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Delivered to you by retired professional hockey participant and proprietor of Ript Hockey Coaching and associate of the Hockey Assume Tank, Jeff LoVecchio.

At this time I’m supplying you with a two for one!

The primary train is a prep train you need to use on the finish of your warm-up to essentially get your hamstrings firing and able to work.

The second variation is the very same train however by barely altering up the way you carry out this train, it’s going to now develop into a power train!

You’ll want a slider for this train, I promote these as a part of my Gym2Go Luggage however you can too get them from Wal-Mart or Goal, and so forth. For those who don’t have a slider you need to use a towel on a slippery ground and it’ll do the identical factor!

Hamstring Prep and Strength | Hockey Training Tips with Jeff LoVecchio
  1. Begin by mendacity in your again.
  2. Slam your again into the bottom, attempt pulling your abs by way of the bottom beneath you.
  3. Bend one knee and produce it in the direction of your chest as for those who have been about to carry out a single leg glute bridge.
  4. Place reverse heel within the MIDDLE of the slider.
  5. Carry your butt off of the bottom so that you’re in a single leg glute bridge.
  6. Explosively kick that foot out that’s on the slider and attempt to quickly decelerate as quick and as effectively as you probably can.
  7. Hit a slight pause within the prolonged place (leg ought to no be straight, about 85% straight).
  8. Drop butt again to the bottom, pull your heel into the beginning place, and repeat for under 5 reps or much less!

To flip this right into a power train you’ll full steps 1 – 5, and from there, good and sluggish and below management, you’ll pull your heel in the direction of your butt after which, whereas maintaining your butt off the bottom, slide the heel again out once more – you’ll repeat this for reps, normally two to a few units of 8 and increase from there.

At all times bear in mind to maintain a impartial backbone whereas performing this train!

Discover extra nice hockey coaching ideas and insights from Jeff LoVecchio at RIPT Hockey and the Hockey Assume Tank web site, Podcast, YouTube, and Fb. And take a look at his Give Extra Be Extra (GMBM) attire.

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