AEW Dynamite 03 24 2021 – OWW

AEW Dynamite Outcomes
March 24, 2021

Jacksonville, Florida (Every day’s Place)
Outcomes by: Josh Boutwell of

AEW World Championship Eliminatior Match
“The Cleaner” Kenny Omega (2-0) w/Don Callis vs. “New Bourne” Matt Sydal (2-1)

If Sydal wins, he will get a shot at a future World Title Match. Sydal and Omega chain wrestle to begin off however Omega rapidly takes management. He makes an attempt a Spinning Facet Slam however Sydal counters into an Armdrag after which a Satellite tv for pc Headscissors. Omega retreats to the ground as Sydal appeared for a Flying Knee. Omega climbs again in and challenges Sydal to a Check of Energy. Omega kicks Sydal and places him in a Wristlock and works over his arm.

Omega continues to slam and stomp on Sydal’s arm for a number of minutes however Sydal fights again with a sequence of kicks. Omega solutions with forearms however misses a Pump Knee and Sydal hits a Standing Moonsault for 2. Omega rolls to the nook the place Sydal hits a Flying Knee after which goes to the highest. Omega crotches Sydal and goes for a Press Slam however Sydal counters with a Headscissors just for Omega to leap proper again up and hit an enormous Lariat.

Omega hits a Backdrop Driver after which rolls him to the apron and hits a Backdrop onto the apron. Within the ring, Omega hits an enormous Backbreaker for one. Omega makes an attempt a Powerbomb however Sydal blocks it, so Omega begins clubbing him within the again. He goes for the Powerbomb once more however Sydal counters and hits a Spinning Again Kick after which a Leaping Leg Lariat. Omega climbs to the highest as he retreats however Sydal hits a Leaping Rana and a Brainbuster for 2.

Sydal lifts Omega to the highest and goes for a Frankensteiner however Omega rapidly slides beneath Sydal as he’s within the air and Sydal lands onerous on the highest rope in an superior wanting spot. Omega hits the Snap Dragon and a Neckbreaker over his knee. Omega goes for the V-Set off however Sydal strikes and rolls him up for 2 adopted by a Roundhouse Kick and the Lightning Spiral! 1…2…NO Sydal kicks out!

Sydal goes to the highest and goes for a Meteora however Omega catches him and hits a Buckle Bomb adopted by a Powerbomb and a vicious V-Set off! 1…2…NO Sydal kicks out! Omega hits a second V-Set off after which goes for the One Winged Angel just for Sydal to counter with a Poison Rana! Sydal goes to the highest however Omega crotches him and hits a Leaping V-Set off! Omega goes for the One Winged Angel once more however Sydal counters right into a Victory Roll for 2! Omega hits one other V-Set off adopted by the One Winged Angel for the three!

Winner: Omega through pinfall (One Winged Angel)

Backstage, Alex Marvez interviews The Darkish Order – with Adam Web page close by – and Silver says he’s prepared for his title shot tonight. They begin doing Coffin Drops to one another to indicate how prepared Silver is when Web page walks up and asks Silver if he’s nervous. Web page tells him this can be a large match for him however the Darkish Order will likely be pleased with him both method.


“Hangman” Adam Web page (3-0) vs. Cezaro Bononi (1-1)

Web page sends Bononi to the ground and makes an attempt a Slingshot Plancha however Bononi catches him and slams him into the apron. Again within the ring, Bononi chokes Web page within the nook after which two get in one another’s faces and Web page ranges Bononi with a sequence of forearms. Web page goes for a Scoop Slam however Bononi counters into considered one of his personal.

Bononi goes for a clothesline however Web page strikes and hits a sequence of clotheslines however Bononi doesn’t go down. Bononi swings at Web page however he catches him and hits a Suplex adopted by the Buckshot Lariat for a pin.

Winner: Web page through pinfall (Buckshot Lariat)

Earlier Lance Archer cuts a promo from an undisclosed location. He says that he used to look as much as Sting and with out him there can be no Lance Archer however he retains interrupting Sting as a result of it needs to be his time. He holds up a bat and says that bat used to imply that individuals paid consideration to Sting. He says that individuals will take note of him or there will likely be hell to be paid. He says ultimately it will likely be Showtime.

Final week Thunder Rosa cuts a promo about her match with Baker and says she has labored his complete profession to get to this second. She thanks the followers for believing in her.

Tony Schiavone interviews Britt Baker on the ramp concerning the match from final week and Baker will get pissed on the ovation the followers gave her. She is carrying a t-shirt together with her bloody face on it. She says the followers are simply as dumb and delusional as Thunder Rosa. She says that Rosa needs to be thanking her each single day as a result of she will likely be remembered now due to Baker. She stated that she wrote historical past together with her personal blood and he or she allowed Rosa to be part of it. Baker says that Rosa had the audacity to say that she put the ladies on the map and says if that’s the case then why is everybody speaking about her, not Rosa.

Baker says she doesn’t want all the reward from individuals telling her she is a star now. She thanks Mick Foley for the thumbs up however says it took Mick Foley 20 years to turn out to be a hardcore legend, whereas it took her one night time. Baker stated that even with the blood flowing in her eyes she by no means noticed extra clearly. She stated that Tony Khan retains hiring all these legends regardless of having the best legend proper beneath her nostril. She says that she put AEW on the map and that “AEW” comes second to essentially the most epic letters in wrestling, “DMD.”


Backstage Christian Cage is speaking with Varsity Blonds and Dante Martin when Dasha walks up and asks them what they’re speaking about. Christian says he’s simply giving them some recommendation for his or her match later. Frankie Kazarian walks up and says he’s been right here all this time and hasn’t stated hey to an previous buddy. Kazarian factors out Christian’s catchphrase and asks when the “work” a part of that’s ever going to occur. Christian says he’s been within the ring with Kazarian many occasions so he is aware of how good he’s and if he needs to know when the “work” begins that’s subsequent week and it may be Frankie. Kazarian will get in his face and says he’s on.

Trios Match
The Pinnacle (FTR & Shawn Spears) w/MJF, Wardlow & Tully Blanchard vs. Dante Martin & Varsity Blonds

Griff Garrison and Spears begin off the match and Garrison tosses Spears to the facet just for Spears to return again and take him down with a Waisltock. Spears transitions right into a wristlock however Garrison rolls again and counters it and tags Brian Pillman Jr. Pillman works on Spears’ arm and holds it as Martin tags in and hits a Ghetto Stomp onto the arm earlier than Pillman tags again in. Dax tags in and runs Pillman over as he whipped Spears into the ropes.

Spears tags again in and the Pillman fights them off with kicks and tags Martin. Martin hits a Quebrada onto each of them. The heels retreat to the ground and regroup because the babyfaces arrange for a triple dive. Wardlow steps up and the babyfaces cease earlier than diving.


Through the break Garrison hit a Double Spear on Dax and Spears. Dax takes out Martin again from the break with a Brainbuster. Dax backdrops Martin onto Spears’ shoulders for the C4 for the pin.

Winners: The Pinnacle through pinfall (C4)

After the match, Wardlow Chokeslams Pillman off the highest and Tony Schiavone enters the ring to interview them. Money Wheeler says that he’ll die for The Pinnacle and Dax says that Proud-n-Highly effective have lots of people in AEW fooled however not them. Dax says this isn’t a romantic comedy, the marquee says “skilled wrestling” and if you wish to see the place you stand in wrestling you come to AEW and ask for The Pinnacle.

MJF taunts Jericho and says that he’s shocked that Jericho hasn’t stated or performed something and challenges the Internal Circle to return out proper now however says they’re terrified to take action. MJF says that subsequent week he’s a present for his household.

Staff Taz is backstage and he says that there isn’t a issues in Staff Taz as a result of Brian Cage apologized to them final week. Cage nonetheless appears to be like pissed.

Tony Schiavone interviews QT Marshall and says that he’s pissed as a result of individuals assume he’s solely there as a result of he’s mates with Cody. He says that there isn’t a one in AEW that has performed extra work than him and says he understands he has gotten some perks due to Cody however he bitches about all the issues he does backstage for Cody like retaining his espresso heat. QT says he awoke one morning and realized that there wasn’t a ladder he may dive off or match he may win that wouldn’t have an asterisk subsequent to it that learn’s “Cody’s buddy.” QT challenges Cody to an “exhibition” subsequent week so he can show to the complete world that not solely does he belong in AEW however he can grasp with the very best. QT says he can’t make Cody do something however he gained’t get again within the ring if he has to proceed to be in Cody’s shadow.

Cody walks out in a sling and says he understands QT’s angst and although his coronary heart shouldn’t be into this he would nonetheless gladly settle for his problem. Cody says Arn Anderson will even be the referee. Cody says that he has a status to uphold so he will likely be there to win however he guarantees to not harm QT. Cody says that QT has been a “good assistant” for him and he has turn out to be a buddy. He says that QT may be his finest buddy and gives him a handshake, which QT accepts.


Trios Match
The Lucha Brothers & Laredo Child vs. The Younger Bucks & Brandon Cutler

That is Laredo Child’s first match in AEW since Fyter Fest in 2019. Fenix and Nick Jackson commerce counters and kicks earlier than tagging out to their respective brothers. Penta Superkicks Matt however Matt comes again with a Springboard ArmDrag just for Penta to counter right into a Crucifix for 2. Penta tries to stomp Matt however he catches his foot and journeys him right into a Sharpshooter! Penta will get to the ropes and breaks the maintain and the 2 stare one another down once more.

Cutler and Laredo Child tag in now and shove one another. Laredo geese a springboard from Cutler adnt hen cartwheels over Cutler and hits a again kick. Laredo hits a Spinning Headscissors sending Cutler to the ground. Laredo goes for a dive however the Bucks lower him off and dropkick him to the ground. Fenix is available in and hits a Double Spring Lucha Armdrag to each of them sending them to the ground. Penta hits a Springboard Somersault Plancha onto the Bucks on the ground! Fenix units up for a dive however Cutler kicks him and hits a Springboard Flying Forearm.

Cutler hits a Springboard Somersault Plancha onto Penta and Fenix on the ground. Laredo goes to the highest and hits a Golden Moonsault onto Matt and Cutler! Laredo goes to the highest however Nick kicks him and lifts him as much as his shoulders as Matt goes up high and hits the Made In Detroit MCMG Model for 2!

Matt works on Laredo’s arm and tags in Cutler who dives off the highest with a Flying Axe Deal with onto the arm. Nick tags in and hits a Ghetto Stomp to the arm as Cutler held him in place. The Bucks and Cutler work Laredo over of their nook with scorching tags. They take turns hitting Slingshot Somersault Sentons and when Matt hits the final one Cutler Leg Drops Laredo Child on the identical time. Matt hits a Brainbuster for 2. They proceed to make fast tags and beat Laredo down of their nook for a number of minutes.

Penta and Nick tag in and Penta hits a sequence of Slingblades on the Bucks earlier than tagging Fenix. LB hit the Double Superkicks on the Bucks after which Penta lifts Fenix up onto his shoulders and Fenix dives off with a Frog Splash on Nick for 2. Fenix and Nick each leap tot the op however Laredo blind tags in and hits a Springboard Rana! Penta hits a Ghetto Stomp off the highest and Fenix hits a Swanton Bomb for 2!

Fenix hits a Springboard Spinning Again Kick to Nick after which goes for the Rollin g Cutter however Nick blocks it and hits a sequence of knees. Nick throws Fenix into the ropes however Fenix goes by the ropes and hits the Hook Kick! Fenix tries to throw Nick out ot the ground however Nick catches himself and comes again in with a Superkick on Fenix!

Laredo and Matt tag in and commerce punches till Laredo kicks him after which goes for a Handspring DDT just for Matt to dam it and hit the Locomotion Northern Lights Suplexes. Penta tries to interrupt it up however eats one together with Laredo. Matt Buckle Bombs Laredo into an Enziguri from Nick on the identical time after which they hit the Dangerous Enterprise. Cutler tags in and hits a Springboard Flying Elbow however Penta breaks up a pin try.

Nick kicks Penta to the ground and Matt hangs up on the nook as Nick hits a Somersault Senton onto Penta! Fenix throws Nick into Matt after which goes for a Rolling Cutter however Cutler backdrops him into Matt’s shoulders and the Bucks hit an Assisted Indy Taker! Nick hits a Springboard Tornillo onto Penta on the ground and Matt this a Springboard Spike DDT on Fenix on the apron! Laredo hits a Spanish Fly on Cutler off the highest for the pin!

Winners: Lucha Brothers & Laredo Child through pinfall (Spanish Fly)

Kenny Omega assaults Laredo Child after the match and beats him down and says he’s having flashbacks and he says he remembers Laredo from the primary Fyter Fest and from AAA. Omega says that three years in the past he had a selection to remain on the place he liked or to “New York” or to go along with the Bucks. He says he by no means selected AEW, he says he selected the Bucks and the imaginative and prescient they created collectively to make it the very best promotion on the planet.

Omega says he selected The Bucks however they by no means selected him again. Omega says he’ll give them another likelihood and holds up the “too candy.” He says that they’ve modified and tells them to face with their buddy however they go away as a substitute. Omega tells Cutler to go be their digicam man and carry their baggage after which he eats a Double Superkick from the Lucha Brothers! They hit a LB Driver on him! The Good Brothers come out and assist Omega up, who’s bleeding from the lip.

Jade Cargill says that Purple Velvet is a pit cease on her street to success. She challenges Purple Velvet to a match.

Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes are getting a actuality present on TNT.


Eddie Kingston’s foot is bandaged and he stated he has a “damaged one thing” abut that’s high quality as a result of it’s not the very first thing. Kingston says Good Brothers and Omega pays for this as a result of the place he and Moxley come from you set considered one of them in a hospital, they put considered one of you in a morgue. Moxley asks if Good Brothers or Omega assume they’re keen to get as soiled as they’re and guarantees they aren’t keen to. Moxley says that if the Bucks are going to be on this sport they higher be keen to get their palms soiled and says that he doesn’t have time for the “Bullet Membership drama.”

“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose (5-1) w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Tay Conti (8-2) w/The Darkish Order

Rose tries to make use of her energy early on however Conti catches her in an Armbar. Rose rolls her over right into a nearfall. Conti hits a sequence of Judo Throws after which makes an attempt a Flying Knee however Rose catches her and hits a Spinebuster for 2. Rose places Conti in a Wristlock on the mat and begins biting her hand. Rose places the boots to Conti within the nook and chokes her. Rose goes for a Suplex however Conti escapes and rolls her up for 2 solely to get destroyed with a Lariat.

Rose hangs Conti u within the ropes and goes to the highest and hits the Guillotine Knee Drop for 2.


Rose goes for a Somersault Senton however Conti will get her knees up and hits a sequence of elbows. Conti hits a Pump Knee after which a second one adopted by an try a Hammerlock DDT, however Rose blocks it and takes her down. Conti drop toe holds Rose into the ropes after which dives off the center rope with a Pump Knee for 2! Conti expenses at Rose however she backdrops her over the ropes. Conti lands on the apron and climbs up high and dives off however Rose geese beneath and hits a Lariat for 2.

Rose goes for the Beast Bomb however Conti counters right into a Sundown Flip. Rose punches Conti however then eats a boot from Conti. Rose comes again with a Samoan Drop try however Conti escapes and this a Roundhouse Kick adopted by a sequence of Flying Knees after which the DDTay (Hammerlock DDT) for the pin!

Winner: Conti through pinfall (DDTay)

As Conti celebrates her win Vickie Guerrero grabs her and Rose assaults her from behind. Rose goes for the Beast Bomb however Hikaru Shida comes out and assaults Rose with a kendo stick. Allie runs out and hits Shida with the kendo stick after which hits Tay with it. Matt Hardy walks out with Butcher and Blade watches as Allie and Rose beat down Shida and Conti.

Matt Hardy says the Girls’s World Title Eliminator Event was a sham as a result of Allie wasn’t in it and his purchasers have been neglected for a lot too lengthy. He says that ends now.

Miro and Kip Sabian faces Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy in a Arcade Anarchy Match.

Scorpio Sky says this isn’t a brand new facet of him, it’s only one that nobody has seen earlier than. Sky says that he has been screwed over time and time once more and he says that humility solely provides individuals the chance underrate you and his time of being overrated is over.


Principal Occasion
TNT Championship Match
John Silver (7-1) w/The Darkish Order vs. Darby Allin (c) (3-0)

Hardy’s crew is proven watching within the entrance row because the Darkish Order stares them down. Allin and Silver lockup and stalemate repeatedly earlier than Silver takes Allin down with a Greco Roman Knucklelock. Allin counters it and takes Silver down with a headlock takeover. Silver fights again up and tries to push Allin to the ropes however Allin takes him down once more. Silver once more tries to battle again up however Allin takes him over once more. Silver lastly fights him off and takes him out with a Corkscrew Elbow sending Allin flying by the ropes crashing to the ground.

Silver tosses Allin again within the ring and hits an enormous European Uppercut after which tosses Allin throughout the ring with a Biel Throw. Silver Biel Throws him into the turnbuckles subsequent. Silver Press Slams Allin into the turnbuckles and hits a Flying Knee adopted by a Brainbuster for 2.


Silver throws Allin into the barricade and expenses at him however Allin transfer and Silver crashes onerous. Alex Reynolds checks on Silver as he sells an elbow damage. Silver tries to get again within the ring however Allin hits a Tope Suicida onto Alan Angels as he pulled himself in entrance of Silver. Sting walks out with a bat and Darkish Order scatters.

Again within the ring, Silver hits a sequence of elbows along with his non dominant arm after which goes for a Lariat however Allin counters into an try at a Backslide. Silver blocks it and hits a sequence of nasty kicks. Allin comes again with an Armbreaker and he goes for a Sliced Bread just for Silver to dam it and lock in a Rear Bare Choke! Allin assaults Silver’s arm to interrupt the maintain and rolls backwards for a nearfall. Silver comes again with a Swinging DDT that spikes the hell out of Allin for 2.

Allin rolls out to the ground and Sting backs down the Darkish Order as they hovered over Allin. Silver kicks Allin after which stares over at Sting earlier than tossing Allin within the ring. Allin hits a sequence of roundhouse kicks however each time Allin sits again up after which catches his leg and slaps the piss out of Silver repeatedly. Silver comes again with some slaps and punches of his personal.

Silver expenses right into a boot after which Allin goes for a Victory Roll however Silver sits down! 1…2…NO Allin kicks out! Silver and Allin alternate forearms and slaps once more after which Allin hits the Springboard Coffin Drop. Silver comes again with a Pump Kick sending Allin into the nook. Silver lifts Allin as much as the highest and makes an attempt a Superplex however Allin shoves him off after which he hits a Coffin Drop onto the Darkish Order on the skin!

Allin goes again up high however Silver uppercuts him after which goes up and hits a Tremendous Airplane Spin Bomb for 2. Allin acquired his foot on the underside rope. Silver goes for a Powerbomb however Allin counters into the Code Purple for the pin!

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Allin through pinfall (Code Purple)

Allin gives Silver a fist bump after the match and he accepts it. Matt Hardy pulls Allin out and throws him into the barricade. Sting and the Darkish Order battle with Hardy’s crew. Tay Conti runs out and assaults Allie. Allin hits a Tope Suicida into Hardy! The brawl continues as Dynamite goes off the air.

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