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AEW Darkish: Elevation Outcomes
April 5, 2021

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Hangman Web page def. Invoice Collier

Hangman lit his opponent up with chops out of the gate. Collier caught a boot and took him down with a short-arm clothesline, adopted by an enormous operating leg drop with a ton of air. Hangman threw him by the ropes and adopted with a plancha. Fallaway slam. Standing moonsault. Collier bought in a number of pictures and climbed the ropes, however Hangman caught him with an Avalanche Frankensteiner. Two clotheslines and a Buckshot Lariat for the W.

Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison) def. Dean Alexander & Carlie Bravo

The Blonds remoted Dean Alexander immediately, buying and selling off headlocks. Alexander discovered a gap and went after Garrison’s knee. Bravo gave him a Russian leg sweep they usually hit stereo dropkicks. Pillman bought the tag and took out each with snap powerslams. He dropkicked Bravo by the ropes and rolled him again inside. Garrison put Bravo on his shoulders for an Electrical Chair, and Pillman got here off the highest with a missile dropkick to win. Garrison offered his knee by the end and was limping after the match. Great things.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD def. Alex Gracia

Baker reduce a promo bragging about being a Demise Match wrestler in addition to a technical Greco Roman knowledgeable. She was so assured she bought down on the mat and allowed Gracia the primary transfer.  As quickly as Gracia touched her Baker caught her within the Lock Jaw, placing on the glove and tapping her out whereas nonetheless slicing a promo.

Darkish Order’s 10 def. Danny Limelight

10 took his opponent from submit to submit bashing his head into the turnbuckles earlier than tossing him round with fallaway slams. Limelight caught him with a drop toehold into the underside turnbuckle. He began working over 10’s arm utilizing the ropes, and set in with kicks to the arm within the nook. Numerous hammerlock variations, rolling into varied pinning mixtures. 10 rallied with clotheslines and hit a neckbreaker from the second rope. Large spinebuster. Limelight caught him out of nowhere and tried for an Anaconda Vice, however 10 reversed right into a backslide pin for a nearfall. 10 arrange for a powerbomb, however Limelight reversed right into a triangle choke on the mat. 10 began to fade however rallied with brutal forearm pictures to interrupt the maintain. He locked on a Full Nelson and ragdolled his opponent mercilessly till the ref referred to as for the bell. This was nice. Run this again on Dynamite.

Large Swole def. Jazmin Attract

This was a brief one with Swole concentrating on the again, whipping Attract from ring apron to barricade time and again. She continued to stomp on the again and utilized a Camel Clutch, however launched it to hit a dropkick to the again. Attract caught her with clotheslines and a seated dropkick for 2. She rushed the nook however bought caught with a tough unirange slam. Swole utilized a modified Texas Cloverleaf and sat down on the maintain to get the submission win.

Michael Nakazawa def. Fluctuate Morales

Nakazawa got here out in his producer gear and wasted time pretending to have a dialog over the headset. Fluctuate caught him with an armdrag and a few fast offense earlier than taking issues to the mat. He tried to return off the ropes however Nakazawa crotched him and rocked him up and down. After a beat, Fluctuate shook off a headlock and rallied with a dive to the surface. He ran proper into a tough elbow within the nook. Nakazawa speared him and hit a Tombstone slam.

Lance Archer def. Baron Black

Archer attacked his opponent from behind through the entrances. Black threw some ineffectual chops earlier than Archer tackled the hell out of him and stomped a mudhole within the nook. Archer stalked him across the ring with heavy chops and a clothesline to the again of the neck. He began throwing closed fists till the ref threatened to DQ him. Black tried to rally with extra forearms, chops and a shoulder deal with, and at last staggered the massive man. Archer merely swatted him out of the air and hit a crucifix bomb to win.

Ryo Mizunami def. Tesha Worth

Mizunami began with shoulder tackles and scoop slams, however bought a bit too cocky. Worth did each low cost transfer within the books, going after the hair, eyes, and so on. Ryo lit her up with machine gun chops within the nook, however Worth grabbed her arm and bit down laborious. Worth adopted with a handspring kick and a bulldog for 2. She tried a Full Nelson, however Mizunami powered out and took her head off with a lariat. Powerslam. A trio of operating guillotine leg drops. She went for the Torture Rack however Worth gouged the eyes and hit a sundown flip pin for 2. Ryo caught her with an enormous spear to win.

Max Caster def. Colt Cabana

Caster gained with a roll-up off a distraction end when Bowens bought on the apron and threw a series throughout the ring to Evil Uno. Cabana took a drop toehold into the increase field resulting in the roll-up. Caster labored the arm early and infrequently, and managed fairly a little bit of the offense.

Eight-Man Tag Group Match
The Butcher & The Blade & Personal Celebration def. Adam Priest & Ryzin & D3 & Fuego Del Sol

There wasn’t a lot to this one. It began with a brawl and Group Hardy remoted D3, mobbing him in a 4-on-1 beatdown for a couple of minutes. He finally bought the new tag to Fuego, who gave everybody forearms and despatched Personal Celebration crashing into one another with a loopy headscissors combo. Everybody hit the ring and Group Hardy as soon as once more cleaned home. Double enzuigiris to Fuego adopted by the powerbomb/neckbreaker combo.

Matt Hardy def. Darkish Order’s 5

The Darkish Order got here out throughout entrances however left 5 on his personal. Hardy hit an early German suplex into the underside turnbuckle, following with elbows to the again of the pinnacle and a choke within the ropes. Operating leg drop. 5 rallied with punches however Hardy scooped him up for Snake Eyes and a lariat. The shirt got here off, however 5 blocked the Twist of Destiny. Hardy went for a crucifix bomb with a Poison Rana in a loopy spot, making each males wobbly. 5 set in with kicks all around the physique, and blocked the ToF a second time with a again bridge for 2. 5 hit a dropkick within the ropes and a backbreaker, however bumped into the Aspect Impact. He blocked the ToF a 3rd time, however Hardy kicked the second rope into his balls and dropped him with a nasty DDT. Hardy locked on The Leech, a double underhook mounted choke, to get the submission win.

Ethan Web page & Scorpio Sky def. Matt & Mike Sydal

The Sydal brothers remoted Sky early on however couldn’t get it going as a result of Mike got here in with a foul knee and it shortly turned a goal. Web page and Sky alternated out and in constantly going after the knee for a number of minutes. Mike almost caught Sky with an O’Conner roll and made the new tag to his brother. Matt got here in with fast kicks all around the physique and dropped Sky with a Brainbuster for 2. Web page attacked him from behind and tagged himself in, going to work. Ego’s Edge will get the win with out a lot issue.


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