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The rear bare choke is one in every of BJJ’s signature strategies. It requires little power to use, and is efficient on opponents of all sizes, making it an amazing submission for smaller grapplers. 

As is the case with all efficient submissions, the rear bare choke creates an anatomical mismatch. Particularly, it pits one particular person’s arms towards one other particular person’s neck. Nevertheless, versus different components of the physique, the neck is uniquely susceptible to assault. An opponent can, for instance, resist an armbar try by gripping his arms collectively and utilizing power to struggle the assault. A rear bare choke, nonetheless, affords no such choices. As soon as a rear bare choke is absolutely locked in, there’s just about no option to defend it. 

Along with the rear bare choke’s distinctive anatomical traits, its effectiveness stems from the place from which it’s utilized. Particularly, the rear bare choke is utilized from the again mount, which is extensively thought of the strongest place in BJJ because of the benefits it confers upon the one who attains it. The first benefit of the again mount is that the particular person trapped on this place can’t see his or her opponent. This permits the one who attains the place to launch assaults with little concern of retribution.  

These elements make the rear bare choke an excellent competitors, self-defense, and MMA approach. Beneath are some suggestions and methods that can assist you good your rear bare choke. 


Take The Again

There are a number of methods to take an opponent’s again. And though the aim of this text is to not present step-by-step directions on attainting the again mount, you will need to perceive how this place pertains to the rear bare choke. Beneath are a number of demonstrations of find out how to take the again. 


Taking The Again From Closed Guard

On this clip, BJJ legend Roger Gracie demonstrates find out how to take the again from closed guard by crawling round an opponent’s physique:


No-Gi Again Take

On this clip, the legendary Marcelo Garcia demonstrates find out how to execute an arm drag to take the again. The arm drag was a favourite strategy of Garcia’s throughout his legendary profession as one in every of BJJ’s high rivals.


Sustaining Again Management 

A preferred saying in BJJ is “place earlier than submission.” Because of this one should acquire a very good place on an opponent earlier than making use of a submission. So as to preserve a very good place, it’s obligatory to manage one’s opponent. As we mentioned above, the rear bare choke is carried out from the again mount. Subsequently, to efficiently apply a rear bare choke, it’s obligatory to acquire and preserve the again mount. And sustaining the again mount requires management. 

Management from the again mount is obtained by utilizing the legs and arms. The arms are used to ascertain a seatbelt grip (one arm over the opponent’s shoulder and one arm underneath the opponent’s reverse armpit) across the opponent’s torso, and the legs are used to manage the opponent’s hips and decrease physique. This mixture makes it extraordinarily tough for an opponent to flee the again mount. To keep up management of an opponent after acquiring the again mount, do the next: 

  • Management the higher physique: After acquiring the again mount, management the opponent’s higher physique by gripping and squeezing.
  • Management the decrease physique: To keep up management of the opponent’s decrease physique, press your calves towards the entrance of the opponent’s thighs along with your heels pressed into his or her legs. 
  • Select a facet to assault: After establishing higher and decrease physique management, fall to the facet of your choking arm.


Apply The Choke 

After acquiring the again mount and establishing good management of the place, the rear bare choke could be utilized. So as to carry out a rear bare choke, comply with these steps:

  1. From the again mount, use your high hand to grip your opponent’s reverse shoulder. This arm ought to move underneath your opponent’s neck. 
  2. Pull your backside arm out from underneath your opponent’s armpit, clasping your arms collectively. Your non-choking arm could be positioned towards your opponent’s again for added management. 
  3. At this level, your opponent will probably try to take away the choking arm. When this occurs, unclasp your arms and reestablish the grip in your opponent’s shoulder. Concurrently, shoot your reverse hand ahead to take away your opponent’s hand out of your choking arm. This may restrict his or her potential to dam the choke. This movement needs to be carried out quickly, as it’s supposed to catch your opponent off guard and thwart his potential to defend himself or herself from the choke. 
  4. After eradicating your opponent’s defending hand, reestablish a palm-to-palm grip. At this level, there needs to be little or no area round your opponent’s neck, and his hand needs to be eliminated out of your forearm. This lack of area ought to make it extraordinarily tough to your opponent to reestablish a grip in your forearm. 
  5. To use the choke, place your non-choking hand behind your opponent’s neck and lock it into place. Whereas performing this motion, place your left hand in your proper bicep. As soon as you determine this place, squeeze your arms collectively whereas leaning barely ahead to create extra strain. Your focus at this level needs to be on creating strain from each course. To make the choke much more highly effective, it’s possible you’ll stretch your opponent’s physique out by extending your legs and arching your again. This, along with the strain created by your arms, creates extraordinary strain round your opponent’s neck. 



Bear in mind, if you wish to develop an efficient rear bare choke, you should first learn to set up and preserve the again mount. As well as, to efficiently apply the choke, you have to be ready to handle your opponent’s makes an attempt at defending the choke. In the event you comply with the recommendation above, you can be nicely in your option to growing a rock-solid rear bare choke. 


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