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2021 NFL Mock Draft: New York Jets nab their new quarterback


[EDITOR’S NOTE: For clarity’s sake, this explanation was submitted before the Jets traded Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers on Monday afternoon.]

It was arduous to not be impressed by Wilson after watching his tape at BYU this season. He seems to have a excessive ceiling and is bettering his craft a lot as Joe Burrow did final 12 months. Wilson improved his inventory and consensus at this decide by dazzling at his professional day with throws and motion similar to Patrick Mahomes (even Lawrence was in on the hype). He additionally seems to have a degree of swagger that Jets followers must really feel after years of being let down. It is a easy decide the Jets can’t afford to overthink. Regardless of the varied stories and smokescreens with perhaps protecting Darnold, they’re in determined want of a reset and have a chief alternative to capitalize on this with a brand new teaching employees and Joe Douglas with the ability to decide “his man”. The Sam Darnold state of affairs didn’t work and the Jets have been noncommittal to him all offseason. This decide provides them a possibility to proper the path of a reeling franchise.


Do you approve of this decide?

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    (355 votes)

  • 11%


    (48 votes)

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2021 BGN Mock Draft Order

1) Jaguars (Phoenix X Minimus): QB Trevor Lawrence
2) Jets (eagles.north.of.the.border): QB Zach Wilson
3) 49ers (I Want a Username):
4) Falcons (chewy wellington):
5) Bengals (Dr_Horrible):
6) Dolphins (20Safety_Hazard):
7) Lions (drc242):
8) Panthers (wildcatlh):
9) Broncos (ItownBallers22):
10) Cowboys (Kephas):
11) Giants (Billmington):
12) Eagles (ablesser88):
13) Chargers (Georgia_eagle):
14) Vikings (Philliesandthebees):
15) Patriots (SakPrescott):
16) Cardinals (Carson Wentzs ACL):
17) Raiders (dshelton5):
18) Dolphins (YvngMartial):
19) Soccer Staff (Negadelphia Norm):
20) Bears (Happy24):
21) Colts (CSsdV):
22) Titans (Pleasant Neighborhood Philly Fan):
23) Jets (Asap Stocky):
24) Steelers (Gregnado):
25) Jaguars (“Snax”):
26) Browns (gerouxman1956):
27) Ravens (Brendanekstrom):
28) Saints (grantspectations):
29) Packers (Philly_Philly):
30) Payments (doublefry):
31) Chiefs (Leo Bedio):
32) Buccaneers (phuckdallas):

Now it’s time so that you can vote for who YOU suppose needs to be chosen within the 2021 BGN Group Consensus Mock Draft.


Who ought to the New York Jets draft at No. 2?

  • 72%

    Zach Wilson

    (209 votes)

  • 20%

    Justin Fields

    (58 votes)

  • 2%

    Trey Lance

    (7 votes)

  • 4%

    Mac Jones

    (14 votes)

288 votes complete

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1) Jaguars: QB Trevor Lawrence
2) Jets:


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