r/snooker – make snooker extra thrilling to look at.


They adore it. They love this digital camera angle.


Why? I do not know. It is 99.9% sure the pink goes in. What’s thrilling although, the trajectory of the cue-ball. Does it go in-off the middle pocket, possibly the yellow pocket? By switching from the pink-angle to the birds-eye view you miss a part of the shot as a result of your eyes want to regulate, hunt for the cue-ball. It takes away the thrill.

Similar with blacks of the spot and white arcing into the pack with backspin. You wish to see the cue-ball, not the black going within the pocket. The pot is a 99% certainty. You wish to see the white spinning, arcing, colliding. That’s thrilling.

In my view there needs to be much less concentrate on the pots, extra on the cue-ball with energy photographs with a great deal of spin. Save the boring camera-angles for the boring, customary photographs.

What are your ideas?


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