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SMSTuned | CTS Turbo Mk5 Toyota Supra | Solo Motorsports

There’s no query: For a sure demographic, the A90 Supra is that this second’s “it” automobile. For some individuals, it’s fairly actually a second coming of a legendary mannequin they’ve solely seen in films. Our store takes this beloved icon and throws it on steroids with a customized SMSTune! 


All of us knew as soon as the phrase bought out that our customized SMSTune was obtainable for the A90 Supra, Toyota fanatics from throughout would present up. Our in-house tuner Boki was one of many first to have a go cranking extra grunt out of the automobile’s BMW-sourced powertrain right here in Georgia, and only a yr in the past his first tuned Supra took inventory output from 310 to properly over what was anticipated.

Ontop of being tuned this STG2-SMSTuned Supra’s turbo will probably be further joyful due to some new @CTSTurbo Goodies

Tune Prep:

CTS Turbo Consumption / Cost Pipe + Downpipes

STOCK: 368 WTQ / 323 WHP

STG2: 450 TWQ / 388 WHP