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Growing a Drawback: MV Agusta Moto2

Most motorsport growth offers with the seek for a aggressive benefit. Groups discover methods to make their race machines sooner, optimising them to scale back lap time to win races.

Nonetheless, this isn’t essentially the one growth technique in racing and, in some instances, somewhat than in search of a aggressive benefit for themselves, groups look to competitively drawback their rivals. An instance of that is the aerodynamic design idea adopted by MV Agusta of their 2020 campaigning Moto2 machine.

MV Agusta Moto2 in CFD displaying stress areas on the facet of the bike. Credit score: Airshaper

‘In a spec class the place the powertrain, tyres and electronics are commonplace, aerodynamics could make the distinction,’ says Brian Gillen, R&D Director at MV Agusta. ‘Usually, bike aerodynamicists look to scale back the coefficient of drag as a lot as doable as a result of they’re targeted on prime pace. Nonetheless, the period of time that you simply run on a racetrack at prime pace, wide-open throttle and full rpm percentage-wise on a lap in Moto2 is minimal. Moreover, the achieve in lap time as a operate of prime pace is proscribed because the bikes are so evenly matched.’

MV Agusta Moto2 in CFD displaying an iteration of the frontal design. Credit score: Airshaper

The inline 3-cylinder Triumph 765 engine is the first dictator of the Moto2 bike’s frontal space. The wheelbase and the load steadiness should be in a specific place to get the tyres to work inside their window, which implies groups should put the gas tank in a particular place and the rider in a specific space to get the load switch that the tyres want. For that reason, all Moto2 bikes find yourself being very comparable in format.

Bikes by nature are extremely prone to slipstreaming, and in spec class racing, slipstreaming is a substantial component of the technique for profitable races. As such, MV Agusta’s aerodynamic growth targeted totally on not giving any efficiency benefit or no less than limiting its adversaries’ efficiency benefit in slipstreaming.

MV Agusta Moto2 in CFD throughout coefficient of drag investigation. Credit score: Airshaper

‘Between the 2019 and 2020 variations of the bike, we spent plenty of time growing it to scale back the draft that we had been giving to our rivals,’ explains Gillen. ‘We utilized simulations that complement bodily testing and match these two collectively. We had been involved with Airshaper to take a non-closed mannequin and shortly put it by way of CFD algorithms to get again knowledge to see what was doable to scale back the bike’s towing functionality.

‘We then applied completely different iterations of physique shapes with a snapshot of the place we had been fluid-dynamically across the bike. Going into the digital wind tunnel with Airshaper, we came upon the place we may make enhancements. Being engineers, for us, knowledge is nothing if it’s not validated. Having the chance to take action utilizing Airshaper aerodynamic evaluation and the information that we had from the wind tunnel, we reached virtually a complete convergence.

MV Agusta Moto2 in CFD displaying aero wake Credit score: Airshaper

‘We had been in a position to set up a reference level; then we may dive in headfirst into the iterative course of to make the bike extra aggressive. After we did our full reconstruction, we did all the surfaces of the bike. This reimagination of how a bike passes by way of the air left a decreased low-pressure space behind the bike and smaller wake and fewer vortices coming off the rider at excessive pace.

MV Agusta Moto2 in CFD displaying stress delta within the wake. Credit score: Airshaper

‘On the monitor, this translated into a rise within the MV Agusta bike peak acceleration, elevated stability and luxury for the rider and a discount in closing in speeds from the opposite bikes as they had been making an attempt to catch a toe from our machine.’

MV Agusta’s growth technique of investigating methods to drawback rivals is a compelling examine within the enchancment scope in a recent near-spec racing class, and it might translate into many others throughout the motorsport spectrum.

MV Agusta Moto2 in CFD displaying minimised tow space behind the bike. Credit score: Airshaper