3 most disliked Poison Pokemon from Kanto


Technology I had its fair proportion of unpopular Pokemon. Nonetheless, not too many have been actively disliked, so those that have been hated most actually deserved the disdain.

For reference, this text is not about inherently dangerous Pokemon. That is about Pokemon that are not enjoyable to combat in opposition to as doing so can really feel like a chore.

This additionally is not concerning the Pokemon themselves however how they have been portrayed in Technology I.

Word: This text is subjective and displays the opinion of the author.

What are the three most disliked Poison Pokemon from Kanto?

#3 – Tentacool

Tentacool (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Tentacool (Picture through The Pokemon Firm)

Tentacool is the one Pokemon in Technology I that may be discovered whereas browsing on the elements of the ocean which are accessible in southern Kanto.

Until the participant is diligent about maintaining repel (which is a chore to do in Technology I with all of its comparatively gradual menuing and restricted merchandise house), they’ll count on to listen to greater than their fair proportion of Tentacool’s cries as they make their approach to Cinnabar Island, the Seafoam Isles or round to Fuschia Metropolis.

By the 20 th or thirtieth escape from battle with the identical jellyfish Pokemon, many gamers shall be severely irked with Tentacool.

#2 – Muk

Muk (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Muk (Picture through The Pokemon Firm)

Koga’s sudden-death Explosion Weezing is annoying, however the Fuschia Metropolis gymnasium chief’s Muk is way worse.

Koga makes use of a dirty technique of spamming Decrease till Muk is close to inconceivable to hit. It then makes use of Disable to cut back the probabilities of the participant even having the ability to use a super-effective transfer. The Pokemon makes use of Poison Gasoline to empty the opponent’s HP and Sludge Bomb for harm.

Even when the participant does handle to land a success, Muk is a particular wall. Solely an Earthquake from a strong bodily attacker will OHKO the dirty Pokemon. Whereas choices like Aerial Ace exist, utilizing them continues to be only a harm race to see if the participant shall be free of Muk’s torment ultimately.

#1 – Zubat

Zubat (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Zubat (Picture through The Pokemon Firm)

Everybody has their horror tales of touring via Mt. Moon or Rock Tunnel and getting swarmed by a endless torrent of those blind bats.

In contrast to Tentacool, Zubat shouldn’t be a assured encounter. Nonetheless, Zubat shouldn’t be solely quick sufficient to outspeed many Pokemon (even ones increased leveled than it), however it will possibly trigger some critical annoyance if the participant tries to flee by KO’ing it.

With Supersonic (which at all times hits for Zubat however by no means for the participant), confusion was principally assured. Oftentimes, gamers would find yourself extra ragged from coping with the accursed bats than the random NPC battles unfold all through the caves.

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