rolled him up whereas utilizing the tights for leverage for the pinfall victory.

After the match, a brawl broke out and The Usos beat down the Mysterios within the nook. Edge introduced a chair into the ring and beat the hell out of Jimmy and Jey. Roman hit Edge with a Superman Punch and posed as the gang booed. Reigns then took a have a look at the chair and broke off a chunk of metal. Earlier than Reigns might do something, Edge decked him with one other Spear.

Edge then crawled in direction of the metal and grabbed it with an insane look in his eyes. Edge obtained Reigns in a Crossface with the metal throughout his face and Roman tapped. The Rated R Famous person posed with the Common Championship earlier than tossing on high of Reigns. Roman Reigns will defend the Common Championship in opposition to Edge this Sunday at Cash within the Financial institution.

Seth Rollins Mocked Edge

Kayla Braxton interviewed Edge backstage and he stated that making Roman faucet out like a bitch simply now gained’t make a distinction this Sunday. Edge acknowledged that he has to do no matter it takes to beat Roman. Seth Rollins interrupted by cackling behind Edge in a ridiculously superior suite. Rollins stated that Edge can’t beat Reigns however hopes that he does win so he can money in on. Seth stated he desires to complete the job he began 7 years in the past when he couldn’t pull the set off.

Finn Balor Returned

Sami Zayn got here right down to the ring and complained concerning the conspiracies in opposition to him. Sami tried to get the gang on his facet however they rejected him. Finn Balor made his return and joined Sami within the ring. Zayn tried to assault him however Balor fought him off. Finn then hit Sami with a Dropkick and the Coup de Grace earlier than posing for the gang.

Shotzi & Nox Pinned The Champs

Shotzi & Nox battled Natalya & Tamina tonight. Zelina Vega & Liv Morgan joined commentary for the match. Tamina linked with a Physique Slam after which despatched Shotzi to the nook. Natalya tagged in and stomped Shotzi right down to the canvas. Shotzi battled again with a slam and began to climb the ropes however obtained distracted by Tamina.

Natalya and Tamina remoted Shotzi within the nook of the ring and took turns beating her down. Shotzi hit some kicks and at last was capable of tag in Nox. Nox despatched Natalya to the nook and leveled her with an uppercut.

Nox hit a Senton and adopted it up with a Shining Wizard. Nox went for the quilt however Tamina broke up at two and the match continued. Liv and Zelina began buying and selling punches outdoors the ring. Liv leaped off the metal steps and hit a Clothesline as Natalya was rolled up within the ring.

After the match, Tamina and Natalya attacked Zelina and Liv. Morgan battled again and despatched Tamina into the metal steps. Liv then slammed Natalya to the mat and pointed on the MITB briefcases above the ring as the gang cheered.

Bianca Belair Retained

Bianca Belair defended the SmackDown Ladies’s Championship in opposition to Carmella tonight on SmackDown. Belair leveled Carmella with a shoulder sort out and adopted it up with a Dropkick. Carmella battled again with some elbows to the face after which a Bronco Buster for a one depend.

Carmella slammed Belair’s shoulder into the ring submit after which launched the SmackDown Ladies’s Champion into the barricade. Again within the ring, Carmella went for the quilt however Belair kicked out at two. Carmella threw Belair into the barricade once more as SmackDown went to a business break.

When SmackDown returned, Belair linked with a Moonsault and went for the quilt however Carmella kicked out at two. Bianca made her approach to the highest rope however Carmella tripped her up. Carmella linked with a Hurricanrana off the highest rope for a close to fall.

Carmella slammed Belair’s face off the turnbuckle and utilized a Guillotine choke however Belair confirmed off her energy with a vertical Suplex for a close to fall. Belair went to whip Carmella together with her hair however she prevented it. Carmella linked with a Superkick for a close to fall. Carmella began as well Belair within the face whereas holding her hair. Belair broke free and whipped Carmella. Bianca adopted it up with the KOD for the pinfall victory. Bianca Belair continues to be the SmackDown Ladies’s Champion.

Alpha Academy Beat Down Cesaro

Alpha Academy lower a backstage promo tonight and Gable claimed that Otis was going to defeat Cesaro tonight. Gable requested what that odor was and Otis stated “concern”. Cesaro confirmed up and Otis attacked him as SmackDown went to a break.

Cesaro held his ribs on the best way right down to the ring as WWE rolled highlights of Otis and Cesaro. Otis went proper after Cesaro and beat him down within the nook as Gable cheered him on. Cesaro linked with some uppercuts however obtained distracted as Gable hopped on the apron. Otis capitalized with a slam and charged at Cesaro however it backfired.

Cesaro despatched Otis into the ring submit after which out of the ring. Gable interfered and hit a German Suplex to finish the match in DQ. Cesaro obtained up and leveled Gable with an uppercut and adopted it up with The Swing. Otis broke it up with a shoulder sort out after which hit Cesaro with a Splash within the nook as the gang booed. Otis climbed to the center rope and hit Cesaro with a Vader Bomb to finish the phase.

Baron Corbin Wants Your Cash

Baron Corbin somberly walked right down to the ring to a refrain of boos as SmackDown went to a business break.

When SmackDown returned, Corbin was standing within the ring as highlights of Nakamura successful the crown from Baron and the sequence of unlucky occasions which have occurred to Corbin in current weeks. Corbin had a stain on his shirt and stated that he has misplaced all of his cash and the financial institution is threatening to foreclose on his home.

The gang chanted “what?” as Corbin stated his two yr outdated is sick as a result of she has to eat spaghetti out of a can. Corbin added that they may have to maneuver in together with his spouse’s mother and father. Baron stated that everybody may also help him out of those darkish monetary instances and revealed that he has began a crowd funded website. The location is corbinfund.com and Baron requested for $100,000. Corbin then obtained on his knees and begged everybody earlier than Kevin Owens‘ theme hit earlier than the primary occasion.

Corbin informed Owens that he desires to imagine that Kevin is out right here as a result of he desires to assist him. Corbin added that if Kevin and different superstars assist him the followers will fall in line. Baron stated Owens has a coronary heart however everybody is aware of that Kevin doesn’t spend cash on his wardrobe. Owens booted Corbin within the midsection and adopted it up with a Stunner to finish the phase.

Rollins Picked Up A Win Heading Into Cash In The Financial institution

Massive E interrupted a Paul Heyman interview backstage. Massive E vowed to win the Cash within the Financial institution contract and joked that Edge “has a maintain” of Roman Reigns. Massive E, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins battled in a Deadly 4-Approach

Rollins was about to go away however Massive E hit him with a Spear off the apron. Kevin Owens hit Massive E with a Senton and Nakamura adopted it up with a knee to Owens as SmackDown went to a break.

When SmackDown returned, Massive E hit Owens with a Clothesline and kicked him out of the ring. Massive E despatched Nakamura to the skin and battled with Owens once more. Kevin climbed to the highest rope and traded punches with Massive E. Nakamura joined Massive E on the highest rope and planted Owens with a Superplex. Rollins missed with a Frog Splash and battled with Nakamura.

Shinsuke kneed Seth within the ribs and despatched him out of the ring. Nakamura booted Owens within the face and adopted it up with an Exploder Suplex. Shinsuke went for the Kinshasa however Massive E obtained in the best way. Massive E hit the Massive Ending on Nakamura however Rollins broke up the quilt.

Rollins grabbed a ladder from outdoors the ring and introduced it inside. Seth bashed Shinsuke with the ladder and knocked him out of the ring. Rollins cleared off the announce desk and put Nakamura on high of it. Seth climbed a ladder however Owens knocked him down. Owens climbed to the highest of the ladder and hit a ridiculous Elbow Drop by means of the desk. Massive E and Rollins traded punches within the ring. Seth linked with a Stomp on high of the ladder and pinned Massive E for the victory. Rollins climbed the ladder and posed with the MITB briefcase to finish the present.


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