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MMA Exercises: 8 Metabolic Conditioning Companion Exercises

Seize a accomplice and hit this dwelling exercise delivered to you from sunny Phuket, Thailand with myself, Coach Woody and BJJ Coach/MMA Fighter Alex Schild.

The way it works:

Arrange a clock, one individual then performs 30 seconds of a cardio train (static bike, Skipping, Shadow Boxing and many others) while the opposite individual performs as many reps as they’ll of an train.

After the 30 seconds you swap and the individual doing the cardio now performs the train and the opposite performs the cardio. You do that till you full the overall variety of reps after which you possibly can transfer onto the following train.

You’ve a complete of 8 workout routines to get by way of with 100 reps on every one.

Workouts for Metabolic Conditioning

1 – 100 x Body weight Squats

2 – 100 x Push Ups

3 – 100 x Butterfly Sits

4 – 100 x Surfer pop ups

5 – 100 x Operating Plank (single depend)

6 – 100 x Alternating Lunges (single depend)

7 – 100 x V-ups

8 – 100 x Plank Down-ups (single depend)

Have enjoyable!

In my video beneath, you will note the best way to carry out these exercises within the right approach and posture.