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AEW DARK Outcomes
March 23, 2021

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The Darkish Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) def. Chaos Undertaking (Luther & Serpentico)

Reynolds took down Luther with knee strikes and received in some good offense early, however an out of doors shot from Serpentico allowed Luther to hit an enormous splash within the nook. They labored him over with fast tags and double staff strikes till he countered a transfer off the highest rope right into a hurricanrana and made the new tag. Silver ran with with punches, forearms and clotheslines, and Reynolds took Luther out of the equation with a suicide dive. Darkish Order hit a double entrance flip driver to win.

SCU (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian) def. Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs

SCU dominated the primary jiffy of the match. Kazarian countered all of Isaacs offense with arm drag takedowns. Daniels got here in and did his factor till Nelson took an affordable shot and the heels swarmed him. Nelson hit a fireman’s carry into the turnbuckles. Isaacs beat him down and hit the ropes however bumped into an STO, bringing in Kaz for the new tag. He dropped Nelson with a neckbreaker on the apron and shotgunned into one other neckbreaker on the opposite. A little bit of miscommunication noticed Nelson by accident take out his accomplice with a clothesline. In a cool sequence, all 4 guys took turns taking every others’ heads off with lariats, Daniels hit a urinage slam and nailed the BME to win.

Penelope Ford def. Miranda Alize

This was a fast however fast-paced and aggressive match. Each regarded actually good. Alize began with 4 snap armdrags and a headscissors takedown, however Ford tackled her and rained down with rights and lefts. Ford slammed her on the apron and hit a double knee drop over the ropes, then kicked her laborious within the face. She choked her whereas kissing her husband, Kip Sabian. Alize almost caught her with an inside cradle and fired off with proper palms. They went backwards and forwards till Ford hit the double knee gutbuster and a Fisherman’s bridge to win.

The Gunn Membership def. Adam Priest & Jake St. Patrick & Baron Black

Medium Gunn began issues out with armdrags and a facebuster to Priest. Large Gunn labored over St. Patrick with a headlock and threw him to the nook for his boys to stomp on him, getting in a couple of knife-edge chops for good measure. Little Gunn jumped off his dad’s again right into a clothesline. Issues in a short time broke down right into a six-way brawl. Little and Medium Gunns hit an enormous again physique drop right into a vertical suplex combo for the win.

Dante Martin def. Jack Evans

Martin began with a couple of snap armdrags right into a hammerlock. Evans turned it round and the 2 traded counters at a loopy tempo, simply making an attempt to land one thing. Martin missed a 450 splash as a result of Evans did a backflip and cartwheel kicked his head off. Evans adopted with a springboard chest kick and went for some form of double handspring transfer, however Martin dumped him over on his again. Martin took over with a nasty lariat and a triangle springboard dropkick, adopted by a dropflip. Evans missed a loopy spin kick off the apron, and Martin ran like 15 ft leaping over the barricade, right into a Canadian Destroyer on the ground. Simply absurd. Martin hit the 450 splash to win an excellent dash.

Brian Cage def. Brandon Cutler

Cutler tried to grapple with the massive man and received blasted with an uppercut. He got here off the ropes, however once more received caught with a Demise Valley Driver. Cutler reversed a powerbomb and landed on his ft, hammering away with punches and a mule kick. A springboard crossbody took Cage off his ft for a one-count. Cutler hit him with an enormous boot and got here flying off the highest rope, however Cage caught him out of the air into the Drill Claw to win a fast one.

Ashley Vox def. Alex Gracia

Gracia began with an armdrag right into a hammerlock. She hit a working dropkick and adopted with a shotgun dropkick sending her opponent into the underside turnbuckle. Vox hit a tilt-a-whirled right into a standing armbar. Gracia broke free and so they traded pinning mixtures for a bit till Gracia caught her with the Fish Hook to get a really fast win.

Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss def. Range Morales & Seth Gargis

Fundamental squash match. Janela knocked down Morales after a headlock alternate, however he kipped proper again up. Janela received down and tried to do a kip up, however saved falling on his ass. The gang chanted “yet another time” however as an alternative he simply superkicked the hell out of Morales. Janela and Kiss labored him over with double staff strikes till Gargis received the tag and didnt’ truthful any higher. They put him away with a double vertical suplex and a neckbreaker/diving legdrop combo.

JD Drake def. Fuego del Sol

Fuego did some high-flying making an attempt to keep away from the massive man early on however was rapidly swatted out of the air. He managed to ship Drake out of the ring with a springboard headscissors, however Drake caught him out of the air and rammed his again into the apron. Drake tossed him in opposition to the turnbuckles and dropped knees on his opponents head, almost placing him within the floor with massive chops. Fuego almost catches him with a roll-up and follows with a couple of dozen kicks and a superkick. Drake got here off the ropes with a Claymore Kick taking his head off. 1-2-3.

QT Marshall def. Shawn Dean

A way more aggressive QT dominated this match from the beginning, working via Dean with shoulder blocks and dealing him over on the mat. Neckbreaker. Knee drop to the again of the neck. “The Captain” rallied with a collection of short-arm clotheslines and dove over the ropes with an attractive tope con hilo. Again within the ring Dean adopted with a dropkick within the nook, rushed in and received caught with massive boot. Dean blocked a Diamond Cutter, and got here off the ropes… into the Diamond Cutter.

The Bunny def. Jazmin Attract 

Love that The Bunny can be a shopper of Matt Hardy and never only a sidekick for The Butcher & The Blade. She was nasty right here coming in with wild rights and lefts, drilling her opponent with elbows within the nook. She talked a whole lot of trash and Attract caught her with a jawbreaker and a working clothesline. Bunny ducked a nook splash and dropped her with a superkick. The Ultimate Minimize will get her a straightforward win.

The Darkish Order (Colt Cabana & Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) def. Carlie Bravo & Brick Aldridge & Dean Alexander

Bravo shocked Colt Cabana with some good chain grappling early on, however made the error of bragging about it and Colt lit him up with chops within the nook. Darkish Order stomped on him with fast tags, till Aldridge got here in to make the save. Aldridge took Grayson to their nook and so they took turns placing the boots to him. Alexander hit a belly-to-belly suplex sending him into the nook. Evil Uno ultimately received the new tag and dropped two of them with neckbreakers, and the opposite with a low dropkick to the face. Carli took a neckbreaker and the Fatality to offer the Darkish Order the win.

Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solow def. Angel Trend & D3

After a little bit of grappling, Solow took out D3 with a dropkick and introduced within the massive man. Comoroto squashed Trend within the nook and introduced him out for an enormous working powerslam. Solow hit a modified criss-cross Pedigree to win in a couple of minute.

Cezar Bononi def. John Skyler

Skyler fired off with European uppercuts and forearms. He’s legitimately like a full foot shorter than Bononi, who rapidly took him to the mat and slapped on a headlock. Skyler tried to struggle out however received dumped via the ropes to the ground. He tried for like eight totally different variations of a suplex and roll-up however Bononi counter by being large and unattainable to maneuver. Bononi put this one away with a Torture Rack slam.

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