4/2 NJPW Robust outcomes: McGuire’s overview of Brody King, Logan Riegel, and Sterling Riegel vs. JR Kratos, Chris Dickinson, and Tom Lawlor, Alex Coughlin and TJP vs. Misterioso and Jordan Clearwater, Rocky Romero vs. Kevin Knight – Professional Wrestling Dot Internet


By Colin McGuire, ProWrestling.internet Staffer (@McGMondays)

NJPW Robust
Taped in Lengthy Seaside, California at Thunder Studios
Streamed April 2, 2021 on New Japan World

Alex Koslov and Kevin Kelly checked in on commentary to run down the cardboard and remind everybody that the New Japan Cup USA match matches start subsequent week. There was then a presentation of the Robust Open-weight Championship. Kelly defined that the winner of the match would be the first-ever Robust Open-weight champ.

McGuire’s Musings: The belt seemed good. I prefer it. I additionally like elevating the stakes for the New Japan Cup USA match.

1. Rocky Romero vs. Kevin Knight. Knight made his entrance first because the Younger Lion he’s. Koslov mentioned it was the “previous lion” versus the “younger lion.” Knight took management with a knee-lock, however Romero obtained on prime of Knight and after a collection of counters the 2 obtained again to their ft and squared off. The 2 traded blows.

Knight went for a dropkick and missed, so Romero took management with a collection of arm strikes and an arm-lock. Knight landed a tough chop, however Romero hit a collection of kicks to remain in management. Romero continued to work Knight’s arm, however Knight hit an uppercut to take management. Romero then hit a chop to ship Knight to the bottom.

Knight fired up with a collection of uppercuts and the 2 traded blows in the course of the ring. Finally Knight labored a collection of uppercuts on Romero within the nook and landed a hip-toss for a two-count. Knight went for a Boston Crab, however Romero kicked his means out. Nonetheless, Knight took again management with an Irish Whip and a body-slam for a two-count.

Knight went for a suplex, however Romero countered. Finally, Romero labored a wrist-lock and an arm-bar, however Knight rolled Romero up for a two-count. Romero then landed a collection of Without end Clotheslines, however Knight hit a dropkick and shoulder-tackle for a near-fall. Knight then sunk in a Boston Crab, however Romero crawled to the ropes for a break.

Knight went for a suplex, however Romero countered and the 2 struggled. Romero finally obtained Knight into an arm-bar, however Knight obtained to the ropes for a break. Romero landed a collection of kicks and a German Suplex. Romero hit a knee and a brain-buster into an arm-bar. Knight tapped out.

Rocky Romero defeated Kevin Knight through submission in roughly 8:29.

McGuire’s Musings: It was clear they wished to offer Knight as a lot as they might, and so they did, and it labored. I feel he gained one thing in defeat whereas Romero perhaps begins his journey again towards a title in some trend. This was an excellent match. Knight confirmed a whole lot of fireplace, and Romero confirmed why he’s the wry veteran. The suitable man went over, although I do assume Jordan has a whole lot of nice issues in entrance of him if he sticks with it.

2. Alex Coughlin and TJP vs. Misterioso and Jordan Clearwater. Clearwater and Coughlin started the match and Coughlin took management early on. The 2 made it again to their ft and Coughlin took management with a wrist-lock. After a couple of counter makes an attempt, Coughlin obtained Clearwater to the mat with a head-lock. Clearwater labored his means out with a head-scissors, however Coughlin took management by going again right into a head-lock.

TJP tagged in and Misterioso did the identical. The 2 felt one another out, however TJP received the battle, and locked in a head-scissors for a one-count. The 2 then made it again to their ft and locked up. Misterioso labored a wrist-lock. After buying and selling a collection of strikes, TJP hit the ropes and labored a choke. TJP rolled Misterioso up for a two-count.

Misterioso went for some kind of head-lock, however TJP rolled exterior the ring. Coughlin then made his means exterior. Misterioso went for a high-risk maneuver, however was tackled by Coughlin. Coughlin then labored over Misterioso with a whop to the nook, however Misterioso flipped excessive, rolled again into the ring and landed the tag to Clearwater.

Within the ring, Clearwater stomped a mud-hole in Couglin. Earlier than lengthy, Coughlin took management with an elbow and a canopy for a two-count. Coughlin then tagged out to TJP, who labored over Clearwater with a leg-drop and canopy after which an arm-bar. TJP then hit a rough-looking snap-leg maintain. Coughlin finally tagged in and obtained a two-count on Clearwater. Coughlin then sunk in a chin lock.

Coughlin lifted Clearwater and walked him across the ring for a powerful suplex. TJP tagged in and obtained a two-count. Clearwater labored his means out of the heel nook, however TJP hit a sitting dropkick. TJP went for a submission, however Clearwater struck his means out and hit a cutter. Clearwater obtained the tag to Misterioso, who fired up in opposition to Coughlin, who tagged himself in. Misterioso landed an inside cradle for a two-count.

Coughlin took management with a collection of chops, however Misterioso landed a double again elbow for a two-count. Misterioso then toyed with Coughlin, however Coughlin hit a stiff shoulder-block and hit a back-breaker and a bridge suplex for a two-count. Clearwater broke it up. Clearwater tagged in and stomped on Coughlin. Clearwater hit an excellent kick and obtained a extremely shut near-fall. Misterioso and TJP fought exterior the ring. Clearwater went for the Midas Contact, however Coughlin caught him. TJP tagged in and hit a frogsplash for the win.

Alex Coughlin and TJP defeated Misterioso and Jordan Clearwater through pinfall in 13:56.

JR Kratos, Chris Dickinson, and Tom Lawlor talked to Kevin Kelly through split-screen. Kelly requested Dickinson in regards to the New Japan Cup, however Dickinson mentioned he wouldn’t give away his secrets and techniques. Lawlor mentioned when it comes right down to combating, cash goes a great distance. Dickinson mentioned that is essentially the most aggressive wrestling firm on the earth. Kelly requested Lawlor if he was overlooking Ren Narita within the New Japan Cup USA and Lawlor questioned what an tour is.

McGuire’s Musings: The match was superb, however my God, that is the second week in a row {that a} tag group match felt prefer it overstayed its welcome. Shave 5 minutes off that and you’ve got an excellent match. On this case, although, there have been too many questionable spots, too many unnecessary exchanges. I’m a fan of the wrestlers concerned, however this was an excessive amount of. As for the split-screen … effectively, my goodness. Lastly, a stable split-screen interview goes down on NJPW Robust. It’s no shock it concerned Tom Lawlor and Chris Dickinson, besides, that was entertaining.

3. Brody King, Logan Riegel, and Sterling Riegel vs. JR Kratos, Chris Dickinson, and Tom Lawlor. The heels made their entrance first. Dickinson and Logan started the match. Dickinson took management with a shoulder-block. Dickinson went for a cost, however Logan hit a Blockbuster. Sterling tagged in and landed a leg-sweep/splash mixture for a two-count. The twins went for a double clothesline, however Dickinson hit a double dropkick.

One of many twins hit a dropkick and the opposite hit a moonsault for a two-count. King tagged in, however Dickinson stored management with a dropkick to King’s knee. Kratos tagged in and the 2 monsters traded elbows. King caught Kratos with a bicycle kick, knocking Kratos to the bottom. King then tagged in one of many twins, who left exterior and missed a splash. Kratos then hit the dual on the skin of the ring.

Again within the ring, Sterling was labored over by Kratos. Lawlor tagged in and labored over Sterling with a collection of strikes. Lawlor then hit a suplex for a two-count earlier than Logan got here in to interrupt it up. Lawlor stored management by working over Sterling’s arm. Kratos tagged in and Sterling tried to combat out, however Kratos hit a collection of arm strikes.

Dickinson tagged in and stored working over Sterling’s arm. Dickinson then landed a sick-looking wrist/arm lock. Dickinson finally obtained a two-count. Sterling tried to fireside up, however Dickinson traded blows with authority. Sterling landed some elbows and went to run the ropes, however Dickinson grabbed him and finally hit a suplex, however Sterling fired up and hit a slam of his personal.

King obtained the recent tag and Lawlor tagged in, going for a guillotine. King countered with a splash and a two-count. Kratos then tagged in, however King stored management and hit a cannonball. Sterling went for a splash, however Kratos caught him and speared him exterior. Kratos then hit a powerbomb. Kratos tagged in Dickinson, who went for a splash, however the twin hit an elbow and the 2 traded photographs. Dickinson hit an elbow and it knocked the dual out.

JR Kratos, Chris Dickinson, and Tom Lawlor defeated Brody King, Logan Riegel, and Sterling Riegel through knockout in 10:52.

After the match, Staff Filthy obtained collectively within the ring to shut the present…

McGuire’s Musings: This was the most effective match of the evening and it wasn’t shut. Kratos seemed like a monster. King seemed like a monster. The twins really gained one thing in defeat and Chris Dickinson continues to look nice. Nothing fallacious with this match in any respect (eradicating myself from my Chris Dickinson fandom). I like New Japan establishing Staff Filthy as a drive to be reckoned with, and I like Staff Filthy stepping as much as be well worth the hype.

In all, that is was nonetheless a missable episode. The tag group match went too lengthy and this felt, greater than something, like filler earlier than the New Japan Cup USA match begins subsequent week. That’s superb. However that additionally makes this a stop-gap. Not too good. Not too dangerous. My NJPW Robust audio evaluations can be found for Dot Internet Members each Saturday.

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