Do You Even Lift Bro?! VRSF Clad Overlander Lifted Diesel BMW X5 | Solo Motorsports

Experience into the apocalypse with type in your X5 with our SMS-Fab Billet 3’ Carry Equipment

Safari all of the X5s? Oh heck sure. When the world goes to hell and our infrastructure crumbles into mud (I imply extra so than now, clearly) you’ll be glad you’re driving a troublesome, lifted apocalypse-mobile.

Be battle-ready wirh our 3’ raise package that instantly presents elevated floor clearance with out the effort of a protracted and drawn out set up course of many purchasers run into when coping with coilovers. That includes 100% bolt-on set up (they sit proper ontop of the strut mounts) and a novel design that enables fitment with ease.

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