3/17/21 AEW Dynamite: St. Patrick’s Day Slam Recap

The opening credit roll. Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from Jacksonville, Florida.

MJF, Wardlow, FTR, Shawn Spears, and Tully Blanchard are proven arriving to Jacksonville on their personal jet earlier within the day.

Match #1 – Singles Match: Cody Rhodes (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Penta El Zero Miedo
Penta takes Rhodes out with a dive and so they brawl on the ground. Penta throws Rhodes into the aspect of the stage, however Rhodes comes again and slams Penta into the guardrail. Penta comes again within the ring and delivers slaps to Rhodes’ chest within the nook. Rhodes fights again with kicks, after which slams Penta to the mat. Rhodes runs the ropes, however Penta cuts him off with a Slingblade. Penta goes for the duvet, however Rhodes kicks out. Penta chokes Rhodes over the ropes, however Rhodes comes again with an uppercut. Penta comes again with a Backstabber and goes for the duvet, however Rhodes kicks out. Penta goes to the ground and props a chunk of the guardrail up. Rhodes follows him and cuts him off, however Penta delivers a pump kick and rolls Rhodes again into the ring. Penta goes up prime, however Rhodes cuts him off and takes him down with a hurricanrana. Penta comes again and kicks Rhodes in his injured shoulder. Penta stands on Rhodes’ shoulder and sends him into the nook. Rhodes chops Penta’s knee and delivers a Catastrophe Kick that sends Penta to the ground. Rhodes takes Penta out with a dive that sends Penta into the propped guardrail.
Rhodes will get Penta again into the ring and delivers a thrust kick. Rhodes delivers a Canadian Destroyer, and follows with the Cody Cutter. Rhodes goes for the duvet, however Penta kicks out. Rhodes delivers the Cross Rhodes and goes for the duvet, however Penta kicks out once more. Rhodes delivers a backpack slam and goes for an additional cowl, however Penta kicks out as soon as extra. Penta slams Rhodes throughout the face, however Rhodes kicks him within the midsection and throws him within the nook. Rhodes wraps Penta’s knee across the ring publish and will get him again into the ring. Rhodes locks within the Determine 4, however Penta makes it to the ropes. Rhodes goes for the Determine 4 once more, however Penta counters and snaps Rhodes’ arm again. Penta grabs Rhodes, however Rhodes counters and will get a roll-up for the pin fall.
Winner: Cody Rhodes
-After the match, Penta assaults Rhodes’ shoulder and beats him down. Anderson will get into the ring, together with Dustin Rhodes and The Gunn Membership. Penta leaves the ring as they verify on Cody. Penta will get to the stage as QT Marshall comes out. He checks on Cody as the remainder of the Nightmare Household ask him the place he was.

Alex Marvez is backstage with The Younger Bucks. He asks them about their upcoming match with PAC and Rey Fenix. Matt talks about Fenix and PAC beating them in singles matches, however they’re one of the best tag crew on this planet. Don Callis walks in and says they really seems like they imagine that. He asks about their dad and says he was faking the assault a number of weeks in the past. He says he desires to see the Younger Bucks he knew in Japan, however there’s nothing elite about them anymore. Callis says Kenny Omega has modified and is the god {of professional} wrestling. He says The Bucks aren’t elite anymore and Omega doesn’t acknowledge them. He asks them in the event that they see the identical Nick and Matt that he noticed in Japan once they look within the mirror.

Footage of the Blended Tag Crew Match between the groups of Cody Rhodes and Pink Velvet and Shaquille O’Neal and Jade Cargill from two weeks in the past is proven. Cargill shall be in motion in a while.

Match #2 – Singles Match: Jade Cargill vs. Dani Jordyn
Jordyn goes behind for a waist-lock, however Cargill counters into one among her personal. Jordyn will get free and comes off the ropes, however Cargill drops her with a kick to the face. Cargill drops Jordyn with a launch German suplex, after which drops her with Jaded and will get the pin fall.
Winner: Jade Cargill
-After the match, Cargill will get face-to-face with Pink Velvet at ringside. They trash speak for a bit earlier than the referee pulls Cargill again.

Footage of MJF’s new group beating down The Inside Circle on the finish of final week’s present is proven. MJF and his new group then come to the ring. Tully Blanchard says it’s nice being within the ring with this group of fellows. He says they beat down the previous best group at AEW has had in The Inside Circle. He says with this new group, they’re on the pinnacle {of professional} wrestling. He says he began his profession on the pinnacle, and he’s going to complete it there as properly. MJF says he guesses he’s Judas now and says pretending to love Chris Jericho was no stroll within the park. He says having to take a backseat to Jericho was no simple process and it was not simple separating Jericho and Sammy Guevara. He says he did it and he put up with all of Jericho’s bullshit. He says he was plucking Jericho feather by feather your complete time. He says his aim from day one was to kill The Inside Circle from the within and to construct a bunch even stronger from the ashes. He says Blanchard was proper when he known as them The Pinnacle, as a result of that’s precisely what they’re. He hypes up all of the members of the group, ending with himself. He says the spot on the prime of the corporate is reserved for him, and The Pinnacle would be the spine of AEW for years to return. MJF tells Jericho that he’s higher than him, and he is aware of it.

Match #3 – Ten-Man Tag Crew Match: Bear Nation (Bear Boulder and Bear Bronson) and Jurassic Categorical (Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, and Marko Stunt) vs. Matt Hardy, Personal Get together (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen), and The Butcher and The Blade (w/The Bunny)
Hardy and Stunt begin the match. Hardy delivers a knee shot to the ribs and goes for a Razor’s Edge, however Stunt will get free and slams Hardy throughout the face. Stunt goes for a cross-body, however Jungle Boy tags in and drops Hardy with a dropkick. All ten males get into the ring as start brawling. It breaks down with Bear Nation and Jurassic Categorical taking management. They pose within the ring as Hardy’s group regroups on the surface. Bear Nation tosses Stunt onto Hardy’s group on the ground and Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus ask them why they did it. Hardy will get again into the ring and drops Jungle Boy with a Facet Impact. Hardy goes for the duvet, however Jungle Boy kicks out. Hardy tosses Jungle Boy to the ground and The Bunny delivers a number of kicks to him because the present heads to a business.
Again from the break, Luchasaurus drops Butcher with a boot to the face. Luchasaurus drops Personal Get together with photographs, after which delivers a number of proper palms to Blade. Luchasaurus drops Blade with a suplex and picks up Kassidy, however Quen makes the save. Luchasaurus delivers kicks to Provate Get together and choke slams Kassidy. Luchasaurus connects with a standing moonsault and goes for the duvet, however Butcher breaks it up. Butcher drops Luchasaurus to the mat, however Stunt delivers a dropkick to Butcher. Bronson tags in and tosses Kassidy throughout the ring. Jurassic Categorical and Bear Nation argue as Stunt tags in. Stunt assaults Kassidy as Butcher and Blade assault Bear Nation and Luchasaurus. Kassidy drops Stunt with a pump kick. Quen tags in, however Stunt fights again. He kicks Personal Get together of their faces, however Hardy delivers photographs to him. Personal Get together delivers the Gin and Juice to Stunt and Hardy tags in. Hardy delivers the Twist of Destiny and will get the pin fall on Stunt.
Winners: Matt Hardy, Personal Get together, and The Butcher and The Blade

Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley lower a promo. Moxley says he’s not in a very good temper as a result of he has to go to conflict once more. He says the true drawback wants fixing, and the true drawback proper now’s The Good Brothers. He says he doesn’t like The Good Brothers as a result of they’re low-cost shot artists. Kingston says this ain’t Tokyo and ain’t the Affect Zone. He says that is their place and their residence. Kingston says The Good Brothers are cowards and says they are going to see them on the market.

Dasha is backstage with Christian Cage and asks him what introduced him to AEW. Cage says the man who can go together with anyone and may do all of it known as a workhorse. He says he makes wrestling higher and makes wrestlers higher. He says he’s The Workhorse in skilled wrestling and is right here to make everybody higher. He says there is just one spot that pursuits him, and it’s at the moment occupied by Kenny Omega. He tells Omega he’s on borrowed him. He says he must get some wins and show his value, however he’ll see Omega down the street. He says he’s in AEW to cement his legacy and to out work everybody.

Match #4 – Tag Crew Match: Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley vs. The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson)
The Good Brothers assault Kingston on the stage, however Moxley rushes in and evens the numbers. They brawl to ringside and The Good Brothers take benefit. They drop Moxley with the Magic Killer on the ground and roll Kingston within the ring. The bell rings as Anderson beats down Kingston. Anderson goes for the duvet, however Kingston kicks out. Anderson gouges Kingston’s eyes and tags in Gallows. Gallows beats down Kingston within the nook and tags Anderson again in. Anderson chokes Kingston together with his boot and retains the beat down going. Gallows tags again in and kicks Kingston within the head. Gallows goes for the duvet, however Kingston kicks out. Gallows delivers a proper hand, however Kingston comes again with a number of again fists. Moxley comes again, however Gallows knocks him again to the ground and takes Kingston down once more because the present heads to a business.
Again from the break, Kingston fights again in opposition to Gallows with physique photographs. Gallows sends Kingston to the nook, however Kingston kicks him within the face. Kingston takes Gallows down with a diving shoulder sort out, however Gallows tags Anderson in. Kingston drops Anderson with an exploder suplex and tags in Moxley. Moxley drops Anderson with a number of clotheslines, after which a launch German suplex. Moxley dropkicks Anderson into the nook and drops Gallows to the ground. Moxley stomps on Anderson and delivers a again elbow to Gallows. Moxley drops Anderson with a clothesline and drops him once more with a pile-driver. Moxley goes for the duvet, however Gallows breaks it up. Moxley sends Gallows to the ground with a knee strike, after which takes him out with a dive. Moxley will get again into the ring, however Anderson drops him with a spine-buster. Anderson goes for the duvet, however Moxley kicks out. Gallows tags in and The Good Brothers drop Moxley with a kick to the face/aspect slam mixture. Kingston will get knocked down on the apron as Gallows goes for the duvet, however Moxley kicks out. Anderson tags in and The Good Brothers go for the Magic Killer.
Kingston breaks it up and clotheslines Gallows to the ground. Gallows pulls Kingston out and slams him into the guardrail. Again within the ring, Moxley catches Anderson with a roll-up and will get the pin fall.
Winners: Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley
-After the match, The Good Brothers beat down Moxley within the ring. Kenny Omega and Don Callis make their method to the ring. Omega brings a chair to the ring and sits down in it. Kingston assaults Omega, however The Good Brothers and Omega beat him down. The Good Brothers drop Kingston with the Magic Killer as Omega stomps on Moxley. The Good Brothers and Omega wrap the chair round Kingston’s leg, after which Anderson comes off the ropes and stomps on the chair. Omega kicks Kingston out of the ring and so they wrap the chair round Moxley’s neck. The Younger Bucks rush the ring as Gallows and Omega each attempt to come off the ropes and onto the chair. The Good Brothers need a Too Candy from The Younger Bucks, and Omega joins them. The Younger Bucks depart the ring, however Omega places his palms on Matt Jackson earlier than they depart. Moxley will get the chair from round his neck and swings it at Omega, Callis, and The Good Brothers. They escape the ring as Kingston is being checked on at ringside.

Tony Schiavone interviews Darby Allin and Sting. Allin says he gained the TNT Championship on November seventh, 2020, however has solely defended it thrice. He says that may be a joke, and now that all the pieces is finished with Crew Taz, he desires to defend it week in and week out. He says he desires to begin with a tribute to the best TNT Champion ever, and points an open problem to anybody within the Darkish Order. Lance Archer interrupts and says he’s not sorry anymore. Archer says Allin is an “indie-riffic” joke and says he’s going to place his ass in a coffin. Jake Roberts calls Allin a “weenie” after which talks to Sting. He says Sting is aware of that you simply don’t play with fireplace and the winds are altering in AEW. Archer and Roberts depart, however Taz comes out now. He’s joined by Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Hook. Cage says he has one thing to say to Sting. Cage says he respects Sting, however Taz jumps in and tries to cease him. Cage says Starks is unsuitable, and says Sting remains to be The Icon. Crew Taz yell at Cage, however he busts by them and leaves. Crew Taz heads up the tunnel, as Sting and Allin depart by the opposite.

Scorpio Sky has a vignette air. He says he is not going to be a stepping stone once more, and he’s bored with performing like he’s not among the finest. He says if he has to harm individuals to show it, then so be it.

Match #5 – Singles Match: Angelico vs. Rey Fenix (w/PAC)
Fenix wrenches Angelico’s arm, however Angelico journeys him up. Fenix comes again and applies a wrist-lock, however Angelico drops him to the mat. Fenix comes again with an arm-drag take down, however Angelico comes again. They trade roll-up makes an attempt, after which Angelico begins working over Fenix’s again because the present heads to a business.
Again from the break, Fenix takes Angelico down after which delivers a thrust kick. Fenix takes Angelico down with a cutter and goes for the duvet, however Angelico kicks out. Angelico comes again with a knee bar submission, however Fenix makes it to the ropes. They counter strikes repeatedly, after which Fenix slams Angelico to the mat and will get the pin fall.
Winner: Rey Fenix

Alex Marvez interrupts Miro’s exercise backstage. Miro says he’s not inquisitive about Chuck Taylor, however Kip Sabian says he isn’t shifting on. He says Taylor and Orange Cassidy ruined his marriage ceremony, and says Miro did shove Taylor into his spouse, Penelope Ford, who’s now harm. Miro says he’s harm, too, and the worst factor Sabian can do is have his spouse at ringside. Miro says he doesn’t care about Sabian or Ford, or anything when the bell rings, and solely cares about himself and changing into the World Champion. Sabian says he desires that for Miro, too, and Miro says they’re nonetheless buds outdoors the ring. Sabian accepts the match.

Marvez is now backstage with The Darkish Order. He asks who’s going to simply accept Darby Allin’s problem, and -1 accepts, however Evil Uno says possibly in a decade. They determine that John Silver will settle for the problem.

Introduced for subsequent week:

Nyla Rose vs. Tay Conti
Six-Man Tag Crew Match: FTR and Shawn Spears vs. Dante Martin and Varsity Blonds
AEW TNT Championship Match: Darby Allin vs. John Silver
AEW World Championship Eliminator Match: Kenny Omega vs. Matt Sydal

Backstage, The Pinnacle take over The Inside Circle’s locker room.

Match #6 – Unsanctioned Lights Out Something Goes Match: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (w/Reba) vs. Thunder Rosa
Reba hits Rosa together with her crutch, and Rosa goes after Reba on the stage. Baker takes Rosa out with a Spear on the stage, after which drops her with an Air Raid Crash. Baker goes for the duvet, however Rosa kicks out. Baker grabs a chair and swings it, however Rosa dodges it. Hikaru Shida watches the match from backstage as Baker talks tot he digicam. Rosa throws the chair at Baker, after which hits her with it a number of extra instances. Rosa hits Reba with the chair and chokes Baker with it on the ground. Rosa continues the assault with the chair and sends Baker over the barricade. They brawl into the gang and Rosa slams Baker onto the chairs. Rosa goes for a cannonball senton, however Baker dodges it and Rosa hits the chairs. Baker goes for the duvet, however Rosa kicks out. Baker tosses Rosa again to ringside and delivers a sequence of proper palms. Baker slams Rosa into the stage as Jade Cargill smiles from the stands. Baker and Reba arrange a desk on the ground, after which Baker slams Rosa into the steps. Baker tosses a number of chairs into the ring and retains management over Rosa because the present heads to a business.
Again from the break, Rosa and Baker are on the ropes. Baker superplexes Rosa onto the pile of chairs within the ring. Baker goes for the duvet, however Rosa kicks out. A ladder is introduces within the ring, and Rosa slams Baker’s face into it. Rosa goes for the duvet, however Baker kicks out. Rosa delivers double knees within the nook, as it seems that Rosa has been busted open. Rosa places the ladder on prime of Baker within the nook, after which delivers a dropkick to the ladder. Rosa grabs a desk on the ground as Baker has been busted open as properly. Rosa delivers photographs to Baker’s wound, however Baker comes again with a thrust kick. Baker slams Rosa onto the ladder with a Flatliner. Baker goes up prime, however Rosa cuts her off. Rosa delivers a Demise Valley Driver to Baker onto the ladder. Rosa goes for the duvet, however Baker kicks out. Rosa grabs a chair and units it up. Baker comes again with a physique shot, however Rosa delivers a knee strike. Baker holds on and delivers a DDT to Rosa on the chair. Baker delivers the Curb Stomp onto the chair and goes for the duvet, however Rosa kicks out. Baker places on her glove for Lockjaw, however then grabs a bag from Reba.
Baker empties the bag into the ring, revealing 1000’s of thumbtacks. Baker goes for the swinging neck-breaker on the tacks, however Rosa counters. Reba will get into the ring together with her crutch, however Rosa geese and hits Reba with the crutch. Rosa dropkicks Reba by a desk that was arrange on the ground. Baker goes for a Demise Valley Driver, however Rosa counters and energy bombs Baker into the tacks. Rosa goes for the duvet, however Baker kicks out. Baker comes again and locks within the Lockjaw, however Rosa rolls Baker onto the thumbtacks to interrupt the maintain. Baker delivers a thrust kick and chokes Rosa together with her boot on the apron. Baker brags Rosa to the apron, however Rosa counters and slams Baker by a desk on the ground with a Thunder Driver and will get the pin fall.
Winner: Thunder Rosa

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