Inspiration From Soccer: Using Rondos In Hockey Practice

Coach Alyssa Gagliardi discusses the advantages of getting artistic and taking a look at different sports activities for inspiration. One exercise that’s useful for hockey gamers is soccer rondos.

What’s a rondo? Rondos are basically a recreation of keep-away or monkey within the center and will be arrange in quite a lot of methods to follow completely different conditions.

Within the article under, we dive into the next matters:

  1. Why Rondos Are Helpful For Hockey
  2. Rondo Circle Passing Development
  3. Rondo Circle Passing to 2 on 1
  4. The Historical past & Advantages of Rondos
  5. 7 Aggressive Rondo Video games
  6. Excessive Tempo Transition Rondo Recreation
  7. Tricks to Make Rondos Helpful and Enjoyable

1) Why Rondos Are Helpful For Hockey

  • Requires gamers to maintain their head up and pay attention to environment
  • Helps gamers follow determination making and considering shortly
  • Offensive gamers should discover house and passing lanes
  • Defensive gamers should maintain stick on the ice and take away house
  • Rondos assist with power-play & penalty kill choices
  • Coaches can gamify rondos to encourage gamers to get artistic and have enjoyable

2) Rondo Circle Passing Development

The Rondo Circle Passing Development is a superb warm-up exercise that may be arrange round any circle. In case you shouldn’t have the house to make use of circles, coaches can arrange cones as a chosen house.  View full particulars.

3) Rondo Circle Passing to 2 on 1

Rondo Circle Passing to 2 on 1 is a aggressive rondo variation the place gamers work collectively to cross the puck and play steer clear of the 2 gamers within the center. When the defenders steal the puck, it initiates a 2 on 1, the place the two defenders go on the offense and the participant that handed the intercepted puck turns into the defender on the two on 1. View full particulars.

4) The Historical past & Advantages of Rondos

Rondo Historical past & Advantages: Watch the video above to study the historical past of rondos, and why one of many biggest soccer groups of all time (FC Barcelona) makes use of rondos in each follow. Studying extra about rondos will assist coaches perceive why this soccer exercise is nice to implement into hockey practices. 

5) 7 Aggressive Rondo Video games

7 Aggressive Rondo Video games: The video above reveals 7 aggressive rondo variations that may be carried out on the ice. Under we listing the 7 rondo variations which can be mentioned and make notes on the way it can translate to the ice rink:

  1. Escape The Rondo (1:05 mark in video): when the defenders within the center steal the puck, they need to stickhandle outdoors of the circle or cone boundary to get a degree.
  2. Rondo Strain Drill (1:48 mark in video): create two groups of 4, and two enjoying areas inside one bigger space. Coach begins by giving the puck to at least one workforce of 4, whereas 2 defenders from the opposite workforce race to take the puck away. When the two defenders steal the puck, they cross to their different teammates to create one other 4 on 2 on the opposite aspect of the ice. This may be carried out inside a zone on the ice. 
  3. Rondo to Assault (2:28 mark in video): a enjoyable rondo variation that forces the offense to create a sure variety of passes in a row (as an instance 5), and once they do, they’re allowed to assault on purpose.
  4. Two Groups In opposition to One (2:50 mark in video): divide your gamers into 3 even groups. Then on the whistle, the 2 groups play steer clear of the one workforce. Preserve monitor of what number of passes are made inside 1 minute. Rotate by so all groups are defenders not less than as soon as. This may be carried out in a single zone and is a superb full workforce warm-up drill. 
  5. Unfold Out Rondo (3:41 mark in video): a coach creates 6 squares inside one massive grid. Every sq. has one offensive participant whereas the three defenders attempt to take the puck away. If the three defenders steal a puck in a sq., then they go on offense and play 3 vs 1 towards the 1 participant who was within the sq.. 
  6. 3 Crew Possession Drill (4:22 mark in video): this may be arrange in a full zone. A coach creates 3 zones and every zone has a workforce of 4 gamers. The defenders are within the middle zone. The coach begins the sport by giving the puck to one of many groups on the skin. Two gamers from the middle zone will strain the forwards to create a 4 vs 2. The workforce with 4 gamers is making an attempt to finish 6 passes in a row earlier than they cross to the opposite workforce on the far dimension zone. If they can full 6 passes and cross to the workforce within the far zone, they obtain a degree. The defenders are attempting to steal the puck, and if they can achieve this, the workforce they stole the puck from will go into the middle zone and grow to be defenders. This drill will get very aggressive!
  7. Discover The Killer Move (6:00 mark in video): create two groups, the place the offense has extra gamers than the defenders. Coaches additionally create a small field contained in the rondo enjoying space that the offensive gamers get a degree for passing by. If the offensive workforce completes 5 passes in a row, they will go for the “Killer Move” at any time and attempt to cross by the small field. If they can join on a small cross by the center, they obtain a degree. Coaches could make the small field within the center out of tires or cones. 

6) Excessive Tempo Transition Rondo Recreation

Transition Rondo Recreation: The video above reveals a excessive tempo transition rondo recreation with 3 groups. To begin, a coach ought to cut up gamers into 3 groups of three. Two of the groups work collectively on offense and attempt to maintain the ball away from 2 of the defenders on the third workforce. The defenders attempt to steal the ball away and rating a purpose, whereas the offensive workforce tries to maintain possession and make 10+ consecutive passes earlier than they’re allowed to shoot on web (in case you shouldn’t have 4 nets coaches can use fewer nets or arrange cones as targets). If a purpose is scored or the ball goes out of play, the defenders dash to the cones. One defender rotates out and two defenders dash again in. After 3 reps, the coach switches the defending workforce.

7) Tricks to Make Rondos Helpful and Enjoyable

Watch the spotlight video under of FC Barcelona (some of the fashionable groups in all of sports activities) performing rondos at follow. Watch how FC Barcelona competes and cheers when nice performs are made. Below this video, we are going to give tricks to make rondos useful and enjoyable when including them to your hockey practices.

Suggestions To Make Rondos Helpful & Enjoyable: As you’ll be able to see from the video above, it doesn’t matter what stage, rondos will be extraordinarily enjoyable, aggressive, and useful. Under are some tricks to make rondos useful & enjoyable at hockey follow:

  1. Talk along with your teammates
  2. Cheer when a terrific cross or play is made
  3. Discourage dropping the puck or having it exit of play
  4. Get an additional level (and have a good time) if a participant passes the pucks between somebody’s legs (aka a nutmeg)
  5. Rely out loud the variety of passes which can be accomplished (so you’ll be able to compete for many passes in a row)
  6. Encourage creativity & deception: rondos are a good time for gamers to get artistic and check out issues out that they haven’t carried out in a recreation.


As you’ll be able to see, coaches can study so much from different sports activities. Utilizing soccer rondo drills in hockey follow is only one instance. Rondos are nice for all age ranges and they’re extra enjoyable when everyone seems to be speaking and cheering when nice performs are made.

Thanks to Coach Alyssa Gagliardi for sharing this info with the IHS Neighborhood. Be sure to take a look at her IHS Contributor Web page to see extra drills from her, and make sure to observe her on Twitter, alongside along with her hockey firm, AG2 Hockey on Instagram.

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