AEW Dynamite 03 10 2021 – OWW

AEW Dynamite Outcomes
March 10, 2021

Jacksonville, Florida (Every day’s Place)
Outcomes by: Josh Boutwell of

“Hijo del Fuego” Rey Fenix (3-2 singles) w/PAC vs. Matt Jackson (0-0 singles) w/Nick Jackson

SCU are proven watching at ringside, that is Matt Jackson’s first singles match this yr. He and Fenix mat wrestle for the primary jiffy till Matt slaps Fenix after which makes an attempt a clothesline. Fenix blocks the clothesline and comes off the ropes with a Lucha Armdrag. Jackson rolls to the ground and Fenix goes to dive however Jackson strikes and Fenix catches himself. Fenix then hits a Diving Rana by the ropes on Jackson on the ground.

Fenix follows up with a Springboard Plancha Armdrag to the ground after which a Somersault Plancha excessive! Fenix places Jackson in a Rear Bare Choke within the ring however Matt rolls over onto his again to get a nearfall. Fenix counters right into a Backslide for 2 adopted by a Superkick to the again. Fenix lifts Matt as much as the highest rope and comes up with him and chops him earlier than making an attempt a Tremendous Rana just for Matt to counter right into a Powerbomb for 2.

Fenix rolls to the ground the place Matt follows him and slams him into the apron. Again within the ring, Matt hits a Slingshot Somersault Senton for 2. Matt begins engaged on his again because it looks as if the Powerbomb injured Fenix. Matt places Fenix in a Rear Chinlock and places his knee into Fenix’s again. Fenix fights out of the maintain however Matt catches him with a Reverse Code Pink after Fenix went for a Wheelbarrow Suplex.

Matt will get a nearfall after which goes for a Powerbomb however Fenix counters with a Hurricanrana just for Matt to roll by it and lock in a Sharpshooter. Fenix was too near the ropes, although, and breaks the maintain. Matt works on Fenix’s again within the nook after which expenses right into a boot from Fenix. Fenix hits a Headscissors inot the turnbuckles adopted by a Springboard Spinning Again Kick. Fenix hits a Double Spring Missile Dropkick off the highest!

Fenix goes for a DVD however his again offers out on him, so Matt begins elbowing Fenix within the again. Matt hits the ropes however expenses proper right into a Rolling Cutter. Fenix and Jackson commerce elbows after which Fenix places Jackson in a Hanging Bow and Arrow earlier than slamming him to the mat for 2.

Matt rolls onto the ramp and Fenix makes an attempt to tug Jackson again within the ring with a Superplex however Matt blocks it just for Fenix to kick him and grasp Matt up within the ropes. Fenix goes for his Tightrope Putn Kick however Matt strikes after which hits a Springboard American Destroyer! Fenix rolls to the ground however Matt instantly rolls out and hits one other American Destroyer on the ground!

Matt tries to get the countout win however Fenix rolls again in at 9. Jackson instantly hits the Flying Elbow Drop! 1…2…NO Fenix kicks out! Matt locks Fenix within the Sharpshooter once more, this time in the midst of the ring, however Fenix manages to crawl his approach to the ropes to interrupt the maintain. Matt tries to tug Fenix again and lock it in once more however Fenix kicks him away.

Fenix makes an attempt a Sliding Dropkick however Matt strikes and Fenix hits Nick. Matt then slides outdoors and Superkicks PAC in response! Fenix and Matt get in one another’s face and begin buying and selling punches within the ring. Fenix elbows Matt and goes for a Springboard Moonsault however Matt strikes and Fenix lands on his ft and goes for a German Suplex. Matt lands on his ft and hits a Superkick!

Matt throws Fenix into the ropes however Fenix catches himself and makes an attempt the Rebound Hook Kick however eats a Superkick as an alternative! Fenix nips again as much as his ft and hits an Enziguri and each males are down! Fenix and Matt commerce punches and chops earlier than hitting elbows on the identical time after which Superkicks on the identical time.

Matt goes for a Tombstone however Fenix counters into the Fenix Driver for the pin!

Winner: Fenix through pinfall (Fenix Driver)

Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley are proven collectively. Kingston says that when he slid within the ring to guard Moxley he had a flashback of sitting in jail and the panic he felt at that time and he blacked out. Kingston says you possibly can name him a coward or make enjoyable of him all you need and asks if Omega thought it was humorous and says he was performing just like the Joker or one thing. Moxley says he doesn’t suppose he was joking and says he actually wished to blow Moxley up.

Moxley says he doesn’t know who paid for the bomb and hopes they bought a refund. Kingston stated that Affect in all probability paid for it. Moxley makes enjoyable of the bomb on the finish and is pissed about dropping. Moxley says that Omega was the higher man at Revolution however he did get his ingesting buddy again on the identical time. Kingston says the World Title will make you do loopy issues. They argue about their feud for a second however Moxley says he’s glad that Kingston didn’t get blown up. Moxley says that if you will flash a weapon you higher use it.


“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (2-1 singles) w/Arn Anderson vs. Seth Gargis (0-2)

Gargis is a Huntsville, Ala. native that was skilled by Gangrel. Cody places Gargis in a Determine 4 within the first minute and faucets Gargis.

Winner: Cody through submission (Determine 4)

Cody begins to chop a promo however Pentagon Jr., who was on Spanish commentary, cuts him off and tells Cody to close up. Penta says that could be a 1,000 occasions higher than Cody and is utilizing the opposite Spanish commentary to translate. He says that if Cody is the Prince of Professional Wrestling than Penta is the Lord of Lucha Libre. Penta begins speaking in English and says that Cody misplaced at Revolution but when he was in a match with him one-on-one he would have misplaced greater than that. He says that Cody is fortunate he didn’t focus extra on hurting Cody’s arm greater than he did or he wouldn’t even be capable to decide up his new child. Cody is triggered and goes after Penta however a bunch of men break them up.


Sting comes out contemporary off he and Darby Allin’s win over Brian Cage and Ricky Starks at Revolution. Sting places over Darby Allin as a harmful man and says that he places his life on the road and takes dangers each week. Sting says once you mix that with the Stinger in a menacing place you’ve magic.

Lance Archer interrupts Sting and says that he’s going to take time since AEW gained’t give him time. He says he didn’t want a Ladder Match to show he’s the face of the Revolution. Archer says if issues don’t change then he’ll take a lot, rather more after which appears over at Sting.

QT Marshall says him spitting on Dustin Rhodes was a lapse in judgment after which some audio points interrupt him and Web page begins popping out. It nearly seems like crowd noise from an NBA recreation is being performed over the audio of the present or one thing.

Lee Johnson (2-0) w/vs. “All Ego” Ethan Web page (0-0)

The audio points continued by the entrances and the primary jiffy of the match and are mounted once they come again from break. In the course of the break Web page hit a giant Backbreaker on the skin. Johnson hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for 2. He makes an attempt a Superplex however Web page blocks it and throws Johnson off the highest earlier than hitting a Diamond Cutter.

Web page lifts Johnson again as much as the highest however Johnson shoves him and leapfrogs over Web page solely to injure his knee when he lands. Web page doesn’t care and hits a giant Mafia Kick. Web page hits the Ego’s Edge (Outsiders Edge) for the pin.

Winner: Web page through pinfall (Ego’s Edge)

Web page continues to beat on Johnson after the match and QT Marshall simply leaves. Dustin Rhodes runs out to make the save.

Adam Web page is proven driving up in a zero flip lawnmower that he purchased with Matt Hardy’s cash. The Darkish Order run up and experience with him.


Christian Cage is meant to be popping out for a promo however Kenny Omega, The Good Brothers and Don Callis come out as an alternative. Don Callis says that Kenny Omega and he name the photographs round right here, so they’re taking “the brand new guys” time tonight. Callis says that Revolution went all in line with plan and Omega says possibly not every little thing.

Callis calls it the “explosion not heard all over the world” and says that he and Omega have been blamed for the dud of the explosion. He says he’ll neither verify nor deny that that they had nothing to do with it however they are going to verify how blissful it made them to have been ready to remove one thing the followers wished to see. He says additionally they took away Moxley’s second to die a heroic demise like he all the time wished to and Eddie Kingston’s star making heroic second is ruined.

Callis says that if the ring blew up they might win as a result of they might have gotten rid of Moxley and Kingston however additionally they win as Moxley and Kingston seem like a few idiots they usually nonetheless have the title. Omega says it was simply as candy to see Moxley embarrassed as it might have been to see him explode. Omega mocks Kingston and says that he was “dry humping” Moxley within the ring as 4 sparklers went off.

Kingston walks out and Callis talks about firing him at Affect. He says that Kingston did what he did his total life in Affect. He says that each time Kingsotn is “this shut” to grabbing the brass ring, he screws it up. Callis offers Kingston 10 seconds to get out of the ring earlier than they kick his ass after which a timer goes off they usually mock Kingston masking Moxley once more.

Omega mocks Kingston and says that he nearly handed out when he had a flashback of the time he bought detention at school. Omega screams at Kingston and dares him to hit him and Kingston obliges. The Good Brothers assault Kingston till Jon Moxley runs out and cleans home.

Moxley and Kingston battle with Good Brothers into the gang and Christian Cage makes his entrance. Christian will get in Omega’s face however Omega presents a handshake. Omega then swings at Christian however he geese and goes for the Unprettier. Callis pulls Omega to security, although. Christian picks up the World Title and appears down at it as Omega is pitching a match.


Trios Match
Dr. Britt Baker DMD (5-1), Nyla Rose (5-1) & Maki Itoh (1-2) w/Vickie Guerrero & Insurgent vs. Thunder Rosa (4-3), Hikaru Shida (3-0) & Ryo Mizunami (4-1)

As Itoh is making her entrance the babyfaces hit the ring and bounce the opposite heels. Itoh continues singing and she or he geese a shot from Shida, although, and hits her with the microphone. All six women get an opportunity to shine within the first jiffy.


Shida hits a sliding Dropkick sending Rose to the ground after which the babyfaces take turns with splashes on Baker within the nook. Shida wedges Baker within the nook after which Suplexes Ryo into Baker for 2. Shida goes for the Spinning Knee Strike however Ito catches her and headbutts her. Rosa hits a dropkick to Ito and Rose sending them to the ground. Rosa hits a collection of elbows on Baker after which tosses her to the ground. Rosa hits a Tornillo onto everybody the ground.

Rosa rolls Itoh again within the ring however Vickie grabs her leg permitting Itoh to hit the Swinging DDT for 2. Insurgent goes to hit Rosa along with her crutch however Rosa catches it and tosses her to the ground. Rosa spikes Itoh with the Fireplace Thunder Driver for the pin.

Winners: Rosa, Ryo & Shida through pinfall (Fireplace Thunder Driver)

Baker assaults Rosa with the crutch after the match after which locks her within the Lockjaw as Itoh and Rose beat on Ryo and Shida on the skin.

Matt Hardy says that Adam Web page stole from him however he has greater than sufficient cash to maintain their enterprise by April 1. Web page says he’s including a brand new addition to their group and introduces The Butcher and The Blade. He says they’ll destroy The Darkish Order.


TNT Championship
Darby Allin (2-0) (c) vs. Scorpio Sky (3-0)

Sky gained this shot at Revolution within the Ladder Match. Allin is coming off he and Sting’s Road Struggle win at Revolution, too. Allin catches Sky with a Aspect Headlock Takeover however Sky shoves him into the ropes and takes him down however Allin manages to counter proper again with a Wristlock Takedown.

Allin rolls Sky up for 2 after which rolls him up once more for one more two and Sky retreats to the nook. Allin grabs a Waistlock and just about rides Sky down as Sky retains attempting to counter it. Lastly, Sky will get to the ropes to interrupt the maintain. Sky takes Allin down with a Waistlock Takeover after which forces Allin’s shoulders to the mat for a nearfall. Sky fights to his ft and is ready to ship Sky to the ground.

Alin goes for a dive however Sky manages to get out of the best way and units up for a dive of his personal however Allin rolls into the ring. Allin then tries to flip over Sky’s again however appears like he twisted his knee or ankle and Sky instantly jumps on him and goes after the leg. Sky hits a giant Backbreaker after which places Allin in a Bow and Arrow.


Sky has Allin in an Stomach Stretch however Allin counters with a Hip Toss. Sky goes for a Sundown Flip however Allin sits down on him for 2. Sky comes again with a giant proper hand that lays Allin out however misses a clothesline and walks right into a Diamond Mud from Allin for 2. Allin hits the Code Pink for one more two. Allin hits the ropes however runs proper right into a Mafia Kick from Sky.

Sky hits a collection of Rolling German Suplexes and caps it off with a Buckle Suplex! Sky units up for a Slingshot transfer however Allin shoves him all the way down to the ground after which goes for a Tope Suicida just for Sky to catch him in midair with a freaking Diamond Cutter that might make DDP jealous! Sky rolls Allin again within the ring, 1…2…NO Allin kicks out!

Sky hits a collection of knees after which a T-Bone Brainbuster for one more nearfall. Sky lifts Allin as much as the highest rope however Allin elbows him off the highest after which goes for the Coffin Drop just for Sky to catch him in midair with a Powerbomb for one more nearfall! Sky picks Allin up and goes for the TKO however Allin counters into an Inside Cradle for the pin!

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Allin through pinfall (Inside Cradle)

Allin reveals Sky respect after the match however Sky snaps and assaults Allin! Sky places him in a Heel Hook and holds it till a bunch of referees get him to launch it. Sky appears at his arms after which begins smiling.

Subsequent week, Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley workforce as much as face The Good Brothers, Cody Rhodes faces Penta el Cero Miedo, Jurassic Specific and Bear Nation face Personal Occasion and Butcher & Blade. Additionally, Jade Cargill wrestles and Dr. Britt Baker faces Thunder Rosa in a Lights Out Match!


The Internal Circle comes out all the way down to the ring for his or her “Conflict Council.” Chris Jericho says that when a military has to alter their technique they maintain a warfare council. Jericho says that the Internal Circle has been on a decline in the previous few weeks however that may be remedied. Jericho says it’s time for a brand new look or a brand new technique or perhaps a new member.

MJF cuts Jericho off and says they don’t want a brand new member and as an alternative they need to in all probability let somebody go. Sammy Guevara’s music interrupts them and he makes his approach onto the stage. Jericho says he by no means wished to listen to Sammy once more however Sammy stops him and says that he is aware of Jericho is mad at him however he wants him to see one thing.

Jericho says that Sammy is lifeless to them however Sammy tells him to only hearken to him after every little thing they’ve been by. A video seems on the display screen of Sammy organising a hidden digicam in a room. It quick forwards to MJF strolling in and revealing that he, PNP and Hager have been conspiring to “reduce the pinnacle off the snake” and provides Jericho a dirtnap.

MJF says he didn’t need Jericho to search out out this manner however then tells the opposite guys to “get him.” They encompass Jericho however then all flip round and take a look at MJF. Jericho asks MJF if he actually thinks all of them don’t speak to one another day-after-day and says they have been simply ready for him to hold himself. Jericho says that since he’s the one which introduced him into the group he’ll take him out and shoves him down.

Jericho formally kicks MJF out of the group and MJF begins faux crying and says that he by no means wished to take over the Internal Circle as a result of he has been busy constructing his personal military. The lights exit and once they come again on Wardlow, FTR, Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard seem within the ring behind the Internal Circle.

Dax breaks a bottle over Jake Hager’s face after which Shawn Spears Curb Stomps Sammy right into a chair and Wardlow takes Jericho out. FTR handcuffs PNP collectively after which hit Spike Piledrivers on them as Tully jumps off the highest and spikes them. Wardlow holds Jericho so MJF can hit him along with his ring. MJF grabs Jericho’s bat and hits him with it. Jericho is busted open. FTR drags Jericho onto the stage and Wardlow Powerbombs him off the stage!

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