Day by day Swim Coach Exercise #389

SwimSwam’s every day swimming exercise collection is a group of exercises written by coaches from quite a lot of backgrounds. All every day swimming exercises have been written utilizing Commit Swimming. The exercises themselves are usually not indicative of SwimSwam’s or Commit’s views on coaching. They strictly replicate the opinions of the creator swim coach.

Exercise Context

  • Goal:  Base constructing
  • Goal age group:  13-14 years outdated, 15-18 years outdated
  • Goal stage:  Nationwide/ Collegiate Degree, Senior Age Group/ Excessive College State Degree
  • Weeks till goal meet:  13 weeks
  • Workforce Location:  United States
  • Course:  25 Yards
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The Exercise

RSD Nationwide/Champ
Tuesday AM [12/29/20]
C1/W3 Vacation session 7

5×100 fr-bk-br-fr dpc type stream @ 1:35
8×50 o=pullouts/brst dpc e= stroke construct scull into drill into swim all type @ 3 streamline bobs

300 as 75free/25 bk [@ tip+:10 base per 100 (A 1:10, B 1:15/C 1:20 D 1:25)
200 free @ tip+:05 (A 1:05, B 1:10, C 1:15, D 1:20)
100 free TIP (1:00/1:05/1:10/1:15)
50 scull recovery @1:30
300 same
200 same
2×100 free tip
50 scull recovery
300 same
200 same
3×100 tip
50 scull recovery
300 same
200 same
2×100 tip
50 scull recovery
300 same
200 same
100 free tip

4×75 scull /drill/ swim all form recovery stroke rebuild

Coach Notes

The swim coach was asked to define any shorthand he or she used in this workout. Their notes should provide some additional context to this swimming workout.

tip= tightest interval possible

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