Using Waves • Meredith Atwood / Swim Bike Mother

Studying to experience waves of ache is a talent. 🌊  Abilities take observe.⁠

Studying to really feel and sit with ache is a talent I used to be not born with, and positively by no means acquired alongside the best way.⁠

That’s why I dove into dependancy–I may by no means sit in ache. ⁠
I ran from any signal of it. I drank it, smoked it, purchased it, spent it, ate it, labored it, entrepreneured it… you get the image.⁠

OR… I turned the ache onto myself. ⁠

I harm myself. I dug myself into painful holes, ran myself into the bottom. ⁠

“If I flip this ache on me, then I can predict it. I can CONTROL it.”⁠

I by no means realized how one can sit in ache. ⁠
I by no means realized how one can categorical the ache in a manner that was not destruction.⁠
I by no means realized how one can belief the ache wouldn’t proceed.⁠

Now, at 40, I’m studying. ⁠
And guess what?⁠
It. Hurts. ⁠

That ache I needed to keep away from with dependancy? With trying out? With diversions? Oh, it’s proper there the place I left it. ⁠

Some kinds of ache could at all times be there. ⁠
A presence. ⁠
A ghost. ⁠

However the depth, the ability, the darkness of it won’t at all times be this (or that) unhealthy. IF we’re prepared to work on our expertise, our browsing. It does change. It does get higher.⁠

Discover right this moment, in case you are in ache, that depth is available in waves. Crippling, debilitating, haunting waves possibly… however waves, nonetheless.⁠

We are able to experience waves.⁠
We are able to be taught to surf.⁠
We received’t be proper right here without end. ⁠

The waves will come. ⁠
However we are able to start to see them. Brace for them, experience them, and be taught skillfully how one can transfer ahead amongst them.⁠

Using the wave is all I maintain reminding myself.⁠
Don’t stand on the shore (dependancy). ⁠
Get within the water (life) and be taught to surf.⁠

“This can move.”⁠
“Breathe your manner via this.”⁠
“It will likely be okay. Say a prayer.”⁠
“Write down the ache.”⁠
“Stroll stroll stroll stroll – stroll away.”⁠
“You might be stronger than you suppose.”⁠
“You might be cherished.”⁠
“Assist me God.”⁠
“I’ve breath. I’ve life.”⁠

The waves will come. ⁠
However we are able to swim. ⁠
We are able to.⁠
Within the house between–we are able to even breathe. ⁠

I’m with you.⁠
Let’s surf.⁠


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