Alexa Bliss Expresses Frustration Over Recent Reports About Her Segment On WWE Raw

Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Aptitude had an excellent section on Monday Evening Uncooked: September twentieth, 2021. The section concerned dolls! It needed to be nice. Nonetheless, some studies claimed followers had walked out through the section.


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After all, this didn’t sit effectively with Miss Bliss. Therefore, she took to social media to specific her frustration over the studies. Earlier than anything, Alexa Bliss needs to know who these sources are.


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Now, nobody really reveals the sources however Bryan Alvarez handed a remark that any person from the constructing, who works for WWE, texted others that 700 individuals had left the constructing. The preliminary report by Dave Meltzer claimed that 1,500 individuals had left the sector when the Bliss-Charlotte section started.

Nonetheless, the Twisted Goddess of WWE hasn’t taken too fondly to Dave Meltzer’s report and indicated he’s making an attempt to profit off their section.

A few of Bliss’ followers joined the movement to dismiss the studies by claiming their Monday Evening Uncooked section was among the best and Meltzer’s report doesn’t have any strong again up proof.

Moreover, Bryan Alvarez confirmed that whereas followers exited the sector, the corporate ended up promoting sufficient merchandise. Subsequently, whereas she’s clearly upset in regards to the studies, true or false, a royalty paycheck ought to make up for it.

Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Aptitude will battle at Excessive Guidelines

The Twisted Goddess of WWE has proven an curiosity within the WWE Uncooked Girls’s Championship. Nonetheless, The Queen isn’t the one to let go of a title that places her on the high of the roster.


Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Aptitude Take Main Pictures at Every Different Throughout WWE Uncooked

1 day in the past

So, together with Lilly Doll, Alexa Bliss will carry her present persona’s darkness to the ring towards The Queen, utilizing each window of alternative she will get to develop into a sixth time Girls’s Champion.


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To this point, Charlotte Aptitude hasn’t taken kindly to Alexa Bliss presenting her with Charly Doll. She’s relatively reluctant in accepting the doll, however ought to she be?

Let’s face it, Alexa Bliss isn’t Little Miss Bliss anymore. It’s higher to accepting a present from her relatively than dismissing it. The Queen is consistently rejecting the present, making The Twisted Goddess relatively pissed off. That is the kind of frustration which results in bringing out the darkest aspect.


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Who is aware of the kind of darkness Bliss will dive to, to place down The Queen after the fixed rejection! The WWE Universe will get a solution at Excessive Guidelines 2021.

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