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Iconic Moments in Soccer No.80 – Far Submit Header

This week’s Iconic Second by no means even occurred on a matchday. It occurred on the West Ham United coaching floor and despatched shockwaves all through the soccer world. It even made the entrance pages of many newspapers and was talked about on the information.

The incident in query happened in September 1998 and concerned John Hartson and Eyal Berkovic, each group mates at West Ham United. Each have been enjoying in a coaching match when Hartson made a poor sort out on Berkovic.
The Israeli lay on the ground and Hartson went over to carry him up. Berkovic took offence and swung a punch at Hartson’s legs, who retaliated by kicking Berkovic straight within the face.

The entire sorry state of affairs was caught on digital camera (as you possibly can see the grainy footage under) and phots of the kick have been splashed throughout newspapers internationally. Hartson moved to Wimbledon 4 months later, probably as a result of ailing feeling between the 2 gamers. Berkovic moved north of the border and signed for Celtic.

The pair subsequently sorted the matter out and made up. John Hartson has gone on to say that the kick was the largest remorse of his life. The entire incident was very nasty and if it had occurred on the road versus a soccer pitch, Hartson would certainly have confronted legal proceedings for his actions.