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Utah Jazz Live Reddit: The Utah Jazz released the jersey phrases each player will wear on the back of their uniforms. The players were given a list of league-approved phrases to pick from to show support for social justice issues that have gripped the public consciousness over recent months.Several Jazz players have already spoken about their decision to wear certain phrases on their jerseys. Conley will wear the phrase “I Am A Man” on the back of his jersey when the season resumes.

Who Play: Jazz vs Pelicans

When: Thursday, July 30, 3:30 PM ET

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“Where that all came from was actually in Memphis,” Conely said. “When sanitation workers went on strike. And I actually got to visit the civil rights museum a few times down there so it meant a lot to me to be able to put that on the back of my jersey.”Mitchell’s phrase, “Say Her Name” is in reference to Breonna Taylor who was killed in her home by police in March.

“We need justice for Breonna Taylor,” Mitchell said. “She was killed in her own home. If there’s a point where we can’t feel safe in our home, that’s not right. And I feel like Daniel Cameron needs to do his job and arrest the killers of Breonna Taylor.”

Cameron is the attorney general in the state of Kentucky where Taylor was killed.The list of the approved suggested social messages reportedly includes the following words and phrases: Black Lives Matter; Say Their Names; Vote; I Can’t Breathe; Justice; Peace; Equality; Freedom; Enough; Power to the People; Justice Now; Say Her Name; Sí Se Puede (Yes We Can); Liberation; See Us; Hear Us; Respect Us; Love Us; Listen; Listen to Us; Stand Up; Ally; Anti-Racist; I Am A Man; Speak Up; How Many More; Group Economics; Education Reform; and Mentor.The Jazz social justice jersey phrases will be worn through at least the first four days of the NBA’s resumption. After which players can choose to continue to wear the phrases, or switch back to having their name on the backs of their jerseys.

Players who continue to wear the phrases will have their name appear under the number on the back of their jerseys.

According to ESPN, the word “Equality” is the phrase that will most commonly on the backs of players’ jerseys. Black Lives Matters, which no Jazz player selected, is the second most popular.

The NBA season resumes July 30 when the Jazz take on the New Orleans Pelicans. The game tips off at 4:30 pm MT and will be broadcast on TNT and AT&T SportsNet.The New Orleans Pelicans and Utah Jazz are planning a joint protest during the national anthem on Thursday. The two sides will take part in the first official game of the NBA’s restart inside the bubble in Orlando.

The game, which will be nationally televised on TNT, is likely to be one of the most-watched games in the league this season after a lengthy absence in regular season games. During that absence, social justice protests have gained massive traction. In lieu of the two sides taking part in separate protests, it appears the two sides are opting for one, joint protest.Andrews also notes that the league is not expected to enforce a decades-old rule forcing players and coaching staffs to stand for the anthem. Players were insistent on having the ability to openly protest as part of the agreement to restart the season.Aussie NBA star Joe Ingles has revealed his team will perform a “powerful” protest when the American national anthem is played before the NBA season re-launches on Friday.

Ingles’ Utah Jazz will re-start the 2019-20 season in the league’s Orlando bubble when they play the New Orleans Pelicans.

The issue of players taking a knee during the anthem has raged right across the American sporting landscape in recent weeks following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.On Wednesday, Ingles revealed the Jazz are planning on making a demonstration on the court and have held several meetings about how they plan to show their support for the Black Lives Matter Movement.The eyes of the NBA world will be on the Jazz and Pelicans on Friday morning (AEST) — and Ingles says his team will not disappoint.

“We’re going to do something,” Ingles said in an interview to re-launch the 2019-20 NBA season on Kayo.

“I think the last meeting is tomorrow. Which is Wednesday for us. We’re actually the opening game so we’re going to do something. To what extent, I don’t know exactly. That’s being discussed. We’re going to do something that we all feel is right and powerful and that can make a change and a difference.Obviously being white Australian it’s very different for me being here and listening to these guys talk about the issues and what their families have gone through and the conversations they’ve had with their children that I’m never going to have in my life. So sitting back and hearing that stuff it makes you want to be involved. It makes you want to play a part. So my teammates and NBA players know what I’m 100 per cent in.

“Whatever we do, whatever they decide to do, I’m 100 per cent in and I’ve got their back. So when we figure it out, it’ll be a majority decision of what everyone thinks is the best option and I’ll be right there with them.”

According to ESPN, the Jazz and Pelicans have discussed holding a joint protest where the teams will come together before the start of the game.

It was earlier reported NBA players will also consider wearing individual social justice shirts that would need to be approved by the league.

The Jazz announced earlier this week the entire team will be replacing the names on the back of their singlets with messages of support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ingles’ will wear the term “ally” on his back for the rest of the season

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