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NXT TakeOver: Stand and Ship (Evening One) Outcomes
April 7, 2021
Orlando, Florida (Capitol Wrestling Centre)
Outcomes by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Endlessly.” The WWE video leads us into the present.

We go into the Capitol Wrestling Centre to listen to legendary guitarist Nita Strauss play the Nationwide Anthem.

Pete Dunne vs. Kushida

Kushida instantly takes Dunne down and goes for the arm, however Dunne escapes. Dunne grabs the arm and goes for a single leg takedown, however Kushida stays up. Dunne lastly will get him down and goes for a heel hook, however Kushida will get out. Kushida ties him up and works on the arm. Dunne twists out and applies a hammerlock. Kushida twists out of the maintain and wrenches the arm. Dunne twists and flips out of it and sends him to the ropes. Kushida goes for a handspring again elbow, however Dunne slides out of the ring and grabs the fingers. Dunne pulls Kushida out of the ring and hits an X-Plex on the apron. Dunne then stretches Kushida’s arm over the underside rope.

Dunne ties him up and stomps the injured hand. They change chops earlier than Kushida knocks Dunne to the ramp, which is degree with the ring and related. Kushida hits a handspring again elbow earlier than blowing him away with a working knee to the pinnacle. Kushida will get him within the ring, however Dunne surprises him with an octopus stretch. Kushida counters out, however Dunne escapes. Dunne snaps the fingers and goes for the Bitter Finish, however Kushida counters out. Kushida hits a fisherman’s buster for a close to fall.

The USA Community goes to industrial, however there’s no commercials on Peacock. Simply an ungainly silence on the commentary for a second. Kushida fights up, however Dunne head-butts him down. Dunne continues to assault the injured arm of Kushida for a close to fall. The silence hits, which suggests we’re again on the USA Community.

Kushida avoids a kick from Dunne and hits a falcon arrow right into a cross arm breaker. Dunne will get out and stomps the injured arm. Dunne takes him down for a cross arm breaker, however Kushida will get out. They change forearms and kicks earlier than each go down. An “NXT” chant fires up. Dunne will get up and goes to the highest rope, however Kushida cuts him off. Kushida applies a Hoverboard Lock on the highest rope and flips him all the way down to the mat! Kushida cinches within the maintain, however Dunne someway will get to the underside rope. Kushida pulls the arm away and stretches him extra, however Dunne will get a foot on the underside rope to interrupt it. Kushida goes for the Hoverboard Lock once more, however Dunne grabs the rope. Kushida applies it to the opposite arm, so Dunne drops down and pins him for a two depend. Dunne additionally will get a foot on the underside rope.

Dunne grabs the hand of Kushida and snaps it. Dunne continues to smash the digits of Kushida earlier than hitting the Bitter Finish to finish this difficult fought match.

Winner by Pinfall: Pete Dunne

The Six-Man Gauntlet Eliminator Match is subsequent.

NXT Ladies’s Champion Io Shirai is proven arri

A industrial for Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 37 is proven.

Leon Ruff makes his entrance, however he’s down when the digicam finds him. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott saunters out to the stage and continues attacking him. Ruff fights again and kicks him down by leaping off the ramp. Ruff assaults him and will get Scott within the ring.

Six-Man Gauntlet Eliminator Match
Winner receives an NXT North American Title match on Evening Two
Leon Ruff vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Bronson Reed vs. Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis vs. LA Knight

The USA Community feed comes again to see Ruff hit a missile dropkick on Scott. The match lastly begins. Scott shortly knocks Ruff out of the ring and dropkicks him. Scott drags Ruff to the commentary desk, however Ruff will get out and jumps off the desk with a diving cutter on the ground! Ruff will get him within the ring, however Scott surprises him with a slingshot suplex. Scott pulls Ruff to the second rope. Ruff reverses right into a frankensteiner.

Bronson Reed joins the match.

Ruff comes off the highest rope with a dive on Reed, however Reed catches him and throws him within the ring. Scott assaults Reed coming within the ring, however Reed wipes him out with a again elbow. Reed avalanches Scott within the nook earlier than lifting him for a delayed vertical suplex. As Reed slams Scott, Ruff comes off the highest rope with a cross-body block on Scott. Ruff assaults Reed, however Reed takes him down and crushes him with a leg drop. Reed then stands over Ruff and does a cannonball on his chest!

Scott runs up and grabs Ruff, who’s grabbing Reed. Reed will get behind Scott and Ruff and hits a twin German Suplex on them! Yikes!

Cameron Grimes joins the match.

Scott dropkicks Reed from behind. Grimes hits Reed with a moonsault, and Ruff dropkicks Reed. Reed is knocked out of the ring. Grimes provides Scott a stack of cash to type a partnership. They embrace. Grimes chokes Ruff together with his ring jacket. Scott then assaults Ruff for good measure. Ruff fights again at them and impressively avoids some assaults. Lastly, Scott places him in a fireman’s carry and garden darts him into the nook! Scott then will get on the apron and kicks Reed within the face to maintain him down. Ruff fights again at Grimes, however Grimes clotheslines him down. Scott sends Ruff into the ropes and stiffs him with a clothesline.

Dexter Lumis joins the match.

Grimes and Scott get out of the ring. Lumis hits Reed with a DDT on the ramp, as Scott pins Ruff to eradicate him.

Leon Ruff has been eradicated from the match.

Lumis scares Grimes out of the ring. Lumis hits Scott with a slingshot inverted suplex. Grimes meets the identical destiny. Lumis punches Scott down twice earlier than clotheslining him within the nook. Lumis then connects with a bulldog and one other clothesline. Reed and Lumis go face-to-face within the ring. They change punches earlier than Lumis uppercuts him. Lumis goes to carry him, however Reed will get out. Lumis chops the throat and lifts him. Reed slides off, so Lumis throws him out of the ring with the unintended assist of Grimes. Lumis takes himself and Grimes out with a clothesline excessive rope.

LA Knight joins the match.

LA Knight comes out speaking trash on the microphone and kicks Reed within the face. Reed grabs him by the hair and throws him within the ring. Reed talks trash to Knight, however Knight will get him on the ropes and kicks him. Knight goes for a slingshot, however Reed catches him and hits a Samoan Drop. Grimes comes off the highest rope, however Reed hits a Bionic Elbow to take him out. Reed whips Grimes to the nook. The drive sends Grimes over to the ramp. Scott is distributed sternum-first into the nook by Reed. Reed takes Knight down after he tried to blindside him. Reed whips Knight arduous to the nook, however Knight quickly comes again with a dropkick. Knight takes Grimes down with a slam earlier than leaping to the highest rope to hit Scott with a superplex. Lumis will get within the ring and scares Knight. Grimes tries to blindside Lumis, however Lumis takes him down and applies the Silence. Knight shortly hits a jackknife pin on Lumis for the elimination.

Dexter Lumis has been eradicated from the match.

Grimes shortly slams Knight down. Reed hits a senton splash on Knight for the elimination!

LA Knight has been eradicated from the match.

Lumis pulls Knight out of the ring and applies the Silence to place him to sleep. It’s all the way down to Grimes, Scott, and Reed. They change blows and kicks. Scott hits a flatliner on Grimes, and Reed topples over on high of them.

All three males are down. Grimes and Scott get to their toes and double-team Reed. Reed shortly fights again at them and hits the ropes, however they hit a double superkick. Reed clotheslines Scott, however Grimes catches him with a Collision Course! Wow! Scott activates Grimes. Grimes fights again, however Scott rolls him up with a handful of tights to eradicate him!

Cameron Grimes has been eradicated from the match.

Scott takes it to Reed, however Reed avalanches him down. Reed goes to the highest rope, however Scott hits him with a dropkick. Scott then hits Reed with a wild slam off the highest rope onto the apron! Reed clutches his again in ache at ringside.

Scott will get Reed within the ring and hits a 450 splash for a close to fall. Scott talks some trash and hits a Home Name. Reed doesn’t go down. Scott hits a second Home Name, and Reed is down now. Scott pulls him as much as his knees and talks some extra trash. Scott goes for a 3rd Home Name, however Reed grabs him by the throat. Scott fights out and hits a 3rd Home Name for a close to fall. Scott grabs the arm and tries to stretch him, however Reed fights out. Reed hits a vicious powerbomb earlier than hitting a demise drop driver! Reed follows up with a Tsunami for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Bronson Reed

Bronson Reed will face Johnny Gargano for the NXT North American Championship on Evening Two of NXT TakeOver: Stand and Ship.

The NXT UK Championship match is subsequent.

Video Package deal: NXT United Kingdom Championship

NXT United Kingdom Championship
Tommaso Ciampa vs. WALTER (c)

The bell rings, and the group is de facto buzzing for this match. They lock up, and Walter powers Ciampa to the nook. Ciampa avoids an enormous chop and wags a finger at him. Ciampa wrenches the arm of Walter and applies a hammerlock. Walter twists out, so Ciampa applies a entrance facelock. Walter will get out, however Ciampa stuns him with a jab. Walter powers Ciampa to the nook, so Ciampa chops him and viciously stomps him down within the nook. Ciampa talks some trash and hits the ropes, however Walter flooring him with a vicious chop to the chest. Walter places Ciampa on the highest rope and chops him. Walter then places a foot on Ciampa’s throat and stomps him off the highest rope to the ground.

Walter follows Ciampa out of the ring. Ciampa hits a again elbow, however Walter shortly powers him onto the commentary desk. Walter goes for a chop, however he breaks the desk when Ciampa strikes. Ciampa fights again at Walter, however hits a again suplex on the apron. Walter is holding his hand in ache. Walter places Ciampa within the nook and viciously forearms him down. Walter goes for a chop, however Ciampa will get an elbow up. Ciampa punches and chops Walter earlier than going for a slam, however Ciampa can’t carry him. Ciampa twists the arm and kicks away on the hand. Ciampa goes for a German Suplex, however Walter will get out of it. Walter then viciously massive boots him down. Walter continues to be holding his proper hand in ache.

Walter grabs Ciampa for a Boston Crab, however has to transition to a single leg when he can’t grip together with his injured proper hand. Walter goes for an STF, however Ciampa fights it. Walter then knocks Ciampa down. Walter chokes Ciampa together with his boot within the nook. Walter suplexes Ciampa again into the ring and peppers him with kicks. Ciampa goes to struggle again, however Walter crushes him with a knee. Walter continues to assault, however Ciampa counters right into a short-arm clothesline. Walter stays on his toes. Ciampa hits three extra clotheslines, however Walter stays standing. Ciampa hits the ropes to attempt to take him down, however that doesn’t work. Ciampa continues to attempt to clothesline him down, however Walter stays up. Ciampa tries to clothesline him excessive rope, however Ciampa doesn’t go down. Ciampa hits clothesline after clothesline, gorgeous Walter, however not taking him down. Ciampa hits 5 clotheslines towards the ropes, however Walter doesn’t go over. Walter shortly chops him, however Ciampa fights again. Ciampa hits an air raid siren for a close to fall. Ciampa continues to assault Walter and goes for a Fairy Story Ending, however Walter will get out. Ciampa fights again and hits Walter with the Fairy Story Ending for a close to fall!

Ciampa continues to assault, however Walter applies a sleeper maintain. Ciampa will get to the ropes, so Walter smacks the hand down and hits a wild German Suplex. Walter then CRUSHES him with a clothesline for a close to fall! Walter grabs Ciampa, however Ciampa bites the hand. Walter fights again, however Ciampa counters a clothesline right into a cross-arm breaker utilizing the injured hand! Walter will get a foot on the underside rope. Ciampa stomps and punches away at Walter, who’s within the fetal place. Walter goes to the apron and jumps off pulling on Ciampa’s arm. Walter viciously golf equipment the chest, however Ciampa goes again to the hand. Walter head-butts him down and goes to the highest rope. Ciampa cuts him off and hits an air raid siren off the second rope for a close to fall! Wow!

After taking just a few moments to recuperate, Ciampa begins blasting Walter with chops. Walter makes use of his left hand to cut him, but it surely doesn’t have the identical impact. Walter tries to take him down, however Ciampa bridges up. Walter assaults the surgically repaired neck of Ciampa earlier than hitting two powerbombs… however Ciampa kicks out!

Walter hits a half-and-half suplex earlier than hitting a desperation chop together with his injured hand for the win!

Winner by Pinfall and nonetheless NXT United Kingdom Champion: WALTER

Franky Monet will debut subsequent Tuesday.

The vacant NXT Tag Crew Championships are proven. A brand new champion will likely be topped, subsequent.

Bronson Reed is backstage with McKenzie Mitchell. Johnny Gargano comes up and says that is the most important match of Reed’s life. Gargano tells him to get pleasure from tonight as a result of tomorrow is a unique story.

NXT Tag Crew Championship
MSK (Wes Lee and Nash Carter) vs. Legado del Fantasma (Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde) vs. Grizzled Younger Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake)

Wilde, Lee, and Gibson begin the match. Wilde takes Lee down and tags Mendoza in. Legado del Fantasma take Lee down and hits Gibson with a double-team. They double dropkick Lee and stand tall within the ring. Mendoza covers Lee, however Gibson kicks him within the face. Gibson assaults Lee’s lately healed hand. Nash Carter tags in and hits Gibson with a bronco buster. Mendoza assaults Carter from behind and grabs Gibson. James Drake tags in. GYV run wild on their opponents and pose within the ring. Carter hits Gibson with a springboard cross-body block. Drake shortly takes Carter down for a two depend. Carter assaults Carter and beats him down within the nook. Drake hits a snapmare on Carter and stretches him for a two depend. Drake applies a chin lock. Carter fights up and tags Lee. Lee runs wild, however Legado del Fantasma knocks all of them out of the ring. Mendoza and Wilde hit stereo dives out of the ring onto the opposite opponents.

Carter is put in a tree of woe. Legado del Fantasma climb reverse turnbuckles and hit dropkicks throughout the ring on Carter. Gibson breaks it up. Legado del Fantasma double-team Gibson and throw him out of the ring. Wilde continues to assault Carter and knees him within the again just a few occasions for 2 counts.

The USA Community feed quickly comes again. Carter makes a tag to Lee. Lee kicks away at Mendoza and Drake. Lee hits Drake with a snapmare and dropkick earlier than hitting Gibson with a suicide dive. Lee then wipes out Legado del Fantasma with a somersault plancha. Lee then hits a wild handspring kick to Drake. Carter tags in, and MSK hits a pushing standing moonsault for a close to fall. Lee tags again in, however Gibson pulls him onto his shoulders into the electrical chair. Carter cuts Drake off, and Lee takes Gibson down. Mendoza runs in and hits Carter with a twisting suplex. Lee hits a two-for-one on Legado del Fantasma. Gibson pulls Lee’s lately healed hand into the turnbuckle. Drake dropkicks the turnbuckle and crushes Lee’s hand. Gibson applies Shankly Gates, however Carter stops Lee from tapping out. Legado del Fantasma runs in and wipes them out. Mendoza and Wilde hit Lee with a double-team kick/leg sweep… however Lee kicks out! Mendoza and Wilde are surprised.

GYV get Wilde up and hit a Doomsday System on the ground! MSK then hits a loopy torture rack slam on Mendoza on the ground! MSK and GYV get within the ring. They begin brawling earlier than Carter hits a double cutter. Lee tags in. MSK hits a double-team blockbuster slam on Gibson for the win!

Winners by Pinfall and new NXT Tag Crew Champions: MSK

NXT Basic Supervisor William Regal will get within the ring and presents MSK with the NXT Tag Crew Championship.

The commentators run down tomorrow evening’s card for NXT TakeOver: Stand and Ship.

Video Package deal: NXT Ladies’s Championship

WWE Chief Model Officer Stephanie McMahon is within the crowd with Sarray, NXT’s latest signing.

Raquel González is strolling backstage with Dakota Kai. Elsewhere backstage, we see NXT Ladies’s Champion Io Shirai.

NXT Ladies’s Championship
Raquel González w/ Dakota Kai vs. Io Shirai (c)

The bell rings, and González instantly powers her to the nook. González throws her away and massive boots Shirai down. Shirai tries to struggle again, however González knocks her again. Shirai goes for a hurricanrana, however González makes use of her energy to carry her up. Shirai kicks her within the head and twists to the apron to keep away from her. Shirai shoulders González again and hits a springboard hurricanrana. Shirai hits a working shoulder block within the nook and chops the chest. Shirai stomps her down and goes for a slingshot double knee, however González catches her. Shirai shortly knocks González out of the ring and hits a wild suicide dive.

Dakota Kai grabs Shirai as she climbs the rope. The referee catches her. Quite than finish the match, he ejects Kai from ringside. Shirai knocks González again with a heel kick. Shirai does an Asai Moonsault. It’s clear González was purported to catch her, however she went down. Shirai neatly will get on the apron, so González grabs her and drives her shoulder into the ring submit. González will get Shirai within the ring and hits a wild slam for a close to fall.

Shirai knocks González onto the ropes, however González cuts her off. González hits an alley-oop into the highest rope for a close to fall. González punches away at Shirai and goes for a suplex. Shirai fights it and lands on her toes. González blocks a chop and takes her down. González applies a stretch, however Shirai will get out and knocks her again. Shirai goes for a tiger feint kick, however González strikes. Shirai hits González with a hip toss and at last connects with a tiger feint kick. Shirai follows up with code pink for a close to fall. Shirai goes to the highest rope, however González counters right into a one-armed powerbomb try. Shirai will get out and locks González in a crossface. Shirai cinches it in, however González claws to the underside rope.

González goes to the ramp, so Shirai goes to the highest rope and hits a moonsault block. Shirai backs up and runs González over with double knees. Shirai disappears for a second. Unexpectedly, she emerges on the high of the cranium getting used as a set ornament! Shirai wipes out González with a cross-body block onto the ramp!

Shirai drags González again into the ring and hits an Over the Moonsault… however González kicks out! She’s the primary particular person to kick out of Shirai’s moonsault! González rolls out of the ring, so Shirai follows. González shortly slams her down twice on the ground. González will get her within the ring and talks some trash. Shirai pushes her again, so González runs her over with a vicious clothesline. González hits a nasty one-armed powerbomb for the win!

Winner by Pinfall and new NXT Ladies’s Champion: Raquel González

Raquel González celebrates together with her new NXT Ladies’s Championship to finish the present.


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