Canna Professional – 03 April 2021 – Outcomes |


Bestia 666 and Mechawolf defeated DoomFly in the principle occasion of Canna Professional’s April 3 occasion in La Mesa, CA. Click on for full outcomes.

Canna Professional
4-3-2-1 Blast Off
April 3, 2021
Stage Up Professional Wrestling College
La Mesa, CA

The Prime Two over Honor Society (Spear) 5 min 24 sec.

Iron Lung Tag Match
Stoner Bros over Biggie Bigzz and Rob Sh*t (Blunt totally smoked) 11 min 20 sec.

Michael Hopkins over J2 Mattioli (Goomba Stomp) 9 min 20 sec.

Candy Robin Shaw over Ruby Raze (Punt to Groin) 6 min 39 sec.

Triple Risk Pound On A Pole Match
Mr Iguana over Remy Marcel & Man Cool (Pound pull) 6 min 44 sec.

Unhealthy Dude Tito over Mike Camden (DQ interference from Devin Sparks) 5 min 12 sec.

Hunter Freeman & Unhealthy Dude Tito over Devin Sparks & Mike Camden (Flying Boot) 6 min 59 sec.

Bestia 666 & Mechawolf over Doomfly (Eli Everfly & Delilah Doom) (Kinniku Buster to Swanton) 16 min 59 sec


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