NXT TakeOver: Stand & Ship, Night time One Dwell Outcomes (4/7/2021) – Capitol Wrestling Middle, Winter Park, FL


Welcome every body to Rajah.com’s dwell protection of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Ship, Night time One! Your host tonight is essentially the most electrifying man in sports activities leisure dwell protection at this time, the one, the one, the egotistical loquacious device, Mike “
Bálor wins, we riot” Hogan.
We’ve got a loaded present tonight, because the official NXT TakeOver: Stand & Ship, Night time One preview has six matches listed–three championship bouts and a gauntlet being amongst it! For extra particulars, please take a look at the official NXT TakeOver: Stand & Ship, Night time One preview.
NOTE: The NXT TakeOver: Stand & Ship Night time One Kick-Off present will air at 7pm EST on the Peacock and can function the Toni Storm vs Zoey Stark match.

NXT TakeOver: Stand & Ship, Night time Pre-Present Dwell Outcomes (4/7/2021) – Capitol Wrestling Middle, Winter Park, FL

Pre-Present Opener: NXT TakeOver: Stand & Ship, Night time One

Sam Roberts and former MMA fighter Jimmy Smith from SiriusXM welcome us to the kick-off present. They closely promote how huge of an TakeOver occasion that is, that it wants two nights. Stand & Ship, Night time One is streaming it is pre-show proper now and also will carry the complete occasion! Roberts and Smith run down the introduced card, and remind us that the primary occasion will likely be for the NXT Ladies’s Championship.

Pre-Present Match: Toni Storm vs Zoey Stark

After a lot ado about nothing and hype galore, we get our first match of the occasion! Toni Storm makes her manner out to boos and performs up the heel position effectively. Zoey Stark comes out subsequent, springboarding over the ropes and into the ring. The ref requires the bell. Toni stands within the nook as Zoey smirks at her. Lastly each girls start circling. The followers are doing dueling “Let’s go Zoey!”https://rajah.com/”Let’s go Toni!” chants and Toni has her justifiable share of admirers. After a bunch of jockeying, Stark slaps a headlock on Storm. Star wrenches the neck. Storm repositions to place Stark in a leg lock, forcing hte break. Each girls jockey for management. Storm places Stark in a headlock, however Stark wiggles out of it and transitions to an arm maintain. Stark lets Storm up and whips her into the rope. Storm runs over Stark and runs off perpendicular ropes, trying to wrap up Stark. Stark counters and sends Storm to the nook, then hits a operating elbow within the nook. Stark with a missile dropkick! Stark appears to be like for one thing high-flying within the reverse nook, however Storm counters, slamming Stark down arduous and taking management.
Storm slows Stark’s tempo and makes use of working holds to put on down Stark. Storm with a snap suplex and a pin try. Storm strikes in and makes an attempt to seize the leg; Stark fights it however Storm forces Stark right into a single-legged crab! Stark twists and makes use of her free foot to shove Storm off, however Storm instantly comes again with a strike. Storm pulls up Stark, and Stark shoves her again into the nook. Storm has been warned twice now by the ref about pulling on Stark’s hair. Storm holds Stark by the chin and delivers an enormous proper. Storm with a European Uppercut. Stark fights again immediately with a flurry of chops and strikes, however once more Storm shuts it down. Storm slams Stark and begins to climb the turnbuckles as commentary crew Vic Joseph, Mickie James and Beth Phoenix observe that Storm is not one for high-flying. Stark is up sooner than Storm can climb, and runs over to strike her. Stark pulls Storm up as she herself climbs, and Stark hits the superplex! The ref counts as each girls are down. at three they rise and actually alternate strikes for a number of moments till Stark unleashes on Storm! Storm with a missed punch; Stark with a mixture offense that leaves Storm down on one knee. Storm dodges a operating knee and wraps up Stark. Stark with the standing swap. Stark drops Storm and at last hits her operating knee, getting a two-count. Stark is pissed off. Storm vegetation Stark in the course of the ring and covers for an in depth two. Storm pulls Stark up right into a butterfly underhook place, on the lookout for her finisher, the Storm Zero, however Stark evades! Stark in management briefly with a knee to the intestine. Toni Storm will get her second wind and hits a pair of German Suplexes on Stark! Storm appears to be like for the Storm Zero however cannot get Stark up. Stark makes use of this to her benefit and takes out Storm, rolling her up for the win!
Your Winner, Zoey Stark!

Backstage Interview: MSK

MSK are within the again, and Nash and Carter are requested concerning the triple menace for the vacated tag crew championship tonight. Each males are overvalued and go on about how they need the titles again and finish the interview by saying its MSK all day and MSK all night time.

Pre-Present Content material

The majority of the pre-show has been hypothesis over who will win, plus a number of, a number of plugs for tonight’s present. Samoa Joe sits down with Raquel González and Io Shirai, individually, as each girls are assured they are going to win.

NXT TakeOver: Stand & Ship Night time One Dwell Outcomes (4/7/2021) – Capitol Wrestling Middle, Winter Park, FL

Video Bundle: TakeOver Stand & Ship, Night time One

We get an awesome video bundle hyping that that is the most important card in TakeOver historical past and is unfold over two nights. The video continues to run down the cardboard.

Nationwide Anthem Carried out by Nita Strauss

Nita Strauss returns to TakeOver to play the nationwide anthem for us! Enjoyable Reality: she’s a descendant of Johann Strauss! She did a beautiful job with a lead-guitar method to the anthem. And now, time for the primary match of the primary card! A loud “NXT! NXT! NXT!” chant breaks out and continues as a fast gentle present occurs. A cranium is on the again tron, the place everybody enters, as an emblem.

Match: Kushida vs Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne comes out first because the piped-in “viewers” loudly boo and the in-person viewers applaud for him. The Bruiserweight snarls as Kushida comes out, rocking the complete Marty McFly look as normal! No time is wasted because the ref requires the bell. Each males jockey, countering one another’s a number of submission makes an attempt. Kushida ties up Dunne till Dunne can escape. Dunne appears to be like to control Kushida’s arm however Kushida escapes. Dunne runs in the direction of the ropes and Kushida chases, on the lookout for his springboard again elbow strike however Dunne slides out the ring and Kushida face-plants on the mat. The motion spills exterior. Pete Dunne with an enormous suplex drop from the ground to the apron, and Kushida lands arduous on his arm. Dunne focuses on the left wrist and arm now. Dunne with a stomp to Kushida’s neck. Each males get to their ft. Dunne lets his conceitedness price him, and Kushida begins to fireplace again with a number of strikes. Kushida displays his pace by countering Dunne’s tried assault and drops him. Kushida goes up high however Dunne escapes to the skin. Notice: the doorway ramp is flush with the ring. Dunne with an enormous kick exterior, however Kushida streaks up the ramp and again right down to assault Dunne! Each males spill into the ring. Dunne blocks an tried arm submission by Kushida by means of hooking an arm in Kushida’s and forcing the break. Kushida once more goes for the springboard elbow however Dunne has him scouted and counters. Kushida takes management as neither man can preserve the sting for lengthy. We’re advised that we’ll business, however Peacock has the match going–no commercials!
Dunne takes management but once more and continues to assault Kushida’s arm. Dunne drops Kushida and takes a breather. Dunne’s method is met with a kick by Kushida, who then suplexes Dunne. Dunne shuts it down with a kick. Dunne with a suplex. Kushida and Dunne proceed their forwards and backwards, as Dunne continues to search for an arm submission and Kushida countering move-for-move in an awesome technical match. Each males are down and seize one another’s wrists. They stand collectively. Dunne with a proper fist, Kushida with a proper kick. Kushida with a operating dropkick to Dunne’s arm. Kushida whips Dunne to the nook and costs in with a leaping strike. Dunne rolls to the apron. Kushida climbs the highest turnbuckle, pulls Dunne up and places him within the Hoverboard Lock on the highest rope! Kushida leaps, dragging Dunne with him off the highest and to the mat, and Kushida retains the Hoverboard on! Dunne’s in agony and strikes, barely reaching the rope. Kushida breaks the maintain, stomps Dunne, and instantly locks on an arm bar submission! Dunne will get the tip of his boot on the underside rope, forcing the break. Kushida goes up high as Dunne makes use of the ropes to get to his ft. Kushida leaps off, touchdown on Dunne’s arm! Kushida will get Dunne up and hops up, locking on yet one more submission! Kushida strikes in, however Dunne grabs Kushida’s hand and pops the fingers aside! Dunne takes management. Suplex, adopted by an enormous kick. Dunne hits the Bitter Finish! Dunne covers for the win!
Your Winner, Pete Dunne!

Earlier Right this moment: Individuals Going to Work

We see clips earlier that present Io Shirai, Zoey Stark, Dakota Kai and Raquel González all arriving earlier at this time to the sector.

Gauntlet Eliminator Match: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Leon Ruff, Cameron Grimes, Dexter Lumis, LA Knight and Bronson Reed

Earlier than our match begins, we’re knowledgeable that Leon Ruff and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott will begin. Each 3 minutes, one other competitor enters the match. The winner will face Johnny Gargano on Night time Two for the North American Championship. Out first is…Leon Ruff crawls alongside the doorway ramp, in ache, as Swerve stalks him down the ramp, cocky as ever. Ruff immediately fires up and takes it to Swerve. They brawl on the doorway ramp. Ruff knocks Swerve off. Ruff runs and jumps, touchdown on the barricade, then drops right down to assault Swerve. Ruff will get a number of extra hits in earlier than Swerve drops Ruff throughout the barricade. Swerve into the ring and hits a suicide dive on Ruff exterior the ring, the place Swerve kneels, watching and mocking his opponent because the ref yells for Swerve to get within the ring because the match hasn’t began. Swerve takes an excessive amount of time and Ruff makes him pay for it. Ruff sends Swerve within the ring, climbs the highest turnbuckle and dives off with an enormous dropkick! Now that each males are in, the ref requires the bell and we’re off!
Swerve takes management again, and takes them again exterior. Swerve with a number of strikes till Ruff hops on the announcer’s desk and dives off, crashing into Swerve. Ruff sends Swerve into the ring and covers for a two. Ruff pulls Swerve up and hits a pair of rights. Ruff makes an attempt to whip Swerve, however Swerve counters. Ruff appears to be like to counter himself with a springboard however Swerve catches him between the ropes and drops him arduous. Swerve takes Ruff up high. Ruff fights again and hits a powerful Hurricanrana off the highest turnbuckle! The followers depend down and right here comes Aus-zilla! Bronson Reed has entered the match. Ruff welcomes him by diving off the highest turnbuckle as Reed approaches the ring. Reed catches him and slams him down. Reed heads into the ring and begins to dismantle Swerve, beginning with an enormous splash within the nook. Reed lifts Swerve up for the stalling Brainbuster, holding him for ten seconds (sure, I counted) as Ruff heads up high. Ruff dives off as Reed and Ruff work collectively to hit a lovely double-team suplex/dropkick combo. Ruff runs off the ropes, seeking to catch Reed. Reed drops him and, as Beth Phoenix stated, “in shades of Yokozuna” Reed drops down onto Ruff’s chest!
A powerful sequence is subsequent, with Ruff holding onto the ropes within the nook as Swerve makes an attempt a rear suplex. Reed comes up and grabs Swerve and forces a double suplex! Cameron Grimes is now getting into the match. Grimes is available in with a sneak strike. Michael Cole’s alternate dimension’s failed clone experiment, Vic Joseph, feedback that Grimes, Ruff and Swerve might must work collectively to eliminate Reed. They assault Reed, sending him exterior the ring. Grimes pulls out a stack of cash and makes a cope with Swerve to double-team Ruff. Each males work Ruff over till Swerve catches a forearm for his effort. Ruff tries to battle off Grimes and Swerve however the numbers sport is an excessive amount of. Ruff is shipped crusing throughout the ring. Grimes pulls cash out and showers it over Ruff. Reed begins to enter the ring however Swerve and Grimes knock him off the apron. Swerve takes a breather as Grimes works over Ruff’s again. Ruff begins to fireplace off rights however, once more, the numbers are towards him. Grimes hits an enormous lariat because the timer continues. Swerve takes down Ruff arduous as Dexter Lumis makes his manner out! Beth Phoenix says Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell could possibly be the subsequent movie star couple and she or he suggests calling them “InDex.” Simply price mentioning I suppose. Dexter drops Reed with a DDT on the ramp as Swerve and Grimes put Ruff out of his distress.
Leon Ruff has been eradicated.
Lumis strikes into the ring, slithering in like a snake and creeping out Grimes. Lumis picks up Swerve and makes use of the ropes to hit a catapult tossing suplex, sending Swerve flying and crashing arduous! Grimes makes an attempt to take benefit however catches one for his of his personal for his troubles! Reed enters the ring and stares eye-to-eye with Lumis. Lumis and Reed slug it out in the course of the ring. Lumis with an enormous Undertaker Punch. Lumis makes an attempt to hoist up Reed however Reed counters. They brawl some extra. Lumis will get Reed up on his shoulders! Spectacular power! Reed wiggles out as our timer approaches zero. Reed appears to be like to rebound off the ropes however Grimes yanks the center rope down, sending Reed flying exterior. Lumis drops swerve as LA Knight makes his manner out on the mic. He gives to assist this “piece of trash” (Bronson Reed) go to the again and stomps him at ramp-side. He says the one image Lumis ought to be drawing is of LA Knight. He turns his verbal assault to Swerve till Reed assaults him from behind! USA Community goes to business however Peacock is constant the match, so we will too.
Reed recovers and begins taking up all three males. Sturdy strikes and a splash assist Reed drop Grimes, Swerve and Knight. Swerve and Grimes are battered out of the ring. LA Knight runs off the ropes, costs into Reed and bounces off. Reed pulls Knight up and hits a robust Irish Whip that bounces Knight off the nook. Reed takes Knight into the alternative nook. Knight counters with a powerful slam. Knight fires up as Swerve enters the ring, dropping him with an enormous suplex. Lumis enters the ring and Knight pauses, gazing him earlier than jawing. Grimes makes an attempt a sneak assault however Lumis senses it coming and geese it. Lumis assaults Grimes and Knight makes use of the distraction to assault Lumis. Working collectively, Grimes and Knight roll up Dexter Lumis to pin him.
Dexter Lumis has been eradicated.
Inside seconds, LA Knight is rapidly pinned! He rolls to the skin the place Lumis assaults him, offended at Knight for eliminating him.
LA Knight has been eradicated.
Swerve, Reed and Grimes start to battle one another now, any short-term alliance thrown out as all males assault one another. A giant spot sees Reed pull Swerve up in a Types Conflict-like maintain, however Grimes superkicks Reed, leaving the large man dazed and dropping Swerve. Grimes with a drop earlier than falling down onto Swerve simply earlier than the stumbling, dazed Reed drops again on them! All three are down. After a number of moments, they start once more, with Grimes and Swerve specializing in Reed. Reed fights them each off, utilizing his spectacular energy to close them down momentarily. They efficiently drop the large man when Grimes hits a flipping physique slam, and Swerve activates Grimes, rolling him up and holding the tights. The ref did not see the tights, and Grimes is gone.
Cameron Grimes has been eradicated.

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